Judging Food Trucks – Big Cheese

Their Web site says:

“At The Big Cheese we LOVE cheese in all of its melty glorious gooey deliciousness. And we aren’t just using any cheese… We use artisan cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery and local farmers markets to make the classic favorite even more yummy. And where would grilled cheese be without its hot little friend tomato soup? Sad and lonely that’s where. So of course we are serving up that trusty sidekick as well.

We can’t just put that kind of cheese on just any bread. So Lyon is our bakery. Founded by three like–minded friends in the spring of 2000 who are skilled in the art of gourmet artisan breads. Based out of Southwest, it’s local, it’s delicious enough said.

And keeping with artisan theme we serve Route 11 chips. What!?! Artisan chips? Well they are local… based off I81 just south of I66. Ok not as local as Lyon but not bad for chips. And they run a green operation.”

You can see their menu here and find their locations by the week here. Any fans?

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  • I had it once. We shared the barely buzzed and the mt. fuji. They are tasty but for me, not a very filling lunch. Definitely want one right now though.

  • It is pretty good. I like their combinations of flavors. I just wish they were a little cheesier.

    • I totally agree. I only ate here once because I was so disappointed in the lack of cheese in my sandwich.

      I thought the sandwich ideas were great though.

  • The Mt. Fuji and Barely Buzzed are delicious. But the tomato soup is seriously terrible and barely edible. It’s like eating hearty, thick tomato sauce. But the grilled cheeses are good enough that I have eaten them a few times.

  • The bread to cheese ratio is totally off on these. I understand that they’re trying to use top grade/local cheeses, but I’d rather have ample, gooey amounts of something a bit less artisan instead of biting into a “grilled cheese” sandwich that more often than not just delivers a mouthful of bread.

  • Good but not great. I enjoyed it and am glad I tried it, but I won’t be seeking it out again.

  • I really love the flavor combos and the cheeses they use are great, but I agree that there should be more of it in the sandwich. Especially since you’re charging $6.50 a piece. Nevertheless, they just started coming to the Hill, and I’m out there every time they are!

  • Have to agree with everyone above. Not enough cheese, but really yummy. Tomato soup was horrible, which was so sad cause there’s nothing better than a good grilled cheese with tomato soup. Hopefully they’ll work on that.

  • Disappointing. I was so excited about this, but there was so little cheese in the sandwich that it made me sad.

  • I think they use a reasonable amount of cheese – that’s one of the things I like about them. A huge mouthful of slime (like on the grilled cheese sandwiches at Brueggers) makes me gag. Plus it’s *very* good cheese.

    I love their gazpacho – I’m told it’s “authentic” with some kind of cornmeal in it. A whole cupful for $2! Sadly, they’ve switched over to tomato soup for the winter months.

  • Not worth the price. Near the bottom of my food truck rankings (Basil Thyme is currently at the top).

  • I like ’em. Agreed that the sandwiches aren’t exactly overflowing with cheese, but I had one with caramelized onions in with the cheese and it was pretty delicious.

  • Totally agree. When I got the Mt. Fuji I thought it was absolutely incredible. Though that might have been slightly influenced by my being starving after waiting in line for 45 minutes (there needs to be some sort of ban on one person ordering for an entire office).

    The soup, however, was revolting. Tasted like bland, watery, semi-pureed salsa. I threw it out after two spoonfuls.

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