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  • Rant: I asked my brother back in January to be my best man at my wedding on 9/4. I told him that for the bachelor party that I really wanted to go to the Dominican Republic or at the least Miami. To date he has yet to do anything (yes, I know this for sure) so I had to take control of it. Yesterday he sends me a text saying that he has a package for Miami for $550 including RT flight and hotel (yeah right), so I say email it to me and of course I have yet to get said email. So it looks like I will be in the exact place I did not want to be for my bachelor party – here! I never ask for anything and you can’t put this together. I’ve said enough but needless to say, I am very pissed about this!! I’m not even the type to bring up stuff that I have done but this bs really makes me think about all of it. As a best man you have 2 task 1. Plan the damn bachelor party and 2 Hold the damn ring and don’t lose it. The way I feel right now, he won’t be getting the ring until right before we stand in front of the pastor. Freaking unbelievable. Some people just don’t get it, selfish MF (and I say that with good reason).

    Rave: I am getting married to the woman of my dreams.

    • In today’s episode of groomzilla…

      • +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      • Not even, I try to keep out of all of this. But I know I opened myself up for comments so it is all good. You just have to know the history.

        • If the history is bad, why ask him to be your best man?

          And if there was no way out of asking him due to family obligations or whatever, why have high expectations (and yes, a trip to DR for a party is a high expectation) about how he will perform best man duties?

          You need a reality check.

          • I asked him because his my brother. No bad blood between us or anything. He plans trips for him and his friens all of the time so I would think my bachelor party would be no big deal but…

            How is a planning a trip to the DR hard? Find dates, find a hotel, book a flight and go.

    • Is it possible he may not have the resources to afford a trip like this? Times are tight for a lot of people, and I could see how some might hesitate to take on destination bachelor parties. That said, he should have been more up front about not being able to plan it (regardless of the financial issues).

      • While I understand where you are coming from, this is not the case. I would be paying for my hotel and trip and possibly helping another person that doesn’t have the resources. But as for my brother, trust me, while not rich, he has the money for it. Besides that, it isn’t the money thing that bothers me. It is the fact that you didn’t attempt to do ANYTHING and I told you this back in January

      • Elope in the DR! forget the wedding the bachelor party, etc. etc. etc. it seems you just want a trip to DR…elope there!

        • or just go to the DR by yourself,chances are some sassy chikita will make you forget marriage etc.

    • Have you considered Thailand for your bachelor party?

      • I guess this is your lame attempt at sarcasm. But if you knew anything about traveling to the caribbean you would know that the DR is one of the cheapest destinations to get to, esp that far in advance. Nice try but try again.

        • Wow, groomzilla indeed.

          • Maybe my fiancee’ is rubbing off on me but if you guys are married you know what I am going through. If not, then I understand but know that you too will want to blow off some steam.

          • If getting married is putting you in such a bad mood, maybe it’s not the right decision…?

          • Not in a bad mood though it is a lot. I am looking forward to just getting all of this over with and staring our life.

            Have you been through this process?

          • Only as a bridesmaid, not as the bride/groom, but none of my friends who’ve gotten married had bachelor/ette parties in foreign countries.

        • You’re totally right. I mean, all you’re asking is for your friends to use their money and vacation time to go on a vacation of your choosing to a destination of your choosing, in addition to your wedding, to celebrate your life milestones. I’m sure you’re always willing to do the same for others.

          • You don’t know the details. My friends were down to go and if they weren’t it could have been changed. The issue was the planning or lack there of. And yes, I would do whatever for my friends. I understand that things come across differently than intended on message boards.

          • you will not have your dream bachelor party.
            you will always have you brother.
            you screwed up in relying on him to plan your dream party.

            the future of your familial relations is in your hands.

            don’t air personal grievances on the internet. ever.

          • I hear you at airing things out but realize I could say whatever but none of you know or will ever know who I am. It isn’t like I have my real name, SSN and address up here. LOL! And as far as I am concerned, it is a teaching lesson for me and others that may go through similar things.

