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  • Looks like the last owner – a terrible slumlord (http://lists.mutualaid.org/pipermail/mintwood-place/2008-July/001552.html) went to jail. I wonder who owns it now and what the plans for it are.

    • The guy never went to jail; his sentence was suspended and he got 3 years of probation. He also owns several other properties around the city and is probably quite well off, on paper at least.

      So I’m guessing he owns it still.

  • Horse’s ass? Now that’s name-calling. I don’t see how this fits into the purview of the new “Operation Restore Civility.” I think POP should lead by example and stop using such harsh language in posts.

  • Couldan’t agree more. What a great location, just around the corner from the Metro station, Giant, almost everything you need to survive for the rest of your live. With gaping holes in the plastic window coverings, I’m sure this building is suffering from weather damage, if not more. This should on someone’s “fix it or lien it list”.

  • saf

    I had a friend who lived there, several years ago. Nice building that should not be so poorly treated.

  • The building next to it (on the corner of Park and Hiatt – you can see the glass windows in the background of the picture) is abandoned as well. Completely redone, but empty and padlocked. I used to live across the street on Park and there was a homeless man who took up residence in the doorway for a while. I moved and don’t know if he’s still there but wouldn’t be surprised…

    • The spaceman house! I just assumed that it wasn’t structurally sound or something, since it has like 20+ foot ceilings in the front without any (visible) support structure. Also, IANAA (not an architect).

  • I have sometimes wondered about that modern building with the huge glass windows…the design of it seems to be an opulent use of space–there could be much more usable floorspace were it not for the big open stairwell. Anyway, odd that it would get all redone and then sit empty…

  • And as long as we are complaining about that corner, does anyone else notice the loud whining noise coming from the alley across Hiatt Place? I assume this is a badly maintained compressor or something. The noise is present every day until at least 10 PM and can be heard up and down Park Road (including in my apartment). Does anyone have any insight about how to address that problem? Thanks!

  • I think it is a ventilator on top of one of the small businesses on Park. Probably for a kitchen or a hair salon.

  • This building and the bizarre, vacant, but largely complete modernist mess next door is like the definition of Horse’s Ass. For years I’ve walked by on my daily commute and thought “let’s just call it Horse’s Ass Pl. NW.”

    I’ll also note that the bottom floors of this structure have shown signs of squatters on and off for several years. For a while I was even seeing the gas fireplace on.

    • Yeah, I always told myself that I wouldn’t be surprised if it caught on fire, since I assume there were bums eating beanie weenies and drinking wild irish rose down there. And doing crack.

  • If they do ever renovate, they’ll find dozens of softballs in those upper rooms that face south onto the baseball field, I would imagine . . . .

  • Does anyone know more about that modern building next door? It doesn’t seem to be its own lot, according to DC zoning maps. Seems a shame for that building to just sit there…

  • I walk by this place on my daily commute too. And yes the homeless guy still lives on the porch. I regularly see drunks loitering on the modern property who litter the area with bottles and cans. (I’ve seen them vomiting there regularly as well. Yuck.) There are squatters in the attached abandoned building, but the recent addition of a “Keep Out” sign and their current absence leaves me to be believe someone has cleared them out (for now).

    I’ve seen fights break out between the squatters here and there is a perpetual heap of trash on the corner. The lot is not maintained and the grass hasn’t been cut all summer. I’ve walked past there a few times to find the police arresting guys, though I have no idea what the charges were.

    I have to wonder, what can be done about a place like this?

  • The one next door is much more of a Horse’s Ass. 3240 Hiatt. Overgrown yard, trash everywhere, standing water where drain doesn’t work and several places where squatters sleep for the night. So so gross.

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