Good Deal or Not? “recreation room with wet bar” edition

This home is located at 1440 T St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Another fabulous & stunning Ambrose Construction home – completely renovated with all the bells and whistles. 3-4BR, 3.5BA. Open and airy with lots of light and quality appointments. Designer kitchen with top-of-the line appliances. Family room. Exposed brick wall. Finished lower level with recreation room with wet bar, full bathroom and den/bedroom. 1-2 car secure parking.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $879,500. Do you think the fact that it is currently located next to a boarded up home will impact the final price?

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  • This is a better virtual tour link (more pics):

    I think it looks small, but it is a really good location.

  • It should, since yours odds of being a crime victim go way up if you live next to a boarded up house (been there done that). But I think they took that into account with the (low for this area) price.

    • I think the “boarded up house” is actually just being renovated and was subject to a tax sale a little while ago. I made a mental note of it last time I walked down the street to keep an eye out for it to hit the MLS.

      I think the real downfall are the places across the street. I have no idea what those are but it seems to have an inordinate amount of people loafing around outside of them for the neighborhood.

      • Anony, how do you know there was a tax sale? I’m interested to know who bought it in the sale? Was it Ambris Construction?

        • I should be clearer. It was a property tax sale for unpaid taxes and I have no idea if anyone actually bought them.

          As I understand it, purchasing the unpaid taxes in a sale like this gives the purchaser some rights to the property after the property owner gets several opportunities to pay everything back. If the owner doesn’t pay everything back, then the purchaser of the unpaid taxes can foreclose and take ownership.

          Maybe that’s why this has been vacant so long . . . because it’s tied up in a messy foreclosure. Just a guess.

          Anyway, see here where the boarded up place (1442 T ST NW) is listed –

  • This house is actually my dream home. I wish I had the money to buy it right now. I would happily pay 850 for it.

    • I think it’s way overpriced. An identical house on that block sold for $760K less than a year ago.

      • Not identical – the $760k house lacks a third bedroom and a bathroom. Big difference.

        I think the basement and parking really add a lot to today’s GDoN. Though it’s still a small place, you can still have a family room in the basement + a guest bed/bath combo. $737 per sq ft is a ton of money, but at least this place ticks off a bunch of boxes for a couple/small family.

        • Yeah, I didn’t realize it was so much bigger when I first posted. The square footage is listed as identical between the two listings. So, I thought they somehow slammed an extra bedroom and bath and a half into the same space. The listing should really reflect the updated space and square footage.

          I’m guessing it would make it around or less than $600 per square foot also which might attract more buyers too.

  • I think the inside looks larger than the home appears from the outside. Awesome location… still hard for me to imagine paying that much for 1200 sqft but that’s probably because it’s out of my price range to begin with. The inside looks amazing from what I can tell.

  • $/Sq. Ft.: $737


  • Those houses on that side of the block are cute but very narrow and the bedrooms are tiny. Wonder if the basement is new?

    Boarded up house should have $0 inmpact since it most likely wont be boarded up long.

  • I have actually been in it already. Its really well done and they did a huge addition on the back so its really a 3Br (or 2Br/Den). Much bigger than the comp house noted above+ 2.5Baths.
    Good Buy and it will sell quicky.

  • 1. I think the finish work is top notch.
    2. The Lower level den/rec room will be a huge selling point
    3. Am I that out of touch with real estate prices? $737/SqFt? It seems high.

    I am extreemely fortunate to have bought in Logan 19 years ago and happy that I am not looking for a home to purchase now.

  • Well, it’s under contract already so clearly the price is right!

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