    • Coming from someone who just got married… you need to step back a bit.

      The wedding party and even your wedding guests will be spending a lot during the process of your engagement/wedding. At a minimum 1) engagement gift, 2) potential travel/lodging to attend your bachelor party, 3) booze/food/covering your expenses for your bachelor party, 4) attire for your wedding, especially if you are asking your groomsmen to wear certain things, 5) wedding gift.

      Stop dwelling on the little things and focus on what is important… marrying that “woman of your dreams” with all of your friends/family in attendance.

      • I totally get this and I agree but I also know that if people knew well in advance it would not be an issue and tickets/hotels and all of that would have been a lot cheaper but money isn’t really the issue here. What bothers me is that fact that he has done nothing at all since January and will try to place blame on me. Again, my issue is with his responsibility level on this and many things.

        It isn’t that I am dwelling on it at all, this is Rant and Rave so I am doing such. Trust, I am in a good place and my perspective is realistic.

        • me

          I’m not so sure your perspective is realistic. Your wedding is supposed to be about getting married and having your family alongside you. Not the big party that you want beforehand that you are insisting someone else to plan. I hope you’re not like this normally, otherwise I’d have to say that I feel sorry for the woman who is marrying you.

          • I am all in for that and TOTALLY agree because at the end of the day it is just to two of us.

            I guess you guys are reading between the lines, this is about my brother and I. NOTHING ELSE!!

          • I meant “I guess you guys aren’t reading between…”

          • me

            Um, knowing that you’re pissed off at your brother because he didn’t get around to planning your bachelor party does not require us to “read between the lines”. You’re spelling it out quite clearly. You’re just getting mad because no one is siding with you. Look, if it was that big of a deal but you KNEW that your brother would almost certainly let you down by not planning your ideal party, then you only have yourself to blame. You don’t need to respond to everyone’s post on here saying the same thing, that we JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. Good luck.

        • If your attitude in these comments is in any way indicative of the relationship you have with your brother, then it’s quite possible that he really doesn’t want to be involved with this bachelor party. Could it be that he’s trying to send you a message?

          • Not the case. It is the fact that he put other things first (which I can’t mention here but best believe if you knew this whole conversation would be differnet). My issue is that I ask for one thing and you make no attempt at looking into it. If it couldn’t be done, that is fine but at least show me you care.

          • Kam, your expectations are unrealistic.

            You were hoping that, for this one occasion, he could be different than he usually is. However, your bachelor party is not much of a priority to him. That’s disappointing, but that’s the reality.

            So now try to make the best of it that you can and don’t get so hung up on this party as the One Big Symbol.

        • Rant: My boyfriend and I had a big fight this morning

          Rave: I’m going to happy hour tonight with one of my friends that is moving to Italy next month

    • Rant: “selfish MF”. Look in the mirror, dude.
      Rave: a lifetime of happiness to you and the Mrs.

      • I’m going to feed you. “Look in the mirror” Please explain. Do you know me? If you did, you would know that I am one of the most giving people you will ever meet.

        I agree with your rave.

    • Just because you want something, it doesn’t mean you can just order someone else to do it and expect it to be done. Is he just not a good planner? Are his finances tight? Did you plan and execute an out-of-town party for him? Since you had a very specific, elaborate vision for your bachelor “party”, it might have been better to plan it yourself.

      • I realize this but none of what you mentioned is the issue. It simply (and I know my brother well) was not important to him because it didn’t have to deal with him.

      • What Anon 10:33 said.

        While I definitely understand Kam’s frustration, it would seem to me that if you assign the planning to someone else, you’re kinda stuck with whatever that person comes up with and whatever schedule he/she comes up with it on.

        Kam mentions that his brother is a “selfish MF,” and says that he has good reason to call him this. If the brother has a long history of being selfish, he might not have been such a good candidate to be the bachelor party planner.

