The Pig – New Restaurant from Eatwell DC Group – Coming to 1320 14t St NW in Logan Circle

From an Eatwell DC press release:

“Eatwell DC;s David Winer announced the lease for a new restaurant was signed yesterday.

The Pig—located at 1320 14t St NW

The pig will be a pork centric, “Nose to Tail” and “Farm to Table” restaurant, showcasing Eatwell DC’s own farm in La Plata MD, EatWell Natural Farm, and local pork producers, Dorsey Meats in Woodsboro, MD. We will also feature craft cocktails, American Beers and Wines from eco-conscious producers as well as small batch bourbons.

The Pig will be a cozy Logan Circle neighborhood place (2800 s/f), 72 seats and 15 barstools, chef driven operation, that will evoke the feel of old abattoir. “The Pig will be a neighborhood priced, neighborhood driven restaurant,” Eatwell’s president David Winer says. “Our want, goal and desire is serving our neighborhood and surrounding areas with ethically treated and natural products—all local and farm fresh.”

The operators will be David Winer, Josh Hahn, Antonio Oquendo, Andrew Howells and Billy McCormick, Exec Chef, the partners in EatWell DC, owners of Logan Tavern, Grillfish, Commissary and The Heights.

The Pig will initially serve Sat & Sun Brunch as well as Dinner 7 nights a week with lunch to be added eventually.

The Pig is expected to open in early spring of 2012.”

Sweet!!! This is the former Rollin Cycles space that started getting renovated in Sept. ’10.

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  • Drooollllllll . . .

    Ummmm, more pork please!!!!

  • claire

    Sounds amazing – love the “nose to tail” description!

  • What about that place on this block that was supposed to be an Italian place that also played Italian films? Did that fall through?

    Not terribly excited about yet more pork in this town. But maybe they’ll finally deviate from their “standard” menu that EVERY restaurant they own features.

  • Hmmmm, sounds an awful lot like Cochon down in New Orleans…. I’ll take it.

  • With the exception of the now-defunct Merkado, EatWell DC’s restaurants have uniformly failed to impress. (In fairness, the group does have an admirable track record of hiring servers with good hair.) I am skeptical The Pig will be an outlier to this pattern.

  • Will they offer any vegan pork dishes?

    • What about Kosher, vegan pork dishes?

      I know that they specialize in pigs but, for real, my vegetarian Hasidic friend is coming to town next week and we’d really like to check this place out. I guess it’s their loss…..ugh

  • The eat well group has some durable restaurants but nothing to get jazzed about.

  • An abbatoir is NOT the kind of place I would want to eat. It’s a killing salon (i.e., slaughter house) filled with blood and guts. I sure hope that this place has a much different ambience than that. And when do we declare the pork fetish over? I live at Logan and am not at all excited by this new restaurant.

    • yeah, the whole abattoir thing is a bit weird. and the pork thing, given that it’s dc, i’d give it a couple of years. “Snout to Tail”!!!!

    • +1. Isn’t it about time DC had some decent self-service abbatoirs? I’ve found the only way to ensure a fresh, clean kill is to do it yourself with a mallet. And whatever happend to Spike Mendelson’s Howlin Wolf themed self-service abbatoir, “Killing Floor?”

      • I thought Mendelson was opening a Robert Johnson-themed Mexican joint called “Hot Tamales and They’re Red Hot.”

    • Quincy St Neighbor

      +1 @PCat

      When I read that the new spot will “evoke the feel of old abattoir,” I thought “HOW CREEPY!”

      • +1!

        Maybe they thought “abattoir” was a nice French-sounding word and didn’t realize it meant “slaughterhouse”??

        • +1.

          Somebody must’a thunk that “abattoir” recalls those romantic candle-lit dinners in Paris…..but only if your idea of a charming restaurant is part of “the Cook, Thief, Wife, Lover” aesthetic

  • I like pork and bourbon as much as the next guy, but I’m ready for actual cooking to come back in style — preferably with some vegetables involved. Cured meats notwithstanding, most of the dishes in these places amount to “Place pig parts and spices on medium heat for several hours. Remove some when someone orders it.”

  • ledroittiger

    Sounds promising, but their previous restaurants suck. I’ll believe the hype when I taste it for myself.

  • Mmmmmm, abattoirey. One more example of the lost appreciation that words actually mean things (“…but it sounded sooo authentic!).

  • So I’m guessing no kosher options here then?

  • “Neighborhood priced” in Logan. Ouch. But the prices won’t hurt nearly as much as if you are mistaken for a pig there.

  • I was excited about this until I realized who (the inaptly named) EatWell DC is. Unless this place is a significant departure from the other restaurants, count me out.

  • Poor pigs…

  • Considering EatWell restaurants have seriously all gone down hill in recent years, in terms of food prep, service, overall experience, I doubt this will be great.

  • rudimentary, cursory, pigeonholed pig-themed dining reached trendy saturation limits (along with tattoos) a few years ago. time to think of a better concept and broaden the epicurean brush strokes from a one-stop-shop animal.

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