Still Good People in the World Vol. 47

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

“Dear PoP,

I just want to send a thank you to whomever it was that turned my camera in to the Metro Lost and Found last week. On my way to a party, my girlfriend left it on the seat after getting off at Columbia Heights. Not realizing it was even missing until an hour or two later, we feared the worst and expected it to be long gone. Lo an behold, someone out there actually turned it in to Lost & Found. Whomever turned it, thank you. Definitely made my day/week/month/year!”

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  • My roommate had the same thing happen to him this week! He left his iPhone at a metro stop, and by the time he got home he had an email from his mother with the phone number of the person who had picked it up for him!

    Yay humanity!

  • I too had a similar experience recently – somehow my wallet fell out of my bag on the Green line between Navy Yard and Chinatown. I assumed it was gone forever and was in the process of cancelling my credit cards when I received a Facebook message from an awesome lady who had found it and tracked me down! Couldn’t believe it.

  • I forgot two Tiffanys bracelets at the security checkpoint at DCA – I was sure they were lost to me forever (devastated because of the emotional value they both had for me). 1.5 weeks later, I found them at DCA lost and found. So happy, amazed, and thankful!

    • I left my work laptop at DCA (though it was partially TSA’s fault for pulling it out again and not telling me). Thank god I got that back.

  • The Metro has a great lost and found system– we used it to retrieve my girlfriend’s blackberry a few motnhs ago.

  • It is always great to hear stories like that, makes you feel like maybe there is hope for us out there.

  • Yes thanks for sharing!

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