        And what Madison said… if the brother didn’t think he was up to planning the party to Kam’s standards, he should have said so in the beginning.

    • Wow. I’d just be happy that someone threw me a party, let alone demanding that we go out of the country or take a trip to an expensive city.

      Rich people problems, I guess.

      • Not rich by any means and this was an affordable trip if any planning had been done. DR is not expensive btw. Miami on the other hand is, I will give you that but that was the fall back.

        • Be happy with people thinking about you enough to do anything for you. The end of the day, all you’re supposed to do is get married – sign a piece of paper saying you’re legally attached to another person.

          Perspective, please.

      • +1000000 rich people problems for sure

      • Rant: Terms like “rich people problems” or “first world problems”. Problems no matter how lame or serious they are, are a matter of perspective and not really for someone else’s judgement.

        Rave: This is entertaining

        • when people use those terms, it’s a good indication that they’re not caring people, and may as well just be avoided.

    • hahaha, drama king.

      if you want an awesome bach party in the dom republic and your brother isn’t coming through, stop crying and plan it yourself.

      selfish indeed.

      • I did but when I realized he had done NOTHING, no date, no nothing, it was and is too late and too much too late.

        Glad I can provide a laugh for all.

    • Why Miami? Are the strip clubs better there?

    • your marriage won’t last 5 years unless your wife is submissive self hating twit.

    • I really don’t understand this. Why did you pick a known selfish MF to be your best man? Either you made a terrible decision or you need better friends. Whatever the case, it sounds like you’re getting exactly the kind of party you should expect from a selfish MF.

    • kam, don’t feed the trolls here. I feel ya on this one. It’s a brotherly thing. It sucks because the “idealized” form of your brother would have done these things, you provided the opportunity for him to finally come through, and he failed. It’s not about the destination, the money, etc.; it’s about the attempt. I get it.

      There are a lot of other brothers out there that experience the familial strain during weddings. Best thing to do is learn from it and not let it get to you.

      • DING!!! DING!!! DING!!! Brillant!! Someone with a freaking brain!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • You are SOOOOOOOO correct esp. given our history through his 31 years, it was never about the money, trip, destination or any of that!! That is what I mean by reading between the lines. Some of these folks on here kill me. But again, this is the “interweb” so it is what it is.

        • Nah, I’m sure you appreciate the sympathy but this is off base. If it’s to do with brains, you wouldn’t have picked a jerk to be your best man. If you picked a jerk just because he’s your brother, then it’s not about brains, it’s about loyalty to family or some other such thing.

          I know about family, I have one, but if you know they’re gonna let you down and you still have any expectations of them then responsibility for the end result is squarely on you.

          In all your responses I don’t think you’ve actually explained why you feel so terribly let down by someone that you knew would let you down. You don’t have to of course, it’s your rant, but you seem unaware of your own fundamental responsibility for this situation.

      • +1

        This wasn’t a money issue. It was an expectations issue and your brother didn’t meet your expectations. If he wasn’t comfortable with planning the trip he should have told you in January. Or even March.

      • Don’t feed the trolls? Kam *is* a Groomzilla troll!

        Sure, this is a forum to get some things off your chest, but JESUS CHRIST you do not need to reply to each comment! You must be new to PoP commenting….

    • With the time and effort you’ve used to fend off all anonymous criticism on the internet you could have planned your own bachelor party. Stop being such a cry baby. I dont need to know you or the history of your totally unique, and i’m sure mind blowing, situation, to know that I wouldnt want to go to your bachelor party if it were on the moon and you were paying for it.

  • Rave: Props to the Cops…. They raided the house and arrested the people who broke into my house 2 weeks ago. Almost everything stolen was recovered.

    Rant: The young punks are released today until the trial. They live 2 doors down from my house.

  • Rant: LivingSocial rejected my application three hours after I sent it in. This is the second time I have been rejected from their company for different positions. Either they can’t stand me or the tons of job listings on their website are a crock.

