Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

This rental is located at 2130 P Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“- 24 Hour Laundry Facility
– Convenience to the Dupont Circle Metro ( Red Line) 2 Blocks Away
-Walking Distance from Dupont Circle, Rock Creek Park and Georgetown
– 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Service
– Controlled Access Front Door Entry
– Rooftop Swimming Pool
– Supermarket On-Site, Dry Cleaner, Furniture Store, Tanning salon, Tea And Coffee Shop, Hair Salon on Street Level
– Parquet Floors
– Garbage Disposal, Electric Stove and Dishwasher in all apartment
– Central Heating and Air Conditioning
– Large Walk-in Closets
– Balconies on almost all apartment homes”

I’m a sucker for swimming pools. This studio is going for $1883.

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  • “studio is going for $1883” LOL! either this is nuts or I’m never moving out of my place.

    • That is insane, given that it’s a small mediocre studio that doesn’t allow dogs and doesn’t even have in-unit W/D.

      But you’re talking about a building with a lot of ammenities in what could be the most expensive area to rent in DC. The security deposit is very low, for what it’s worth, and it sounds like it might have a balcony.

  • also, why is there a pic of the cathedral on this ad? it’s over 2 miles away. may as well ad a pic of the washington monument which is closer.

  • while it’s certainly a lot of money.. I can’t say it’s atypical given the amenities and location. We are talking one of the most expensive neighborhoods in one of the most expensive cities in the country, after all.

  • I would love to pay $2000 to live in a closet!

  • For all of you who haven’t had to rent a new place in awhile: Up until this past June I lived in Mount Vernon Triangle, and when I had to move out of the apartment I shared with my now ex-boyfriend, I looked at studios in the building thinking they’d be pretty reasonable. The cheapest one was over $2,000, utilities not included. Is that nuts? Yes. Is it unusual in downtown DC? No. (Needless to say, I did not take that studio.)

  • Does this count as rental porn edition?

  • I think the price is right on target . Earlier this year I moved from a 1 bedroom located a few blocks east on the same street (P st). I paid $2725 and the only amentity was in unit laundry. No pool or anything else. Studios in my building were around $2200 & I would have paid that if one had become available.

  • $1883 is insane. I live a block away, and while I don’t have a pool or balcony, my apartment looks about the same size, but I pay $800 less.

    • You pay just over $1,000?? I didn’t think any place in DC had rent that low. I’m skeptical….

      • Yup. Its a bit smaller than this studio (no separate bedroom nook), but full kitchen, walk-in closet, rooftop, controlled access front door entry. It’s rent controlled, so my rent went up $26 after living there for a year. Utilities are included. Apartments go quick though, but I think its the best deal in the city. State House Apartments, look into it 🙂

      • I paid $1050 for a 475 sq ft studio with a separate bedroom nook & 2 huge walk in closets, utilities included, in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights. I was very sad to leave it.

  • Damn! Now that I’ve seen the other photos in the listing I wish I could get out of my current lease to grab this one! Love the location and for a studio its not such a bad layout.

    • I hope I don’t offend you by asking, but why do you pay this much for a studio? I’m assuming you make a decent salary, but even so, you could get something bigger and/or cheaper elsewhere. Are you just willing to pay whatever it takes to live in Dupont because you love the area? Are you new to DC and just renting something “safe” while you get your bearings? I’m just curious because I’ve always wondered who rents these things.

      • I lived in Logan Circle across from the Wholefoods for a year in a 1 bedroom (paid $2725). I could walk to work and any place else. But I ultimately decided that I needed to save money so I moved to a one bedroom near National Catheredral on Wisconsin Ave which costs me $800 less. There are nice amenities in the new apartment & the cheaper rent is nice but I miss the hustle and bustle of having an active neighborhood right outside my window. I’d be willing to downsize to a studio for a chance at a decent & convenient-for-me neighborhood again.

      • I recently moved from a 700 sq ft. 1-bedroom in Reston ($1,200/month) to a 450 sq. ft studio about two blocks from Dupont Circle, very similar to the one advertised here ($1,800/month) – and I think it was completely worth it. The studio is actually quite enough space for me (empty nester – done the suburban material-acquisition lifestyle, and hated it). And the location is just heavenly – easy access to both Orange line (for commuting to work in Reston) and Red line (for getting to Glen Echo), as well as to Georgetown University, the Library of Congress, West End Cinema, and all that Victorian architecture. And the streets are alive here, and the shopping is so convenient (and it will get even better when the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods opens up on Sept. 6). This is truly as close to European-style living as you can get in the U.S., and is definitely worth it for me. In terms of ease of access, the only other neighborhood in DC besides Dupont Circle/West End that would cut it for me would be Penn Quarter

  • I’m fairly certain this is in the Westpark building. If so, I lived here from 2009-2010 and didn’t have a very good experience. Both the street and alley sides of the building are extremely noisy due to the neighboring bars (Friday and Saturday, expected. Thursday night is a little much for me though). Apex was a pretty bad offender as far as overserving people and letting them loiter in alleyway (but I think they’re closed now?) There is a pretty bad pigeon problem on all the balconies, at least on the backside of the building, which sounds like a silly complaint but was really gross to deal with.

    I now live a few blocks north and east of here, and am much happier with both the quality of the apt and the level of night noise. However, I will say that it was nice having a pool, and being only a 5 min walk from the Dupont metro. The security in the building was also very good in my experience (I note b/c when I googled them back in ’09 I had heard otherwise).

    Just as a final note about my experience at the Westpark, buyer beware with the rent control situation…what finally pushed me to move was that after my first year they raised my rent $150/month (well, that and my other qualms, above). They were totally within their legal rights, but I admittedly hadn’t done enough research to know that the rent could go up THAT much. The property manager at the time “promised me” when I signed the lease that that wouldn’t happen (ugh, life lesson there), and incidentally she was since fired for some unscrupulous practices (as I was told by the new manager when I turned in my notice).

  • I think I am never going to be able to leave my current place, even though I would love to have an in unit washer/dryer. I was lucky I found it when I did (my rent just went up, but still only paying 1124 for a 1BR near logan/shaw/mt vernon). 1800 for a studio? 2700 for 1br in logan? it’s getting ridiculous.

  • It is the Westpark. The apartments are OK, the building is pretty well maintained and secure. It is noisy especially on weekends. The laundry room can be a pain in the ass because the company that runs it takes forever to fix broken machines and there are some really nasty college chix who think the world revolves around them and go atomic if you take their stuff out of machines they have left for hours but won’t hesitate to pull your stuff out as soon as the machine stops if they are waiting. At least they have a strong tenant association guy that keeps management from ignoring problems. If you move in definitely get into the tenant association because management seems to treat members better.

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