Pizza D’Oro Opens in Shaw

Photo via google streetview, building now renovated on the right

“Dear PoP,

Just this week a new takeout place opened in Shaw: Pizza D’Oro 717 T St NW, Washington, DC. Tel: 202-588-1900. We went tonight and really liked the food. We are so excited to have a new, easy takeout place to get yummy (albeit unhealthy) food within walking distance of our house. We feel like it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. We hope people will check it out!”

Back in Feb. ’11 we learned that a pizza spot was coming to 717 T St, NW. Anyone else try them out yet? Do they deliver as well?

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  • My roommate and I tried Pizza D’Oro on Monday (the very first customers!). We were pleasantly surprised how little time it took to get our food for their opening day. The staff is friendly and the pizza was great; definitely better than any chain pizza joints in the area.

    They do deliver, but not sure what area is covered.

    • What is the style of pizza? Is it basically the same traditional American style as Italy Pizza? How does the space look? Any room for dining in?

  • Can people think up anything different? This is within a stones throw of Italy Pizza. Variety, please.

    • +1

      I wonder if the customer base for these takeout pizza places is the same one keeping the cheap Chinese alive.

    • ledroittiger

      How about a deep dish pizza place.

      Isn’t the owner of Green Paws in Bloomingdale opening a pizza place downstairs as well? Right next to Rustik (glamorized pizza joint)?

  • Man that’s a rough block. Wish them the best of luck – corner of 7th & T’s been a heroin/pill hot spot for several decades.

    • And a takeout pizza place will probably keep it that way.

      If they’d open something that encouraged people to linger (like a cafe with outdoor seating), the lowlifers would move to some new, out-of-the way spot.

      • @Bloomingdude – D’Oro has cafe style seating inside (3 high top tables with seating for 10-12). And plans to open outdoor seating in the future. Be patient.

        I’m assuming the “lowlifers” you’re referring to are the individuals currently loitering around said area. For better or worse, I can’t seeing them being around after the Shaw/Howard U development is complete and there is bustling retail in the storefronts that are currently sitting vacant on that corner.

    • I moved in just down the street in March and love the neighborhood. This block may be traditionally “rough,” but I have never felt unsafe. In fact just the opposite neighbors and passerby’s have always been really nice and friendly.

    • And how do you know that for sure?

  • They do have delivery – and it’s free.

    @Anon, while it is a stone’s throw away from Italy Pizza, it’s a completely different restaurant. All they serve at Italy is reheated food and an unpleasant demeanor. Also, D’Oro’s menu is more diverse, to include subs and salads.

    When I visited Pizza D’Oro on Tuesday I had pizza and a salad, both fresh and delicious. I can’t wait for outdoor seating!

    • I think you’re confused, Italy Pizza has decent salads and pasta, not sure about subs.

    • Yes, I think you are confused. The folks that work at Italy Pizza are huge jerks, but the food isnt reheated, unless you think putting a pizza through a pizza oven is “reheating it”… food has to be heated a first time to ever be “reheated”.

      Glad D’Oro’s is “fancy” enough for you. All it appears to me is another New York Pizza or Italy Pizza DC. Nothing special, and rather redundant.

      • Anon, what did you order from D’Oro? Your review is pretty bland so I just wanted to see what to avoid.

        • Seriously? Are you being sarcastic to make the point that I shouldnt judge before I eat there, or did you misread what I said?

          I said it APPEARS that it is nothing special and rather redundant.

          I happen to like Italy Pizza quite a bit, despite the fact that i am always butting heads with the folks who work there.

          • What is redundant about a decent pizza place/sub shop. I’ve been in this area for three years and the only decent sub shop is Taylor Gourmet down in Mt. Vernon.

            This is a densely populated urban area, it can use some “redundancy” if that means decently priced pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

            Rather than just trashing a new business owner who’s trying to move in to a rougher area, why don’t you offer up some better idea? Or even better, quit your job and open up a non-redundant place. The comments on this blog are so ridiculous sometimes.

          • Just try the food Anon.

          • freeeeeeeeak…..

  • Yep,7th & T can be haywire. My uncle taught me how to bootlegg at the precise spot in the 70’s. However, with all the development going on, things should improve.

  • I just went to Pizza D’Oro and really liked it too. Great staff and really cute. Yes, its not a huge sit-down place, but give the area time. We need more things to open like this and give them a chance and then we will start to see a change.

  • Agree with the earlier post about the loitering. Once Progression Place is completed, it’s hard to imagine a lot of the current crowd hanging around that corner.

  • Just tried them last night and the food was great. Store is very nice inside and staff was awesome. Plus no one has touched on the best part… they are open ’til 4am on weekends. I bet the food is even better after a night at the bars. I’m already looking forward to drunkenly housing a cheessteak this weekend!

  • Just tried them last night and the food was great. Store is very nice inside and staff was awesome. Plus no one has touched on the best part… they are open ’til 4am on weekends. I bet the food is even better after a night at the bars. I’m already looking forward to drunkenly housing a cheese-steak this weekend!

  • Amen BloMi

  • Had the basic cheese pizza last night to test the fundamentals. Good. Not soggy and no greasy residue afterward. This is the third business to open on this block in the past 1.5 years. There are now only two properties left vacant.

  • I am having fun with the name.

    Ca D’Oro is a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice (not it’s official name) that has a stop for the vaporetto. It was the stop that I used when I was vacationing in Venice.

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