The 5pm Post – DC Flag Tattoo Day

From their Facebook page:

Celebrate Flag Day June 14, 6-8 pm DC in Dupont Circle!

Come celebrate DC Flag Tattoos and paint large Give Me a Vote Hands.
Find out what you can do to get DC equal representation in Congress.

WHO: Inked, non-Inked, and all who LOVE DC
WHAT: Flag Day DC Celebration, Speakers sponsored by DC Vote, Art sponsored by Give Me a Vote and Albus Cavus, fake DC Flag Tattoos and surprises!
WHEN: Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 6pm to 8pm
WHERE: Dupont Circle, Washington DC, USA,
“Home of Taxation Without Representation”

AFTERPARTY: ESL 1212 18th St NW, 8pm-12midnight, with DJ Nightkrawler

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  • What exactly is that supposed to be on the poster?

  • The only question — will I be able to get the 42 from Mt. Pleasant to get down there?

  • I’m going just to see if the crippled, arthritic hand model who inspired the image on that poster is there.

  • For all transplants and those of you got DC Flag tats for political reasons, be advised that it has been a part of our punk scene for over twenty years. Not hating, just informing. Oh yeah, that hand aint ordinary bruh.

    • for all of you punks that have the dc flag tattooed on your person, be advised that it is the official GOVERNMENT flag of the district of columbia. furthermore, it is based off of george washington’s coat of arms… the same gw that was a slave owner and the same gw that is worshipped by nationalists. you can be as progressive as you want, but a smart anarchist you are not if you’re trying to claim it as your own.

      • austindc

        Not all punks are anarchists. While I can’t speak for this person who knows my mom for some reason, I have met punks who fully support DC statehood and giving us an equal role in our government. That fact about Washington’s coat of arms is interesting though–I never knew!

        Tellur, can you explain why the punk scene adopted the DC flag into the scene if it was not political? Is it just because it’s a cool design and easy to tattoo? Also, my mom says hi back. What’s the story there?

        • Minor Threat and Fugazi started rocking the flag in the early nineties. It wasn’t about politics then, just a sense of DC pride. The band members got the tats to represent our city.

          Also, if you know anything about Straight Edge, then you’ll notice that the stars on the flag were replaced by X’s to further popularize that culture.

    • plus, I like punks, but your music suuuuuuuuucks.

  • that’s one creepy flyer.

  • heil deformed dc?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” by Dead Kennedys has been in my head since yesterday.

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