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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Ikea

    Rave: Ikea

  • Rave: Had an amazing weekend at Baltimore Pride!!!

    Rant: Coming home to see news some guy walking in Shaw was beaten up. I’m moving around there July 1, so slightly freaked out!

  • Rant: I miss Anthony Weiner coverage.

  • Rant: It seems that every other weekend, dc streets are closed for some sort of race/marathon/10k etc. I realize that most of these events are for charity and exercise is a great thing but I am so tired of trying to navigate the city to run errands to find that I am blocked in till noon. Yes, there is usually a way to get out of the maze of blockages but it is becoming an every other weekend annoyance.

  • Going through Grant Circle this morning I spy a Dunkin Donuts 18-wheeler and wondered if PoP was getting home delivery now.

  • great pic pop

  • Rave: had a nice time feeding some stale pumpernickel to the ducks at Constitution Gardens.

    Rant: got lectured by some tourists because “chocolate isn’t healthy”.

    Rant2: The National Mall makes me sad and happy at the same time. Happy because so many people are out and enjoying it. Sad because it is so incredibly poorly maintained. I get that it’s hard to keep grass healthy, but how about pulling the weeds in the flowerbeds? Skimming the crud from water features?
    Oh, and they haven’t even bothered to estimate a date of completion for the former Reflecting Pool.

  • Rant: Imminent layoff
    Revel: Supportive spouse.

    • That’s too bad. The best advice I can give, based on personal experience, is to start networking aggressively. I really can’t emphasize enough the importance of networking.

  • Rave: Curbside cupcake will be making a stop very close to my office today.

    Rant: Rough, emotional weekend. Not sure crying my way through work is going to be helpful today.

  • Rant 1: Exhausted from spending all day taking care of my 3 month old son.
    Rave 1: I get a nice long maternity leave allowing me to stay home all day with my 3 month old son.

    Rant 2: Maternity leave over in a month and I have to go back to work.
    Rave 2: I get to get out of the house and go back to work in a month.

    Rant 3: Holy crap, day care is expensive.
    Rave 3: I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford decent day care.

    • not to be too nosy, but… how much? from what I’m told, you basically have to make at least 6 figures to make it worth working (that is, assuming you have a partner with an income).

      • That doesnt make sense on a purely financial analysis. If someone is attaching value to other factors, such as spending time with the child, being the primary adult in its life, etc, then maybe i understand. But if child care cost 65k-75k a year (100k after taxes), child care operators would be flush with cash.

        • right, but my point is that taking home 20k after daycare expenses wouldn’t make it worthwhile to me to work. sorry I didn’t break everything down for you earlier. I’m not even pregnant so I haven’t gone through this yet… hence just trying to get a ballpark idea.

          • Maybe $20k after daycare expenses wouldn’t make it worthwhile to YOU to work, but for lots of folks, it’s that “extra” $20k that keeps them afloat, or keeps the college funds growing, or keeps the family vacation on the books… Not to mention keeping your job for the insurance, the 401k, the opportunities for business trips. (This is very important when you are a parent. Mama NEEDS a night in a hotel every couple of months.)
            If you can feather a college nest and all the rest of it on one income, well done.

      • from just a cursory glance..$1700-$2000 for Day Care inside the district. Other options include: Au Pair, Nanny Share, Nanny…any others? PoP this would make a great post, what do the avg people do in DC for day care?

        • A monthly cost of $1700-2000 is for infant care. I can tell you from experience that toddlers (age 1.5-3) go down to about $1500/month or less. Ages 4-5 are about $1000-1200. If you’re lucky and get into someplace good, you can do free DC preschool starting at age 3 and then just pay a few hundred bucks per month for before/aftercare.

          For nannies, you have to figure at least $15/hour for 40 hours per week. Anything more is paid at over time rates. More than one kid is probably closer to $20/hour. Most nannies in this town seem to have at least one other nanny friend, so you can’t get away with underpaying for long.

          • this is pretty accurate. you have to remember, childcare is a very short time in your life (depending on how many kids you have, of ocurse). we live in DC, so could start our DS in public school at age 3. so he was in daycare for roughly 2.5 years, and at a federal center, which is somewhat cheaper than the independents (DH works for the gov’t). we paid, at the high end/infancy about $270/week and then by toddlerdom, $210. definitely didn’t break the bank, and we feel flush now (plus, no more diapers!). summer camps are killer, though. (costly and play havoc with your work schedule).

