Judging Restaurants – Senor Chicken and “Secret” Ramen Noodle Saturdays

Senor Chicken is located at 3100 14th St NW (on Park Rd) and opened back in Nov. ’09. I was intrigued to see a Thrillist report this morning about “Secret” Ramen Noodles offered on Saturdays:

“Run by the chef behind People’s Bao catering, the Noodle Bar is a Saturday-only popup ramen shop inconspicuously “located” behind the counter of Columbia Heights’ Peruvian poultry-ists Senor Chicken; to place an order, just walk up and ask for a ramen menu”

Anyone try the ramen out yet? Any fans of the chicken?

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  • bfinpetworth

    Looks like the city is promoting that place with that big street arrow directing you to the entrance.

    I like Senor chicken – nice charcoal flavor and not too heavily seasoned. Their beans and rice is pretty good too. This was a favorite place to pick up dinner on my way home when I lived in the Allegro bldg. I have no idea how they stay in business in that large space, however.

  • Mm! I love the Senor! Haven’t tried the Ramen, though.

    But I also worry a bit about their business, as it always seems like I’m the only person in there.

  • pablo .raw

    I’m a fan! I stop there any time I can to get the whole chicken with Yuca.

  • do you people that like the chicken actually prefer it to pollo sabroso a few doors down?

  • pollo sabroso’s chicken is often very dry.

  • what? A place where the wife can order lomo saltado and I can order ramen???!!! Greater than I ever dreamed possible!

  • I am a huge fan of their chicken and steak combo sandwich (extra green sauce). I was underwhelmed when I got anything else there, though. They have two locations, and their other store sells alcohol (in Virginia), so they may have bigger profit margins than the CHeights one.

  • The chicken here is pretty good, I’ll have to try the ramen.

  • Based on these comments, it sounds like Gus Fring has taken his act to DC

    • Hahahah. Pollos Hermanos is way better! It’s actually called Twisters in New Mexico, and their burritos are amazing.

  • Not a secret anymore…

  • I have kind of a cool story about Senor Chicken. A couple years ago I went there with some friends, and we all lined up to order. When it was my turn, I placed my order and they gave me a ticket with a 6-digit number that they’d call when my food was ready. The order number just so happened to be my exact birthday: 112783.

    It was a really incredible feeling and I’ve kept it in my wallet ever since, for good luck. Pretty amazing.

    Anyway, Senor Chicken is only so-so. I don’t like the fries.

  • Senor chicken is way better than Pollo Sabroso. Can’t beat the price! Why it’s not full all the time is a mystery.

  • I like Senor Chicken, but I do agree that Pollo Sabroso is better. Senor Chicken has some great points. I love the fried onions and the cheese they put on the chicken and steak sandwich. On the other hand, their bread falls apart far too easily. It ends up a greasy mess, so I go to Pollo Sabroso which stays together much better. They’d be much better with better bread.

    Also, love their plantains.

  • why is no one answering the damn question in this thread? Is the ramen so secret that those who have tried it wont speak?

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