    Rave: Crepeaway for lunch today. It’s Thursday and this week has thankfully sped by.

    • Have you had someone review your resume and cover letter? Maybe you have serious glaring errors that need to be fixed.

    • If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think the daily deals space is a great move career-wise. It’ll be gone in the next few years.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: On the Washington Post yesterday about one of my photos: “This, my friends, is a great photo with an even better caption” 😀

  • Rave: I am heading to the Maine Ave. Fish Markets for dinner with my beautiful girlfriend tonight! It will be our first time and we have been here a year already.

    Rant: It’s only thursday and tomorrow is going to be the most hectic day of my week.

    • If you are going to Maine Avenue to buy fish or crabs from the market, have fun! If you are going to a restaurant down there, quick, change your reservations! They all suck. Go to Black Salt or Johnny’s Half Shell. You’re gf will love you for it.

  • Rave – free ice cream day at work today!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I feel nervous, like I’m so nervous I’m going to puke.

    Rave: There is absolutely no reason for me to be nervous.

    Rave: I found the perfect birthday present for my sister. I can’t wait to give it to her!

    • GiantSquid

      Re: your rant, I sometimes have the same problem. If I can’t pinpoint the reason for the anxiety, I stop, take some deep breaths, and tell myself it’s fine.

      Then I drink some ginger ale or coke.

    • Panic attack! have had them in the past. You need an Ativan.

    • Deep breathing works wonders. Just going for a walk should help too if you notice that anxious feeling creeping up on you. If it’s happening more often than not, as much as the thought of it may sound unbearable, lay off caffeine. And I mean ANY caffeine – it’s terrible for anxiety sufferers.

      A low-dose Xanax helps too, if you want to get yourself a prescription to use in a pinch.

  • Bear

    Rave: I leave for the first leg of my summer adventure in two days!

    Rant: Holy crap I have a lot to do.

  • Sorry, forgot my other rant and rave.

    Rant: Absolutely hated our engagement proofs and my fiancee’, her sisters and my mother loathed her formals. While the photographer has been in biz for 25 years and is well known, he just didn’t work for us personality wise and style wise. Maybe being in DC for so long has made us hard and uppity but we don’t put up with BS. Can you believe this guy sent proofs with towels (it was 100 degrees outside), water bottles, people, purses and othe stuff to us like we are not supposed to bring that up. So when I say something to him that 51% of the 90 pics have that in it or a pose that we said we didn’t like he says they are proofs and all of that (objects) can be cropped out. Well for the amount of money that I am paying, I don’t want to see any of that in my proofs, just admit it that you screwed up and don’t place blame elsewhere. Also, our engagement phots should not look like a soft porn photo shoot. I came with slacks and a button down shirt and she was in a dress, this guy says to me “Do you work out? We gotta show those guns..” So why did he have me take off my shirt and wear a wife beater and then give me his vest to wear? Dude had me looking like R. Kelly on his 12 Play cover. I mean really, WTF? That was one of many things, the list is long. And do you know that this guy said to my fiancee’ (during her formals) while my mother was there “What do you call an alpha female?” Yes, he really said that so of course I had to bring that up during our 45 minute conference call and check him on it. I know my fiancee’ is strong-minded and willed (DC lawyer) and that is exactly why she is my fiancee’. So I had already given dude 2 stacks and thought it was gone with the possibility of losing 2 more since we were under contract.

    Rave: By the end of the call, he offered to give all monies back and we would just go our seperate ways because he thought we were knitpicking (you can’t make this up). I applaud him because he really didn’t have to do that at all. Interested to see if this really happens though.

    Rave: While the top rated photograper in the area, Keith Cephus, http://www.keithcephus.com/ can’t do our wedding date, he and I clicked immediately though we had never met and after about 2 hours of talking on the phone. He offered to do our engagement photos and her formals for discounted price and he made it his biz to recommend people but they were all booked. So I get home and I get a phone call from a lady and low and behold he had kept racking his brain for high caliber photographers and the lady’s sight looks great. Looks like we are going to lock her in. Niceeeeeee!

