Trees Down and Lost Dog Found

1400 block of Taylor St, NW

One reader writes:

“Looks like some significant damage to the bay and roof of one house and the porch of another. Hope all residents are okay.”

A reader writes:

“Today (Sunday), I picked up a stray dog wandering around the area at 13th and Varnum NW. He kept crossing 13th street and was clearly not where he should be. He’s medium sized, with long white hair. He’s wearing a collar with no identification. He’s a very sweet dog, in good shape, looks he may have just gotten out of someone’s yard, but I thought it was dangerous to leave him where he could easily get hit by a car. I called the Washington Humane Society and they will pick him up and keep him there. Please call them for more info.”

District of Columbia Animal Care and Control Facility
(Operated for the District of Columbia Dept of Health by the Washington Humane Society)
1201 New York Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

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  • That dog always gets out…he belongs to a family by 9th and Buchanan st in petworth

  • Do you know their name or address?

  • Must be the 1300 block of Taylor because I ran down the 1400 block and there was no sign of a tree having been down or any damage to the houses.

  • andy

    13th & Varnum NW? Sure of that intersection?

  • 13th and Allison. Forgot there is no Varnum there…

  • Yep, 1300 block Taylor

  • It was the 1300 block of Taylor, it was my house. Actually the house next door had more damage. The interior of my house was never compromised so no water got in. Front porch took the brunt of the fall. The tree was rotted out from the base. The city hasn’t checked the trees in years. There is mold and black fungus all inside the mostly hollow base of this tree. Have lots of pictures to give insurance company.

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