Scuttlebutt: Retail Space below Chipotle on Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont to become a Pet Store

Don’t have any confirmation on this but a reliable source in the past says that a pet store has or is close to signing a lease here. The space is located at 1629 Connecticut Ave NW.

If true, think a pet store will do well here?

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  • Sure, especially if they are going to deliver (as new shop Green Paws in Bloomingdale does). Otherwise lack of parking may be a hindrance, even in such a walkable location, because of the sheer weight/bulk of pet food.

  • Convenient organic meat farm for Chipotle?

  • Soilent Green is made from Hamsters!?!?

    Seriously, if there’s one thing that commercial area could use more of, its pet stores.

  • Too close for comfort. Next thing you know, the Chihuahuas start mysteriously disappearing.

  • There are too many pet stores that cater exclusively to dogs..would be nice to see some stores with equal amounts of cat products 🙂

  • A marriage of convenience…

  • perhaps one of those “unleashed, by petco” smaller format pet shops?

  • Kind of strange, given that there’s one on Florida just north of U Street; one at 18th between Swann & T; and one on P Street (west of Dupont) … but hey, maybe someone knows something I don’t (SHOCKING!!)

  • If one does open, it should implement the same rule as the pet store in the Village, NYC (it was in the news recently) and not let drunk people buy dogs!

  • Hoping that “pet store” means “pet supply store”… it seems like reputable pet stores have gotten out of the business of selling dogs and cats and encourage people to adopt from shelters or go through reputable breeders instead.

  • Selling animals, supplies or services? Gazuza is crazy loud till late at night which might not be ideal for animals.

    • Yea, I’d have to agree it would be cruel to the animals to keep ’em up all night with the shitshow at Gazuza. Hopefully it’ll just be dog food, fish tanks, cat toys, etc.

  • andy

    does any retail do well in a basement?

  • El perro barbacoa por favor, and hold the guac.

  • Don’t trust voices from the past.

  • Is this the place that used to be Dupont Hair?

    • I think it was either that or the HRC store. I’m not sure…

      • HRC store, before that a hair place, before that a bar, before that a different bar, before that a different bar…. back in the nineties it was a S&M club.

  • POP when are you going to make your posters register…the comments are getting damaging to pending businesses and I feel strongly you need to get better control over shit stirring people…this city is already run by enough amateur politicians

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