The 5pm Post – Meridian Pint Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary Tonight

From an email:

“It was one year ago this Thursday that Meridian Pint finally opened it’s doors to the Columbia Heights community and since then 11th Street has never been the same. Bringing such a wonderful blend of great food and craft beer to this area has been an amazing experience that we have all cherished. It is with great pleasure that I announce our 1st Anniversary Celebration this Thursday, June 31, 2011. Please join us in celebrating this milestone on Thursday as we offer all DC Brau beers for $3 all night long as well as tap their first ever cask.

I am proud to have been able to impact this community in such a positive way and I look forward to many more years as a member of this great neighborhood. Thank you for all your continued support and I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Meridian Pint, a PoP advertiser, is located at 11th and Park Rd, NW in Columbia Heights. Congrats!

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  • June 31st? Knowing the calendar FAIL.

    Congrats Pint! My liver thanks you for your existence.

    • FOOLED YOU! No specials tonight.

    • Clearly you missed the triple entendre in there. This celebratory fiesta going “all night long” thereby encompassing both the 30th and the 1st — hence the 31st. This wonderful number also doubles as a portmanteau of “30th” and “1st anniversary”. Voila!

      [And, yes, you can thank me for the gratuitous French terms in honor of Meridian Pint’s frequently cited “Pre Fix” menu.]

  • Thanks for having us out tonight. First time at Meridian Pint. We enjoyed!

  • DC Brau actually tapped their first cask at Rustico in Alexandria a few weeks back. But whatever.

  • I want to like them. I certainly like the idea of them. But I’ve always found the service off-putting. Last time the host sent my party to the bar for a token five minute wait despite there being a bunch of open tables, one of which he gave to us five minutes later, without much explanation. I know they’re doing great business and I wish them success, but so far I prefer Red Rocks, because my worst experience there was better than my best experience at Meridian Pint.

  • Is it me or should DC Brau beers be $3 all-the-effing-time?

    • It’s you.

      DC Brau is clearly worth at least as much as (if not $1 more than) a Yuengling

      • are the other other offerings much better than the public? because that is certainly not worth more than a yuengling.

    • They should be seven bucks on tap that’s for damn sure. And apparently that will be the price of them at Mike Isabella’s new place in Chinatown.

    • I’ll drink a Miller Lite, pee in a pint glass, and sell it to you for a buck. You’ll save money, and get a drink that tastes abotu the same.

    • How much does DC Brau charge them for a keg? How much does Meridian Pint pay in rent? When you start breaking down overhead and costs around this city, $6+ pints start making more sense.

  • I’m a big fan of Meridian Pint. The food can be hit-or-miss, but I’ve never had a problem with the service and the beer selection is the best in the neighborhood.

  • Yeah people really give a shit how much you pay in rent..$6 for yet another soso pale ale is too much especially if it’s a local beer.

  • oh yeah i forgot the 10% sales tax so now it’s $6.60 lets just say an even $7 plus tip.bargain?

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