Bethesda Bagel Opening in Dupont Circle in 3-4 Weeks

“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard anything about when Bethesda Bagel is going to open in DuPont? The sign out front still says opening in September 2011, but it’s almost Halloween and there are still no delicious bagels.”

Back in May ’11 I shared the good word that Bethesda Bagels would be opening in the recently closed Johnny Rockets space at 1718 Connecticut Ave. NW in north Dupont. I emailed the owners for an update and they said they’d just completed interviews and hiring and will be open for business in 3-4 weeks. Nice!

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  • That will be a better option in the space than the old tenant. This storefront seems to change tenants every couple of years. Anyone remember when this was The Door Store?

  • I remember the Door Store. Bought a crappy bookcase there that fell apart after a couple of years…

    I hope these bagels are as good as I remember them. Yes! on 14th St just switched to a new bagel provider, and I don’t like them as much.

    • The Door Store and then Burrito Brothers, I think. Yum.
      There used to be a Whatsabagel on the 1300 block of F St, too. Also yum.

  • Wish they would’ve been a little more creative with the name, but they do make the best bagels in the region and I’m looking forward to frequenting the place.

  • That space has got to have one of the most hideous facades in all of DC. I wish they could do something about that.

  • Chesapeake Bagel (long ago) did a good business a couple blocks down from here and Bethesda seemed to do okay in Cleveland park (but sadly had a greedy landlord). Hopefully, they’ll do okay here. Johnny Rockets was a poor fit for the area–a franchise well past its prime that mostly survives in malls.

    • I loved Chesapeake Bagel Bakery. There were a few in the area. If this place is any where near as I’ll good, I’ll be very happy.

  • oh man, if they make decent breakfast sandwiches I’m gonna get so fat.

  • This location seems to have replaced the pre-Starbucks space at 18th/Columbia as the neighborhood’s “cursed” restaurant location.

    I hope Chesapeake succeeds, but the mid-block location, slight set-back under the arch, and generally shabby presentation of the 1980’s building that houses this location all combine to make it a tough place for retail.

  • jburka

    I’m so psyched for this. Between college and grad school I worked for a while at the Whatsabagel in Cleveland Park (a variant of the Bethesda Bagels with related ownership). The bagels aren’t the best in the area, but they’re definitely in the top tier and the convenience factor compared to, say, Goldberg’s NY Bagels near 16th and Georgia can’t be beat for the Dupont/AdMo/Logan area.

    (of course, when I worked at Whatsabagel it was alongside notorious serial killer Hadden Clark, but I’m assuming the owners have improved their hiring techniques over the past 20-ish years)

  • This will be a glorious day for all true bagel lovers in the District. Bethesda Bagels are the real deal.

  • Finally, I’ll be able to get a decent salt bagel it looks like.

    Any word on good bagel places in/near Petworth? Seems like an untapped market.


  • amazing bagels- the best in the region by far. closest thing to NYC bagels.


    • goldbergs are better.

      • Maybe, but who wants to trek all the way out to Silver Spring or Rockville just for bagels?

        • I think its sort of funny you say that. Have you truly had a bethesda bagel? I grew up on them, have tried every single bagel in the area and nothing compares. Texture, size, freshness and amount of seeds on the bagel hands down make this the best option. Drive however far you need to as no other bagel can really compare, sorry goldbergs.

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