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  • Wow! Phenomenally bad picture on the advertising board! Who ever thought to make a shrimp look as adorable as a puppy then stab it in the gut?

  • This place is solid. They have the same phone number as the previous place in that location, IPOH. Are they in cahoots?

    PS Earthquake!!

  • Had lunch there Sunday; sushi menu is decent, quality of fish was excellent. Service was good too.

  • I ate here last weekend and was soooo not impressed. First of all, the spicy salmon looked gray. Yes, gray. And I found a big piece of crunchy tempura in it. Gross! Then, I had a Scoutmob for 50% off of the bill, up to 35 dollars off. But they didn’t seem to understand, and were trying to convince us that it said that you had to spend $35 to get the discount. The other roll that I got (salmon/avocado) was good, but I wouldn’t go back here again.

  • The original Umi is located in Fredericksburg, VA. I have eaten at that location. I found it to be high quality and great service!

  • I ate there the first day it opened and thought it was great. The salmon I had was particularly fresh. I eat at Tono next door a lot, but it is closed between lunch and dinner and so far Umi isn’t- so that’s a bonus for my sushi cravings.

  • I went here with my mother on a whim and was really impressed by the prices (for the lunch specials), quality of the fish and the attentiveness of the staff. I’d definitely return for another meal!

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