Friday Question of the Day – Delivery recommendations? (reader request)

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Keeping with fun FQotD for the month of August:

“Dear PoPville,

I was hoping that the PoP community would be a good place to survey people on where they like to get delivery from? I love going out to DC and trying all the different restaurants here, but when it comes to getting good delivery for a lazy evening, I have few ideas. I live in the Columbia Heights area and my boyfriend is in Adams Morgan, so I’m particularly interested in restaurants that would deliver to those areas. Some of my favorites are DC Noodles, Rice and Meiwah, but there just have to be more! And I’m not talking the standard Manny & Olga’s Pizza delivery. Any suggestions out there? And I know many places do takeout, but I’m really looking for delivery ideas.”

We talked about good pizza delivery options here. But I’d also be curious to hear about other delivery options. In addition to the name of the restaurant please also say what neighborhood(s) they deliver to. I’ve been pretty happy with Sala Thai delivery to Petworth.

So for the Friday Question of the Day – what’s your favorite delivery option?

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  • I’m partial to Thai food and my favorite is Regent Thai on the border of AM/Dupont. Food arrives in half the time advertised (by the guy taking phone orders) and always with a couple complimentary cans of soda.

  • Desperado’s ( delivers. Usually pretty quickly too.

  • Sala Thai is great. Moroni is not too bad, though they could make better food. Pho 14 is ok, but their imperial rolls are nothing like the awesome ones from Nam Viet (which unfortunately doesn’t deliver). Tono Sushi apparently will go as far as Oak St. If we could just get North Sea beer and chinese delivery, and Tono sushi, up this way, we’d be rockin’.

  • I use quite a bit. You can put in your address and it will give you a list of restaurants that will deliver. Plus, you can order and pay online. They can even figure in the tip.

  • Domku should deliver its lamb burger, with gorgonzola inside, mmmmm.

  • Herbal Beef from Sala Thai. Order 2 with extra rice.

  • Allmenus has pretty good functionality for finding new delivery places. I’m partial to Super Tacos and Bakery which delivers to most of the CH area.

  • I’ll add Tono Sushi
    North Sea

    (Asian/pizza spots always have their delivery in house no takeout taxi bs)

    But seriously you live in great neighborhoods for takeout…

  • Give Seamless Web a shot, we’ve used it a few times, not problems. (you can also leave a tip online).
    We’re partial to City Lights (try the fried eggplant, great!)

  • try the new la villa pizza on 14th. we liked it and they deliver.

  • Pho 14 on Park Road in Columbia Heights delivers with hot and cold ingredients separated.

    In Adams Morgan, Himalayan Heritage on 18th Street delivered by suit and tie owner himself.

  • I will second Tono Sushi. Not cheap, but always top-quality, and 100 percent reliable, despite being fairly far away.

  • I love north sea, but we usually order from Papa Johns. I know we’re so boring.

  • Mr. Chen’s Organic Chinese in Woodley Park delivers to CH.

  • Himalayan Heritage is my favorite. I also love Italian Kitchen on U. Totally letgit pizza.

  • +1000 for Mr. Chen’s

  • Yes, but what delivers to Brookland? I love my neighborhood but it’s a food delivery desert! I often wistfully think back to my days living in NW when so many Thai restaurants delivered to my house that I had to keep notes on the menus as to which dishes to order from which place……

    • I’m not sure how far into NE they go (I’m just in Eckington), but Beau Thai delivers and it is amazing! Call and ask!

      • +1, I love Beau Thai. If you’re within a mile of New Jersey and R (which you might be), they’ll deliver.

        • 2 miles. 🙁 But at least there is CLOSER thai. I’ll pin my hopes on the new RI Ave and Catholic developments.

    • I’ve got Red Torque to deliver to Brookland. They were even nice about, when I called the second time about a month after the first, they even remembered me on the phone (granted I gave them a real good tip).

  • I would suggest Wingo’s! It’s located in georgetown but is mostly a delivery operation. They have an incredible selection of everything from wings to grilled cheese to bob marley relaxation drinks to whipped cream bottles and ping pong balls.


  • If you order out a lot, Foodler is a good choice.

  • Any suggestions for the Eastern Market area? Usually we just walk somewhere for food but my gf was asking about delivery the other day.

  • Peking Express (one of the best Chinese restaurants!) delivers to Petworth, they are located in the U Street Corridor.

  • Sing Long Chinese (good food and service), Pete’s Apizza in CH, Sala Thai, and Angelicos.

  • For pizza Pizzoli’s in Logan Circle delivers and it is the best delivery pizza I have had.

  • Capitol Hill is a wasteland w/ really no options other than crappy pizza and worse chinese.

    • Ugh don’t tell me that. I’m super sad about leaving all the delivery options in Columbia Heights.

    • It’s true. I am actually surprised at the limited options over on the hill for delivery. Living in NW definitely has it’s perks.

    • I live on the Hill and haven’t ordered much delivery yet (only been here 8 months), but we’ve gotten Thai from Old Siam and Sanphan, and Indian/Pakistani from Aatish. I’d be curious to know what other places deliver– we keep getting fliers from the same two pizza joints.

    • Tandoor & Grill, Chicken Tortilla, Naples Sisters Pizza & Mussels.

