There are Still Good People in the World – Vol. 24

Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak

“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to share a story of heroism from the other night.

As I was closing up at my job in Woodley Park, around 9pm, I set my bike outside and went back inside to set the alarm. 30 seconds later, I was back outside and my bike was gone. Panicing, I call my boss, then 911. About 10 minutes later, I’m on the phone with my boyfriend when I see a man ride by on my bicycle. I dropped the phone and ran down Calvert Street towards Connecticut Avenue, chasing him and yelling for him to drop the bike. Soon, about 17 pedistrians and restaurant patrons followed, running across the street after the thief. Part of this pack was a man on his own bicycle. The thief turns and rides down the grassy hill into Rock Creek Park, and the man on his bicycle follows him. After about 5 minutes, my hero walked out of the park with his own bike under one arm, and mine under the other. After debriefing with the cops, I learned that my hero was Dave, and he is a station tech for Capital Bikeshare.

Dave is amazing, as are the other folks from the Woodley neighborhood who jumped in to help stop the thief. Thanks to all of the good people in this great city who go above and beyond to help a stranger. Special props to Bikeshare for hiring such an awesome guy.

Side note: During the reporting after my bike was recovered, the police received 2 more calls about bike thefts within the neighborhood. Not sure what this is about, but clearly someone is after bikes in Woodley. Keep your bikes locked!”

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  • So glad the bike was recovered! I was a witness to this but just far enough down Calvert to not be of any help in giving chase. I still went home feeling like a loser though. Glad to hear there was a happy ending.

  • Great story! Go Dave!

  • How awesome!

    I’m always so discouraged on when people on this blog write in about being the victim of a theft, and all of the posters reply, “Well, I sure wouldn’t have helped you, I don’t want to get shot.”

    I’m glad to be reminded that there are, in fact, people in this city willing to help each other out.

  • Wow.

    Dave is awesome, but I must say that I find it highly amusing that you would leave your bike unlocked outside. It would have been a miracle if it hadn’t gotten swiped in 5 seconds.

    • This individual ran back inside for 30 seconds – I think its ok to cut them a little slack.

    • I’ve always wondered if I’m being a little bit paranoid when I set the alarm and the bruise myself or nick the paint trying to muscle my way out the door with my bkie in a big hurry. I’d think to myself, I don’t see anyone around; what are the chances somebody is going to show in the next 20 seconds? I guess I’m not being paranoid after all.

      Anonymous 10:42/10:49: Don’t be a douche.

  • Can’t imagine the “oh shit” moment that thief had when 17 people were chasing after him.

    • +1
      Wish it was caught on tape. As someone who has had a bike stolen, it’s awesome to think of a bike thief getting chased by 17 people AND the bike was recovered :-D.

  • Thank goodness there wasn’t a dog tied up to the bike.

  • I once saw a woman running after a guy on a bike infront of the P street Whole Foods. Turns out he rode by and somehow stole her phone. Before he could even get to 14th Street the guy was tackled by some gentleman that literally ran across the street from having lunch outside at Logan Tavern.

    Kinda awesome to see people working together to rectify the small crimes that typically go unnoticed.

  • It is not just woodley park, it is the whole city these scum are stealing bikes. Tossers.

  • Not be a jerk but … Jason Dunham is a hero. Bikeshare Dave is good guy.

  • me

    While I’ve been the victim of a crime, I have never been a bystander or have seen one being committed against someone else. I always wonder what I would do in the situation… unfortunately, I think fear would win out and I’d be fearful of chasing someone or saying something and the “bad guy” would hurt me in some way. I have such admiration for anyone who would help out in these situations and hope that their courage and thoughtfulness would inspire me to do the same.

  • National Punch a Thief Day

  • i live for the day when i witness a theft and can chase after a guy. not for the hero aspect, but more because i am sick of these thieves getting away with crime. about time people stood up and started beating the crap out of them =D

  • Kick @ss, Dave! Kick @ss.

  • awesome, simply awesome – great that all those people responded as opposed to just standing by.

  • Good on Dave and all, but my takeaway form this is how glad I am that I am not your boyfriend.

  • washington20009

    Can we have a description of the thief?

  • Death to bike thieves!

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