LINCOLN Restaurant announces the opening of their outdoor patio and the launch of Sunday Brunch

From a press release:

“LINCOLN Restaurant announces the opening of their outdoor patio and the launch of Sunday Brunch at LINCOLN. Whether you choose inside or out, Corporate Executive Chef, Demetrio Zavala, and Executive Chef, Karen Nicolas, will be serving up a variety of farm fresh items including Chilled Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho, Marscapone Stuffed French Toast, Griddled Pancakes with local peach and strawberry compote and a classic fluffy 3 country egg rolled omelet…. Menu items range from $8 – $14

In addition, the LINCOLN mixology team will be creating the city’s only Bloody Mary and Mimosa Punch Bowls customized to your liking in a 64 ounce bowl. Each bowl serves up to 6 and will be $42.

Brunch is available every Sunday from 11am-3pm.

Lincoln Restaurant is located at 1110 Vermont Ave., NW”

We judged Lincoln here.

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  • Most restaurants offer bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys for about $15. This 64-ounce punch bowl idea is unique but absurdly priced. It leads me to rationalize that the rest of their menu is similarly overpriced. Thanks but no thanks.

  • very excited about the outdoor patio can’t wait to check it out.

  • They are super nice here just wish they weren’t so gimmicky (and overpriced for the little morsels they offer).

  • Yuck, I do not want my mimosa getting all flat and having flies die in it while it sits out in a punch bowl. And half of my friends prefer bloody marys but I can’t drink ’em. FAIL

  • Honest Abe would flip his top hat if he knew they were ripping people off in his name. Think bad food concept meets poorly cooked, unimaginative food and lousy over priced drinks and Voila. You have Lincoln.

    The decor is early design school drop out and shows about the same imagination as the menu. The once good dish was the trout, cooked to perfection. However, when we met th chef he told us he was going to take it off the menu and do some crazy quail an waffle thing instead for fall.

    The designers and art directors obviously never worked or ate in a well organized, laid out resto before or they would have foisted the plywood placard-sized sized menus on patrons. Chic dining wannabes make for high comedy at this place.

    Add to that the food runners/bus boys who literally snatched our plates, glasses, etc. from underneath us before we were finished, and it’s urban sophisticate wannabe time again.

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