Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Pleasant Plains/Park View (Owner Request)

This rental is located at Park Pl NW at Kenyon NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Folks, I am going out of town today. If you can view this property and decide this morning, I will take $100 of the rent per month! That’s right, $2700/mo for the gorgeous open space below!

Extraordinary townhouse. Very open, bright, spacious and relaxing. Exposed brick, terra cotta tile roof, arched windows. Totally gut renovated 2007; updated since w filtration systems, security system, gas fireplaces, 2nd washer/dryer, studio kitchenette, beautiful patio & gardens, pergola, backsplash, porch tile.

Large master br with bath, medium and small other brs and hall bath.”

$2700 sound right for this 3 bedroom?

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  • First, there is no way I would make a snap decision on a rental with an owner who is leaving town the same day. That is nuts.

    Second, $2700 is too much for a rental in this area, even if it is the whole house.

    Third, wasn’t this house a GDON just a couple of weeks ago?

  • Funny. The owner sent an email about this place to at least two neighborhood listserves where she had attached the email she received from prospective renters who’d backed out, including their references, telephone numbers, full names, parents names, etc. Completely unprofessional. I get that she’s pissed that they backed out suddenly, but I wouldn’t want to deal with her.

    • saw the same thing. totally unprofessional.

    • That is funny. But maybe I’d need to get the whole story, but did the prospective tenants even do anything wrong, legally or ethically? I mean unless they had already signed a lease which would be a breach of contract, but in that case, I would assume the landlord would already have the security deposit so it wouldn’t matter. If this was just a “No thanks, we found another place,” doesn’t that happen all the time?

      • Even if they backed out after signing, she can hold them legally liable. So, why post tons of personally info?? Probably because she’s a spiteful nutter.

        Potential renters may have acted unethically. Heck, they may have even acted in breach of contract. But, that does not give her the legal or ethical right to pull such a douche move.

        As I said below, I would have lawyered up. People could do some identity damage with the stuff she posted, apparently on purpose.

      • They sent a very nice email explaining that they had found a better deal, with a better lease start date elsewhere and apologized for backing out. (Since she did share the entire email history with the petworth parents listserve). Their didn’t seem to be any indication of a lease signed, so as much as the owner says she “got screwed” by these potential renters, in my book, a deal isn’t a deal until you got it in ink. Sounds like it wasn’t yet but she was still banking on it like it was. Sure it sucks, but it is the nature of being a landlord. If she wants to be one, she better get used to it.

        • Interesting. Yeah, that sounds like an entirely typical and predictable situation for a landlord to encounter.

          I’m sure being a landlord can be frustrating sometimes, but there are property management companies if you don’t want to/can’t deal with that yourself.

        • can you provide a link to the listserv in question? (petworth parents)?

    • That is grounds for a serious lawsuit on behalf of the failed renters.

      If that had happened to me, I would have called a lawyer asap to sue her ass. I was interested in this house potentially until I saw this comment. No way would I deal with a landlord like this.

      Who knows what kind of insanity she might try to pull once you move in. No thanks! Renter BEWARE.

    • Yikes. Not cool. 🙁

    • Wow. This info + the ‘leaving town today’ nonsense tells me to steer waaaaaay clear of this place.

      • the “leaving town today” sounds to me like an open invitation to have the house burglarized. smart.

      • “leaving town” perhaps for the holiday weekend? I don’t see why this is interpreted as a reason to steer clear.

  • We put an extremely reasonable offer on this house about a month and a half ago. The owner was asking way too much based on comps and was unwilling to compromise at all. Ended up finding a much better place just a few blocks away! My information better not have been on that listserve…

  • This person responded on the Petworth Parents listserv that it was an accident, but he/she should see if the administrator can delete the message.

    I think it’s a lovely house with some original detailing and I’d love to have that back yard space. Three people paying $900/month? Good deal.

    • I don’t think she responded so much that is was an accident, but that in retrospect it probably wasn’t a good idea since she knows privacy of information is a big deal to “some people”. She is a nutball that often posts crazy, wow you really should of thought of that before you sent it out to a LISTSERVE kind of stuff. I would never, ever want her as a landlord.

    • I don’t think it was an accident since she said in her email: “We just got screwed by our renters, see below”. Price seems ok for the location, but no price would be good enough to rent from that lady! (Maybe why the first renters backed out?)

    • I read that response this morning. She spent about six times the number of words debating which neighborhood it is than she did on “apologizing” for putting all their info out there.

    • I’d be that’s really just a couple of students interested in renting it but unable without a third roomie. I wouldn’t have expected the landlord to list that.

  • Getting new renters for a house while having it on the market to sell doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

  • Let’s allow for the possibility that this is a bad financial situation and the person is just acting badly under some stress. First trying to sell, next trying to rent. Possibly very frustrating. Bad judgment to post the names etc. but does not mean person is crazy.

    • Agree is sounds like she is under some stress, but if you saw her other posts on the listserve, you would know she actually is crazy.

  • I live up the street from these folks, she acted like a nasty entitled piece of work from the moment she moved in (abt 3 yrs ago). I though good riddance when they put the house up for sale.

    I don’t doubt she is delusional about what she can get for the house, I’m glad she moved out…yep noticed house is now empty.

  • From the email on the list, her name is Atieno Bird.

    And before anyone calls me on posting her name, she did post it on a public listserv, thereby making it public.

    Oh the irony….

  • So what would a fair price for an entire townhouse be? I saw the house during an open house, and it is nice inside.

  • Perhaps the woman is under stress and may even be certifiable, but that is not the question. The question is whether $2,700 per month is worth it. The answer, I think, is yes. I just looked at the for-sale listing. It has a full-finished basement with a kithenette that could count as a fourth bedroom. It has hardwood on both upper levels. Most folks renting such houses are roommates. Four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms. Nice. Four people divided by $2,700 = $675. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

    Sure, she shouldn’t have posted her prospective tenants information on a listserv. That was vindictive and crazy. The rant should have been reserved for close friends and family. As a landlord, I’ve learned that nothing is a done deal until a lease is signed and a deposit is collected.

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