    • Taylor Gourmet delivers to the Hill. Their delivery area covers (roughly) from North/South Cap over to 17th and from New York Ave. down to M St. It’s typically my go-to delivery. They do have a minimum, though, it works best for two or more people.

  • andy

    How far will the Himalayan Heritage guys go? Up here across the Piney Branch bridge?

  • Fusion delivers and is excellent. Not sure how far south they will go.

  • Wings Over Washington on Michigan Ave NE. They deliver to Petworth, Columbia Heights, Brookland, Mount Pleasant and U Street. Not sure how much further. The boneless wings (especially Honey BBQ) are the BEST!

  • I, too, can’t get enough of Himalayan Heritage, such good authentic Himalayan, and the suit and tie delivery to boot.

    On the other hand, hungry and don’t want to spend much tonight ?

    This place opened up less than a year ago and does mostly delivery of well prepared and well priced Mediterranean:

    Pitazzi at 1824 Columbia Road 202.232.3331

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – $ 3.99

    Different Pita Sandwiches – $ 5.49

    Baklava (large piece, too) – $1.99

    They’re on Foodler, as well.

  • I live in Adams Morgan and besides DC Noodles (great spicy noodle soup), I also recommend Spices, Chix, Shwarma Spot, and Pete’s New Haven.

    • Spices won’t come to me, just down on NH and 17th! They send me food from Nooshi which for some reason just isn’t as good as Spices. Spices rocks!
      Petes is SUPER expensive for delivery pizza. It doesn’t stand up well to delivery times, either, in my experience.

      • If you put it in a VERY hot oven (+450) I think it does great. It’s expensive but big. We get an easy 3 meals out of it and it’s the best around that delivers.

  • Fast Gourmet on 14th and W, for the best sammiches in the area.

  • I use Grubhub. You can pay tip with cc and leave a note (like use side entrance).

  • We’ve gone from near-zero decent delivery options in Petworth to a pretty decent selection. These are the ones we like: Sala Thai, Pete’s Apizza, Fusion, Moroni (though their pizza I think is best eaten hot in the restaurant). King-N-I has great subs and also delivers, though we usually walk over.

    Vace pizza (takeout only) is the one dinner we’ll leave the neighborhood to go pick up.

    Does Pho Viet in Columbia Heights deliver? We got takeout there the other night – thumbs up.

  • Super Tacos in AM is awesome-especially since you can buy meat by the pound and then assemble your own tacos. Also, their chimichanga is delicious. They deliver to Columbia Heights and occasionally to Petworth, depending on the day of the week.

    Duccini’s has the best chicken cheese steak I have ever, but claim that they deliver up to Petworth, but don’t actually do it. They certainly deliver to Columbia Heights.

    We tried The King and I the other night and their food was extremely tasty.

  • I’m in Logan Circle. I’m a big fan of Sala Thai as well. I also like Pines of Florence whcih should deliver to Adams Morgan. Wok n Roll in Adams Morgan is pretty decent and reliable, but Meiwah is much better if you can get it.

    • actually, Meiwah is your “safest” bet when it comes to Chinese food (very clean, big operation, etc.). however, just recently ate at Wok’N’Roll and at least their Americanized Chinese dishes (e.g., sesame chicken etc.) were VERY GOOD. as in, like the best I’ve had in D.C. easily. we were quite surprised–not sure if it was an anomaly.

  • Wok n Roll

  • Bua Thai is delicious, inexpensive and fast. Way better than Sala Thai too.

    • that’s my favorite neighborhood thai in town. Shoutout to Tal and Udi! They do the Pad See Ewe right! You have to ask but when they burn/char the noodles it’s as good as that dish gets.

      • Also it’s way cheaper and tastes better than any of the pricier options on 14th, Thai Tanic, Teakwood, Rice, those places can’t carry Bua’s jockstrap.

  • My list includes:
    Super Tacos
    Mr Chen’s Organic
    Pete’s (too expensive though)

    And does NOT include:
    North Sea

    And for pick up:

  • Thaitanic II- everything on their menu is delicious and great portions for the price.

    Eddie’s for Chinese

  • DC has pretty bad delivery options overall. If you’re ok with paying a $5 premium, theres Take Out Taxi, and they’ll deliver BGR and Daily Grill.

    For Thai, I am pretty happy with Siam House and Paragon Thai, both in Cleveland Park. I’ve been going with Siam more recently.

    For Chinese, I order City Lights. Its pretty dependable. I’ve been tempted to try Mr. Chen’s too, but yelpers give it real mixed reviews.

    What I really wish is that I was in a Taylor Gourmet delivery zone. Maybe, hopefully, I will be when they open up on 14th.

    • “I’ve been tempted to try Mr. Chen’s too, but yelpers give it real mixed reviews.”

      I lol’d at this.

  • has anybody tried the 24/7 delivery place in Adams Morgan (they list 2224 18th street, which I think is a bar or something) called Mamm’a Mia’s?

    Very curious…

  • Get the Snapfinger app, tons of take-out and delivery in both the Amo and CH areas

  • Chix! Inexpensive organic/latin infused chicken…(limited menu)

  • notlawd

    I tried to call Sala Thai once and they said they didnt deliver. Is it only certain days of the week? I love that place, but the location is not conducive to carryout for me (no where close by to park)

  • Pitazzi rocks !

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