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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

A reader finds a phone, let me know if it’s yours:

“I found a rather shiny new cell phone lying on the ground at the corner of Piney Branch Parkway and Arkansas Ave NW this evening, and I suspect the owner would like to have it back. Would you be willing to run a lost-and-found thingy? It’s a T-Mobile phone and set to Spanish. I’ll hand it over to anyone who knows the color of the case and the contents of the background picture.”

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  • traffic is so much better when school is out

  • Rant: Possible bedbugs in my apartment. Not pleased.

  • Rant: Last night at 1:55 AM, I was woken up by this woman screaming, “HELP ME! I’M BEING ATTACKED! GET AWAY FROM ME!” She repeated that a few times. It was by far the worst scream I’ve heard in my life. Not sure where she was, but it was just north of Meridian Hill Park (probably on Euclid).

    Rave: People ran to get help and both MPD and park police showed up within 5 minutes of the screaming.

  • Rant: Getting terrible sleep this week
    Rant: Mosquitoes! they’re such jerks and they’re everywhere
    Rant: Work is boring
    Rant: I think the milk in my cereal this morning was somewhat turned and my stomach has been yelling at me since breakfast

    Rave: My life is pretty great if this is the depth of my complaints. Even if my stomach does feel terrible.

  • Regarding the phone, you can send it to TMobile, and they can contact/return it to the customer.

    • I once found a Verizon phone on a bike path and couldn’t find any contact info on it. I called Verizon and they said the best thing to do was bring it to a Verizon store and they would contact the owner. That’s what I did and I hope the owner got the phone back.

      • Couldn’t you just scroll through the numbers – pick one and call it? The person you are calling would be able to see the name/number of the phone owner.

        • I guess I could have. I also could have left it on the path, kept it for myself, thrown it in the river, etc. I think I did the right thing.

          • Jeez – I was suggesting, not criticizing! Sorry! Though re-reading I can’t find anything to have made you so testy.

            It seemed an easier solution then writing an email to Pop and taking it to a Verizon store. I’ve tracked down people for lost wallets by simply going through the wallet for cards, dry cleaning receipts or scraps of paper with phone numbers.

        • Phones are often locked with a password, so it’s not always possible to see the contacts list.

        • If you do this, preferably look for a number that they called recently or “mom”/”dad”. I started going alphabetically (once I extinguished the recent calls list) and one person I called had not talked to the phone owner in years. maybe it was an ex or something; the convo was kind of awkward.

          • Guy I worked with lost his phone at the Verizon Center. A woman found it and promptly called all his contacts. They were pretty sure he was dead. I think calling one would be sufficient.

          • No offense, but isn’t that common sense? Or if not common sense at least the thoughtful thing do to? When I’ve found phones I took that into consideration because I know I wouldn’t want someone starting with the top of the list.

          • isn’t it common to have an ICE ( In Case of Emergency ) number in your phone?
            i was told thats what EMT’s look for.

  • me

    Rant: Micromanaging boss.

    Rave: Final interview for a new job next Thursday!

    Rant: I’m going to put this out there and ask for a bit of PoP community help….. DH is having a tremendous amount of work burnout. He is unable to take a vacation, because he took vacation days to go to a funeral last week. It’s not depression, but he has just felt so overwhelmed at work and is unable to actually set his hours (say that he will go home at a certain time) and his job is quite stressful, but something that he is sticking with because a) it IS interesting and b) he needs a job.

    Fellow PoPers….. aside from being a dutiful wife and listening and trying to alleviate stress around the house… is there anything else constructive I can do? I hate to see him down in the doldrums for so long (almost 2 months now), but am feeling a bit helpless…

    • How do you know its not depression? Two months in the doldrums sounds like depression to me.

    • Howabout starting planning a kickass vacation? something you can take when he has accrued some time, maybe a year from now? It’s always good to have something to look forward to. Or how about going camping this weekend? Regular excercise (running or yoga) is also good for an immediate release.

      • me

        Well, we’ve finally scheduled our honeymoon (two years late) that will happen in late October. 🙂 But you’re right, I’m trying to get back into the exercise mode too… and he has always wanted a heavy bag for our garage… maybe I’ll buy him one!

        Though I am definitely not a professional, I don’t think it’s depression because it is clearly work burnout… he thinks this as well. His high-stress job is something he has a hard time detaching from when he gets home, and on weekends, he is completely fine. But during the week, he is just constantly worried about the work. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the job. I think the only part that made it a bit worse (and teetering towards being depressed on a couple of weekends) was the recent death in the family.