    • This guy is awesome, it’s like Jersey Shore meets Bridezillas. How soon can we get this on TV? Have your people call my people.

      My advice to you is to get a jump on finding new ways to feel victimized by the world now, otherwise your life is going to feel suddenly empty after the wedding.

      • hahahahha, this guy can’t be real right?

        Give us another rant, please!

      • Now that you said that, I am picturing someone kind of like the guy from the greatest True Life episode of all time, True Life: I’m Getting Married. He pretty much was the embodiment of Jersey Shore meets Bridezillas. Perhaps his first wedding didn’t work out and he’s remarrying now?

    • Wow, just wow. I am calling it now… nothing about your wedding will be up to par for you at this rate.

      • Actually our wedding is looking perfect right now. Glad you know so much about our wedding. Thanks anyway.

    • And people deny that men are being emasculated these days…

      • It’s a damned cancer, I tell you. How did it happen that I, a scholarly type, became so masculine relative to my peers? I want to shake half of the nitwits I see around town, and tell them to act like a man.

        As far as the wedding….Kam, you are DOOMED! Get yourself a set of stones now, because if you don’t, your wife will fast come to resent you and will be porking the plumber under your nose. Trust me on this one.

      • Why is it not masculine to care about details? KAM seems like a douche but the idea that men shouldnt be interested in teh details of the wedding or making it perfect is just sexist. I feel like being as involved as possible and as interested as possible is more manly and responsible than anything else.

        • It’s not just that he is worried about the details. It’s that he comes off like a whiny bitch. No man is attractive when he acts like a whiny bitch.

    • The photographer sounds cheesy (getting you to pose in a wife-beater and vest), but you are overreacting.

      You got your money back and are released from the contract. You’re now free to use a different photographer.

      Obviously wedding-planning is stressful, but this is fodder for a humorous anecdote, not for a rant.

      Captcha: SUPA!
      (OK, I added the exclamation mark.)

    • Oh my. You are going to hate your wedding, nothing will be perfect and all the guests will not understand that this is the most important date in the history of the world. Step back, it’s just a wedding, at the end of your life it was just one day. The marriage is the real hard stuff, so if you’re having trouble with this… not a good sign.

    • How do I get my hands on the photos of you in a wife beater flexing those guns? That’s hot!

    • Sweet Jesus, Kam, you are a piece of work!

      I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on that first rant, but this second one really blew me away.

      First off, they are proofs. As most adults know, that means that they are raw photos, so there should be no expectation that the photographer would photoshop out the towels, etc.

      Second, if you didn’t feel comfortable wearing the wife beater and showing your guns then why the hell did you do it? That’s your issue, not the photographer’s.

      Third, maybe you should’ve communicated your vision to the photographer (e.g., I’m not a big fan of the typical posed shots. This is the type of photo I like. etc.)

      It’s time to learn how to be an adult and communicate and take responsibility for your own actions.

      • First, I am in sales and I would never give a proof to an ad that I knew had something glaringly wrong with it, it is common sense. And for the money that I am paying, I don’t want to see a bunch a bs. I moved past that issue with him because he said he could fix it but the other issues could not be fixed.

        Second, I did it because he kept saying “trust me…” and I did. Hey, he was behind the lens and is the professional so hey I went with his advice.

        Thirdly, I did. See the above.

        Finally, being an adult once I saw the final product (and she saw her formals), I took action and took care of the situation.

        • There’s no way this guy is for real. Is this monkeyrotica taking on a new personality?

          • I think the first Kam was real..the 2nd Kam is fake. No one brings up R Kelly’s 12 play CD cover unless they are taking the piss

    • LOL…gasp…LOL! More rants from Kam please! POP, can this be a weekly feature? Sides hurting, crying, thank you! Kam, MTV reality show in the works? Look into it bro!

