Baby Geese Grow Up by Andy Rothwell

Yes, it’s a slow news day…but this is pretty sweet.

The reader writes:

“To get to work I take the metro out to College Park and then walk ~15 minutes into the middle of nowhere. I never see anyone, but most days last spring I ran into this family of geese somewhere along the way. So this video was a no-brainer.”

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  • I was having a bad day and this just brightened it up. Thanks for posting. Adorable

  • Cool video.

    Now, I can’t wait to read the idiotic comments from the crunchy crowd about how somehow this gaggle’s privacy was invaded and how the gosling’s physical and emotional development was inexorably harmed by the making of this video.

  • I, for one, liked the boldness and bravery of the photographer. Geese are a scourge and if they can provide some entertainment, good.

    • I don’t like grown-up Canada geese, but those goslings are/were mighty cute!

      • Me too! Adult geese are assholes! I can’t watch the video, but if it was shot at Lake Artemesia, these are probably the same geese who honk and hiss at me when I ride my bike near them.

  • Very sweet, and I like the home movie grainy effect. I did giggle at one point thinking how if you took off the nostalgiavision effect and the gently jangly indie pop it would be footage of someone repeatedly chasing a flock of geese into streams 🙂 But it looks like they grew up just fine.

  • very cute! my Friday definitely needed this, I’m going to watch it one more time…

  • Lovely and sweet! Sometimes I’m about to abandon this blog to the crazies (seriously – you don’t call the animal shelter to report a lost dog? You write here for advice????) but then something like this comes along and all is right with the world.

    And for those who have followed the Meridian Park ducklings – they have all survived and are just starting to fly – now hanging out in the big square fountain mostly.

  • Could you imagine the size of the wing bones littering the streets of our fair city were only geese as popular as chicken?

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