        • I read a book recently that might be of some help. Feeling Good- David Burns. The focus is on cognitive behavior therapy and learning strategies to deal with anxiety/stress.

          I am not a touchy-feely get in tune with your inner-self kind of person so this helped because it was focused on more concrete/practical ways to reduce anxiety.

          • me

            Thanks for the recommendation- I will have to check that book out! I’m sure it could help even myself when I tend to overreact to stress both in the workplace and at home (on top of selling my condo, buying a house, trying to conceive, etc.)

          • Two problems with this approach:

            1. He is too busy and stressed with work to read for pleasure.
            2. He is likely too stressed and distracted to pay attention when you try to convey to him the information you picked up from reading the book. Or to implement any of the strategies it sugggests.

            Trust me, I’ve tried this with similar books and audiobooks. If you want to read it for your own benefit, fine, but don’t expect him to get much out of it.

        • Get him enrolled in some boxing or kickboxing lessons. It will get him out of the house, and he’ll find out if he really wants that heavy bag. It’s also great exercise.

    • sex him up

      come on, someone had to go there.

    • When my husband was in that boat, I got him a pingpong table. (We had more space back then.) You can actually work up a sweat playing pingpong, so I guess it’s good exercise. But really, it’s all about the PLAY. Childlike, worry-free play.

    • My girlfriend is in a similar situation and she started going for runs twice a day. She says it helps. For my part, I try to do sporadic, fun things with her when she appears to be free. I’ve learned the hard way that planning out events in advance does not work because her work usually gets in the way.

    • Whatever is FUN. Whatever is fun. Whatever is fun. This is the advice my dad gave me when I was almost completely underwater with work/personal life/etc.

      What is his pleasure?

  • Rant: Swallowed chewing gum this morning! Now I have to wait seven years for it to digest! (I kid, I know that’s just a myth and it really only takes seven months 🙂

    Rave: Family dinner tonight, and drinks at the National Press Club!

  • Rant- Home inspector noted termite damage inactive (It was in report when I bought the same house.) I had termite company treat house. Buyer is OK too, all good? No! Both the buyer’s home inspector and the treatment company stated damage was not structural but neither will issue letter to lender to that effect.
    Rave – My immense confidence that someone in the PoP community will be able to recommend a structural engineer available on SHORT notice who can do inspection and provide a letter / report to the lender.
    Rant – Inspection and report will likely cost $350+ add to that the cost to patch / paint holes opened during the inspection.

    Lesson Learned – If you bought your house in hot market and looked the other way on issues (or waived inspection) you may now have to address those same issues as the seller to close a deal. Any shortcuts taken by contractors when you had work done may come back to haunt you. Writing this has been therapeutic. I also try to maintain perspective since at least this region’s the housing market is pretty healthy.

    • We needed to call in a structural engineer in the middle of our house inspection. They were able to get one up to us within an hour or two. Pricey–somewhere in the neighborhood of $500–but it included a detailed report that we’ll have whenever we go to sell, stating (fortunately) that there was no structural damage. We used Keast & Hood, 202.223.1941 http://www.keasthood.com/the_firm.html

    • Matt Rudy of Residential Engineering Solutions did a thorough structural inspection on short notice when I needed one. I’m not sure the company has a website (it’s a little old-school), but their number is (301) 587-1777

  • Rant: having to dig oneself out of the hole of depression/mental illness is so stupid and embarrassing and frustrating. ugh.

    Rave: blueberries are now in season at the CSA I belong to! the world is beautiful. 🙂

    • It’s never embarrassing or stupid to be out of the hole! Stay strong – (blueberries help pretty much anything.)

    • you can do it! I’ve been there. keep conscious of your thoughts and don’t let them spiral downward. also, the last thing in the world you want to do is exercise, but go for a walk, do a little lifting, anything will help.

    • Taking up photography helped me. The world becomes so much more interesting and beautiful once you’ve trained yourself to see it with a compositional eye.

      Also it’s creative, it’s challenging, it can get you out of the house, and it allows you to connect with like-minded individuals… all of which are great for combating depression.

    • I’m combating depression myself. It’s not stupid to try and dig yourself out of the hole. Stay strong, you can do it!

  • Rant: the humidity is awful today, much worse than the heat. Thank you DC forefathers for selecting swampland on which to build our fine city.

    Rave: At least its summer; I’ll take heat and humidity over snow and artic winds any day.

  • my contractor installed a bathtub incorrectly two years ago. and every so often it leaks.
    this week it’s leaking again. i’m worried it needs to be pulled out and completely redone.

  • Rant: I hate hate hate summer so so much.
    Rave: OUR A/C WORKS NOW.

