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  • andy

    is the place going to be called Tops or Go2Tops? The logo and web address make me think the name will be Tops and the website is suggesting that people go to Tops.

    • Looks that way to me. I guess the domain name “tops.com” was already taken… but I think something like “topsyogurt” would’ve been better than “go2tops.”

  • With all the frozen yogurt places in this town, I wonder who keeps them open? Are there frozen yogurt addicts out there? I eat frozen yogurt about 2x a year so hard for me to fathom 🙂

  • Good to see we can finally get some frozen yogurt in this town. ever since TCBY and ICBIY closed in the early 90s, its just been a yogurt desert!

  • boo. thumbs down.

  • I think Union Station figured out that quick or junk food works best upstairs – even with hordes of kids steered towards the food court. With Crumbs and Ben & Jerry’s nearby as well. Though why a stupid fro yo store needed to replace the world’s most convenient beer/wine/liquor store, I have no idea.

  • Seems like an appropriate type of place for that location. During the summer the tourist hordes will flock here.

  • now if we can just get some coffee shops, burger joints, and salad places in this city we’ll be set.

  • But there’s an up side to this: Now the liquor store will be closer to fine dining options of the food court. So much easier to match your wine and meal of choice from Sbarros or Johnny Rockets. And fro yo for dessert!

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