      • I was really trying not to comment but… you spent TWO HOURS on the phone with a photographer!? The one who ended up being booked? What the heck did you talk about for two hours with a photographer you never met and knew wouldn’t be able to shoot you? Good lord, time is valuable, especially a “top DC photographer” I bet he wanted to get the hell off the phone 5 minutes into the conversation.

        • Not in DC and we had friends in common. I think if not for the connection/conversation I would not have gotten the refferal.

    • okay. i get it. we’re all being jerked around. there is no way this is real.

    • I’m confused as to why you took such offense at the alpha female comment and to why you think it’s so obvious that that is something you’d have to bring up. Am I missing something?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave 2: The guy in the office next to me is laughing so hard it’s making me laugh! He just can’t stop laughing at whatever hilarity is over there.

    Laughter really is contagious!

  • What is this I don’t even

  • me

    Rant: Guy in the cube next to me has moved on from singing his last song the other day to only the following Journey lyrics, OVER AND OVER AGAIN: “Don’t stop believin’! Hold on to that FEEEEEEELING!”

    Rave: My birthday is tomorrow. Taking the day off! 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

      • me

        Thank you!!

        Though I have one more rant to add. I just went to the restroom and found that someone had POOPED ALL OVER (not IN) ONE OF THE TOILETS. I work in a government building- I didn’t think I worked at the zoo.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think we work at the same place. The bathrooms are atrocious.

          • That happened at my work recently as well. How do you miss a hole that large when you are sitting?

            Also, My Uncle works at Pratt & Whitney, a leading Aerospace Engineering/Rocket Propulsion Design firm. Recently there was a “serial pooper” on the loose in their company. Someone, after hours and on the weekend, would leave a pile of poo randomly around the complex and only in the spots that were blind to the cameras. this went on for several weeks….strange.

          • me

            What. The. Holy. Hell.

        • Lunch at Ollie’s Trolley?

  • Wow…why is everyone beating up on Kam? I’m with you Kam. I’d also be pissed off if my best man didn’t put together a good bachelor party. I’ve done it for friends (I don’t have brothers) and it DEFINITELY takes time & planning.

    Lots of haters out there…

  • andy

    Kam – dude I understand the “brother not coming through for you” thing is very annoying. Have had similar situations and it’s definitely uncool enough to complain about on a website asking WHAT OUR COMPLAINTS ARE.

    • +1

      You think? LOL! Wait, you for got to add anonymous to that. LOL! I would say this is better than carrying it around and then exploding on him.

  • PoP, can you give Kam a regular spot… “Kam’s Rant of the Week” or something? I’m begging you.

  • Kam reminds me of that girl who dyed her dog pink and spent all day responding to PoP comments about it. She was awesome.

  • Rant: It is all fun and game until it happens to you.

    Rave: I can laugh at all of your post because I know who I am and how I treat people everyday of my life.

    • Oh, Kam. You might wanna grow up a bit before getting married. Man up. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And yes, this is all very, very small stuff. Know and accept your brother what he is, pluses and minuses, and don’t try to force your expectations upon others, no matter how “correct” you think you are. It’s hella childish and a waste of time and energy for all (though hilarious for PoP readers, clearly). Best of luck.

      • I’m plenty grown. This an anonymous blog and not everything comes off as intended. I am not mad at my brother (moreso disappointed) nor anyone that has commented.

        Thanks for the well wishes.

  • The article on gentrification in today’s Express, especially the last sentence or two. I’m disgusted by the shrugging, “no biggie” attitude towards the racist sign posted on one house. It just means they’re scared, she blandly reports.

    Scared. And bigots. People who are the latter generally are the former.

  • Kam is either PoP or LoP. Comment count has been down for a while on Rant/Revel, so he needed to give it a good kick.

    • saf

      Well, rant/revel going daily killed the comment count.

      But no, sadly, I bet Kam is real. And I feel sorry for him.

