Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 1806 Monroe St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The house comes with a home sauna!

Huge house lots of light, Lots of Windows, proximately 2,490 square feet! FIVE Large bedrooms, large KITCHEN, dining area, living room and family room. 2.5 BATH,

The Apt is really nice place to relax and unwind, and yet just steps to the bustle of Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights development or a five-minute walk to U street corridor and Adams Morgan. The house has charming dormer windows and vast patio/back yard space.”

Group home with a sauna?

$5900 sound right?

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  • At first I thought the picture of the sauna was the rental and it was one of those eco-friendly homes.

  • There’s no way you can walk to U Street in 5 minutes from there.

  • uh, it’s a bit more than a 5 minute walk to U Street. It can’t be “steps away” from U st, Adams Morgan, Mt Pleasant AND Columbia Heights.

  • Yeah, 5 minutes to U Street is ridiculous. I used to live on that block and it’s a good 15 minutes to the Columbia Heights Metro, and that’s at a fast pace.

    I’d be inclined to say it’s a good deal, if it includes utilities and you can find 4 other people who you can stand.

    Do the neighborhood drug dealers still hang out across the street? They never really seemed all that threatening or dangerous when I lived around there, but the occasional gunshots were a bit unsettling.

    • Some of those guys still live down the block on 18th, but they’ve been less active lately (or I’ve missed them, though I walk by there all the time.)

      We’ve always called this “Forbidding Formstone Manor” – I would have never guessed it had a sauna.

  • If you google the address, it appears the owner had it on the market for nearly a year so I guess she couldn’t find a buyer. Too bad it wasn’t advertised over the summer when a million people are moving to DC – I suspect it would have been snapped up quickly.

  • ….more like a 35 minute walk to the U street corridor and a 25 minute walk to adams morgan. maybe a 5 minute walk will get you to the mount pleasant library where you can probably check out a book about what it’s like to live in adams morgan or u street.

  • It’s a wonderful area to live in, and a sauna is a fun (though entirely unnecessary) perk, but what the hell is up with people in this city expecting renters to pay nearly $1200 to live in a group home?!

    No way would I ever pay that much to share a bathroom and kitchen with so many other people. I wonder if this kitchen at least allows meat?

    • Thank you! I wanted to smack that poster in the face with a pork chop.

      • I gotta say, carnivorous PoP commentors (in general, totally not singling you out) are weirdly self-righteous and defensive about their eating habits. I am a die-hard bacon lover but I’ve never had a vegetarian give me a hard time. Is this another symptom of post 9/11 American polarization? (Gotta put a DC spin on it…)

      • wow. that’s fucked up.

        • +1. What the fuck does 9/11 have to do with eating meat?

          • That was half tongue in cheek, but I suppose you guys are too young to remember pre-9/11. Americans hate each other a lot more these days over silly things like not eating meat or using energy-saving light bulbs. It used to be we only fought over abortion and gays.

    • I missed that comment, but I gather meat was banned from the fridge?! F that! If I’m paying $1200 a month to live with a bunch of self-righteous vegans, I’m putting my multi-pound sack of drippy ground animal in the fridge.

    • “a sauna is a fun (though entirely unnecessary) perk”

      Try telling that to a Finn!

  • Isn’t this the house next to the massive renovation project? And aren’t there drug dealers all over that corner?

    Can’t see how one could “relax and unwind” there.

  • i heard that the landlady raised rent on and kicked out the last tenants breaching their lease, not to mention randomly dropping in on the house and poking around.

    just sayin….

    • One of my former roommates lived there for a bit and mentioned the same things…

      5 minutes to U st from 1806 monroe st? hahahahahh it’s 1.7 miles away.

  • I don’t see what the big deal about the sauna is. My house is one too between June and August.

  • i normally resist doing such things with my name added to them, but i might note the following for anyone interested in renting this particular place.

    i am part of the last group of people to live in this house. our rent in 2009 & 2010 was $6000, and we all moved out primarily because the landlady (Karen) raised the rent to $8000 in one go. although i loved living there, the house had its problems — a few roaches, a minor mouse infestation and ants in the early summers. the sauna was a wonderful addition (and the kitchen is pretty nice and large too), but after a few months of weekly use we decided it was too much of an impact on the electric bill to be sustainable.

    for the past year since my housemates and i moved out, i have been trying to recover my $1100 security deposit from Karen, but there has been absolutely no response from her. unfortunately i live took a job in india, so i have not been able to knock on her door and find out what’s going on. another of my ex-housemates was told in one email that he would have to wait for an indefinite amount of time because she had “spent it all” while she was traveling out of DC.

    i’d recommend the house to anyone, except for the shady dealings of the landlady. she has gotten herself into trouble for financial improprieties and other forms of malpractice in her work as well.


    • after speaking with former tenant, it sounds like the owner (Karen) is crazy. As in seriously mentally unbalanced, changing her words from day to day, and just very difficult to work with.

  • Many years ago I believe that house had a tenant who was arrested for making a phone call threatening to harm the first President Bush. When the police showed up to arrest him, they also nabbed one of his roommates, who was growing large quantities of weed in the house.

    I always wondered what happened to Dumb and Dumber, and who blamed who.

    The drug dealers have been at 18th and Monroe for decades.

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