Row House Getting Completely Gutted on Quincy St, NW by Red Derby

This is just east of 14th St, NW on Quincy. I had no idea how completely they were gutting the place. I’m already looking forward to the before and after photos. Anyone know if it is going to remain a single family home or will be split into condos?

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  • I walk by this place on my way to/from work each day and saw them framing out the stairs (they are in that bay window on the side of the house) this morning. From their placement in the middle of the plan, it would be hard for them to make these condos, so I’m guessing house flip with possible basement unit. I’ll see if I can talk to one of the guys working to see what I can find out. After what seemed like a 3-4 week work stop after major demo, they seem to be working pretty quickly now.

  • Gutted everything except the satellite dishes. plural… on the front of the house. ugh.

  • usually when they open up the back like that it means condos, basement dig- out and maybe, gasp, a pop up

  • with such a complete gut, i’m betting 100:1 that this is going to be new condos. much more money to be made selling this as 3 or 4 units.

  • Dan: If you want to look up any permits on a property to see what’s going on there, check out the PIVS system from DCRA here.

    I punched in the address (I’m assuming that’s 1365 Quincy Street NW from checking on Google Street View), clicked on the “Issued Permits” tab, and found one (no. B1108905) that says it’s going to be “Basement Renovation, Electrical and Plumbing SFD [Single Family Dwelling] to 2 Family 2-Floor & Basement Flat.”

    Sounds, then, like it’ll be split into 3 units (one on each floor plus the basement).

    Hope this helps!

    • Wait – how do you figure 3 units when the converstion is a SFD to a 2 Family?

      Also – gotta worry about these kinds of haphazard demos…next thing you know they’ll start underpinning an entire party wall at once.

      If I were the neighbor, I’d be watching this VERY carefully!

  • “to 2 Family 2-Floor & Basement Flat” means two story upper main residence and basement apartment.

  • Hi All, The property is not going to be condos 🙂 Just two units, so the lower level is a income unit. Have you seen the size of the lot, it one of the largest for the area. The property is going to be amazing when completed. I will post further information when I have it.

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