  • Best Wishes Kam

  • kam has certainly opened my eyes to a kind of guy i did not know existed.

    • LOL. Yeah, I don’t think I know any men like Kam. Or maybe I do and I’m just not reading the blogs they post their rants on.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: I miss Mr. Squid.

    Rave: Baseball this weekend with him!

    Rant: Need to go grocery shopping.

    Rave: Coming up on our five year anniversary. Celebrating early at the beach.

    Re: wedding conversation. We didn’t do engagement photos. My bachelorette party was my girlfriends making me dinner, sitting around drinking wine, and chatting. A nice reception that friends and family still say was a lot of fun to be at. Bowling afterwards. Didn’t stress ourselves out over things. Coming up on fifth anniversary. Coincidence?

    • Yes. I think this is a lot of what people are reacting to – a backlash against the exploding wedding industrial complex, not just Kam’s rants. I mean, professional engagement photos- why?? What function do they serve?

      PS – Congrats!

      • I can kind of see the point of professional engagement photos. You might as well get some good shots together while you’re still young and attractive and still enjoy each other’s company. If you don’t do it during the engagement period you probably never will.

        • Isn’t that what the wedding photos are for, though? I dunno, I think weddings are just so shockingly expensive that adding all of these extraneous things on top of it is crazy, unless you or your families are loaded.

          • SouthwestDC

            I mean it might be nice to have pictures where you’re not wearing the poofy white dress. But I know a lot of hobby photographers so if it were me I’d have one of them do it for free. 🙂

      • Nowadays they everything is all packaged in – formals, engagement photos, wedding day, wedding album. And they mark it up astronomically so you never really know what the cost of what is.

        • What are formals? I have been in countless weddings and consistently read wedding blogs and have no clue what they are. (A Google search returned nothing.)

          • The bride in her wedding gown. Or the married couple in the wedding clothes but it is a seperate shoot.

    • you sound sane.
      also, congrats.

    • I like that approach. The thing I don’t get is all the expense. I’m the kind of person who’d rather have a very modest wedding and a truly exceptional honeymoon.

  • Rave: Free lunch today!

    Rant: It’s a going away lunch for my cute redhead coworker.

    Rave: With her gone I’ll be less distracted at work.

  • Kam – is Summit your fiancé?

  • Rave: Kam and Summit, for entertaining me on this oh-so-boring work afternoon. This stuff is gold!

  • rant: I’ve come to the realization that I will never get married and have children.

    rant: have to be a maid of honor in TWO weddings.bleh

    rave: have decided to spend my lonely time at the shooting range, learning how to use a gun!

    • Why do you say that? Never say never.

      • I keep getting my heart broken over and over. I can’t take it anymore. It’s not worth it to date just to have the guy break up with me.

        • You’re choosing the wrong guys. I mean, if you can get a man, then he dumps you — that’s very typical. It’s called dating. The fact you can get a man shows you don’t have weird ear hairs or something that’s scaring them off.

          You just need to focus on finding the ones who are really ready for commitment. Keep a guy or two in your black book for a romp every once and awhile. Don’t have sex with any other guy you’re madly interested in until he commits. Well, maybe some stoking of the fire, but no main event until he shows he’s going to stick around. Or just get the prospect nice and drunk and ask him what he’s up for in a way that’s not too confrontational. Say you’re not judging, just curious.

          Then again, I’m a man, so what do I know about lady-dating? I’ve just been watching a lot of Millionaire Matchmaker lately.

  • i think we should have a PoP Happy Hour/ Kam’s bachelor party.
    everyone that insulted him buys him a drink.

  • Rant: my mother died unexpectedly last week and I am devastated.
    Rave: so many truly wonderful people supported my family and me (neighbors bringing food and mowing the lawn, friends paying for my petsitter and picking me up at DCA during rush hour, friends and former students sending thoughtful cards and memories of my mom)….makes me a little more optimistic about things.

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