The 5pm Post – Volunteers Needed, Help DCPS Students Eat Healthier

Eat More Salad Flyer

“Participating schools: Eastern High School, H.D. Woodson High School, Ellington School of the Arts, Ballou High School, Columbia Heights Education Campus, Wilson High School, Phelps Architecture, Construction & Engineering High School, Banneker High School, Coolidge High School, and McKinley Tech High School.”

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  • A great idea!
    Check out another award winning org that works with DC schools to promote healthy habits:

  • I wonder how much school lunches have changed over the years- If the lettuce is the near white iceberg type and the tomatoes are pale and mealy, you would bet that i would opt instead for the crunchy overcooked burger. I do love a good salad now, but i highly doubt that this stuff, usually provided by the lowest bidder will be of SweetGreen/Chop’t quality.

    I sincerely hope the kids get good crispy veggies. I also hope that the dressing isn’t mayo based “bleu” cheese.

    (remembering the school lunches of the 90’s in NYC where I used to sneak non kosher meals).

    • Most public school lunches haven’t changed. A public school teacher decided to eat school lunch every day for a year, and documented it all at A lot of the same crap that I grew up with – pizza rectangles, corn dogs, nuggets, jello, and other questionably nutritious food.

      The French have it right when it comes to school food:

      It’s all a matter of priorities and money, I guess.

  • Anyone interested in losing weight should sign up for this. There’s nothing like watching teenage boys eat to put you off your own food.

    And bring earplugs…those cafs get LOUD.

    ~a former teacher

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