    Rant: Insurance company completely screwed us on paying for the nearly destroyed basement.
    Rave: Recommended contractor showed up, on time, seems professional and competent and interested in quality work. Estimate should arrive in my inbox in a couple hours. I am cautiously optimistic.

    Rave: Sometimes people here give me the best laughs of my day. 🙂

    • LisaT- May I ask which company you ended up with?

      • Oh my Idaho friend and our a/c woes. :p

        Are you asking about the a/c fix or the basement? Or one of my other myriad hate-my-house problems? heh

        South County Enterprises did the a/c and we were really impressed. The guy–you know the THIRD GUY–was competent and great to work with. We’d definitely call on Jamal again if needed.

        Haven’t ended up with a company for the basement just yet. Need to see the estimate, but very much leaning towards Platinum Builders. Just hoping it’s at or less than what the hateful insurance company gave us. Jerks.

    • ha, I thought I was the only one who hated summer.

      • It is the most despicable detestable miserable time of year. I do not understand those who think this is a good time to be OUTSIDE. But I’m from Florida, where one hides in summer and follows the natural law. :p

        October awaits us!

    • “Summer is a bummer.”

      -Neil Pye (I don’t agree with him)

  • rant: super busy work
    double rant: sick at home today
    triple rant: four year old also sick at home with me
    quadruple rant: said four year old has thrown up on me twice today

    rave: spending the day snuggling with my four year old

    • That was me the week before last. He threw up on my FACE at 3am. Hope you’re both feeling better soon!

  • Rave: When the PoP community rallies around each others fears, concerns, celebrations, etc with genuine concern and helpful suggestions. It makes me feel good inside 🙂

  • Not a rant or rave:

    Seriously, on Sunday early morning (0445) I called 911 to let them know there was the body of a male just in underwear near the corner of Arkansas and Piney Branch. On left hand side as you are entering Piney Branch from Arkansas. Now I’m wondering if the phone belonged to him? He did appear to be a hispanic man.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I want to be on vacation.

    Rave: Vacation next week!

    Rant: My lunch blows.

  • Rant: Approximately 1 month after deleting my Ravelry account, which I never use anymore, I realized I have a long international flight coming up and it might be a good idea to bring a knitting project along. Can anyone recommend a pattern? I’m not a fan of socks or shawls, I have a lot of hats, cowls, and gloves, and fitted sweaters never turn out right, but maybe a loose laceweight pullover?

    • Do they let you take knitting needles on planes now? For a while they were confiscating them.

    • claire

      I have just the pattern! It’s the decimal cardigan on Knitty (I’ll put the link in a second reply since I know comments with links take longer to show up).

      It’s a cardigan, not a pullover, but I’ve seen it modified to be a pullover. Back when I was still knitting (sigh, when I had more time/motivation), I knit it in a white silk-bamboo blend with some modifications (full-length straight sleeves), and I recall it being a rather quick and fun project. And I still get compliments on it when I wear it!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Cusco! Machu Pichu!

  • Rant: Rock Creek Parkway traffic and drivers who KNOW that the lane is ending (the northbound side in the morning) and who drive to the very end and then force their way in. Traffic sucks for everyone. You’re not special; you get to wait just like me.

    Rave: a decent night’s sleep, for once.

    • Related Rant: Rock Creek drivers who don’t let you merge in as you try to do so early on. Loosen up people!

      Let someone in. You cause others to have to drive all the way to end and then piss people off. Being TIGHT & STIFF is not a virtue.

      Indeed, the traffic truly sucks for all of us, and there are new and dangerous patterns almost every morning.

    • Traffic studies have shown that traffic runs smoother when people use their closing lane until the end, then everyone merges in zip fashion. I can’t post a link to any of the studies because I read the article in the ADAC (German version of AAA) magazine. So, the people in the merging lane are actually doing the proper thing, let them in.

      • me

        I yell that a lot- “ZIPPER, people!” when I find there is a group of about 5 cars trying to get in in front of me. I will gladly let in one, even two cars, but don’t expect me to let a whole bunch in. My time isn’t any less valuable than yours.

  • claire

    Rave: I’ve been playing with the idea of moving to Buenos Aires for a year, and I finally decided that I should go with it.
    Rant: There’s lots of preparation to do still (realistically, the move most likely won’t happen for another six months or more), and I’m also pretty scared about the whole thing (even though I’m sure I’ll be glad I did it).

  • Rant: Lindsay Czarniak is leaving us for ESPN. Noooooo..

    Rave: I saw today that she must have a twin from the University of Dayton living here in the region working up on the Hill! Polish hotties rock!

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