          • Not sure why you would underpay as it just engenders frustration and irritation in someone you’re paying to watch a member of your family. We used a nanny for a while and paid as much as we could and cut back elsewhere. Not that you want to overpay, but I would fear trying to rip a nanny off.

            Ultimately, I found doing all of the paperwork to be an employer a huge pain in the butt, and I ended up hiring a company to manage the payroll for me, which added ~1K a year in managing and accounting costs, but it was worth it.

            By the way, maybe I just ignore the parenting blogs, but what the hell is “DH”, “DS”, etc.?

          • me

            DH = Dear Husband, DS = Dear Sister, etc.

        • ~$1400-1500 for daycare, and it’s on the Mall. Infant care. Of course, you have to work for the division that sponsors it.

          In general, Fed daycares are pretty decent overall, and some are great, but you generally have to work there to get in, and they’re still expensive.

          Ours goes until pre-K/K, and I plan on sticking with it as it is amazing even if it’s expensive.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Got some wonderful tomatoes from the farmers market.
    Rant: The fancy tomatoes aren’t ready yet.
    Rave: Even the regular tomatoes from Star Hollow Farm are fantastic!

  • Rave: Finally mommies are on the mend!

    Rave: Inadvertantly had a week’s vacation at home with my girl and my little man, eventhough we were all sick.

    Rant: Back to turning the crank this morning and missing my family.

    Rave: Have a job to go back to!

  • Long Rant: I think DCWATER purposely has their water meters rigged to charge you for exactly 37 gallons a day regardless of whether you use any water at all, which is easy to track because you can follow your water usage daily with DCWater’s online metering.

    I travel a lot for work. I would occasionlly check in my meter and see that exactly 37 gallons a day shows up when I am not at home. I figured I had a leaky toilet (although I never noticed it) or maybe a slow leak in my water service line. I had my water service line replaced (from the street to the basement) namely for lead reasons. But here we are months later and I will go 3-4 days at a time not being home and my meter registers exactly 37 gallons every day. I even turned off my water main where it comes in from the street, and went away for 3 days and again 37 gallons a day. My water meter itself is new as of 4 years ago.

    Anyone else ever notice something like this? I realize most don’t track their water that closely. DC Water just blows me off saying I have a leak in my house (faucet/toilet).

    I realize its easier for me as I am gone long stretches and don’t have anyone else in my place, but its annoying. 37 gallons a day obviously isn’t going to break the bank but it does come to about 1,100 gallons a month min I am getting charged for and don’t use. Considering DCWaters checkered past I wouldn’t put it by them that they simply have the system rigged like this as most wouldn’t notice 37 gallons a day.

    • Do they have a minimum charge?

      That is annoying. I’ve had the same issue with natural gas. Even if I cook (only reason I have gas) or not, the # therms is exactly the same: 6.

      Granted, it’s usually $7/month, so who cares, but I find it odd. I cooked every night for 3 weeks for about 30-45 minutes each time, and the total was 6 therms. Went away for a month, and the total was 6.

      • Yes, they already have a minimum charge so even if you aren’t home for months at a time, you still get charged a min. This is above and beyond that.

  • andy

    rant: people crossing way over the line in commenting. many of us are guilty of improper thoughts and actions. here’s to a more civil new beginning.

  • Rave: Parents coming to visit (rare occurance)
    Rave2: Vacation time

    Rant: Unsure whether or not to treat the parents to a nice (expensive) restaurant

  • Rave: Great Weeekend

    Rant: Entitled dog owners: Please clean up after your dog. I watched a lady drink her cup of coffee watch her dog crap in the tree box and walk away. I yelled at her out the window, she just laughed.

  • Nothing but rants. I had to put my 8-year old cat to sleep on Friday night due to a heart condition that would only cause her pain. I’m sick over it, can’t concentrate, can’t stop welling up. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • I’m really sorry for your loss. That just sucks, plain and simple. Hugs to you.

    • I’m sorry to hear this. Peace, my friend.

    • Kalorini,
      I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is always traumatic. I had to do the same about a year a half ago and I still miss him everyday, but it does get better, I promise. The one thing that helped me get through it was knowing that I prevented him living in pain. Our pets need us to help them in these situations, and it is really hard not to be selfish and keep them around. Our boy was 11 and it was cancer, so I also understand what you are going through. Know that you have kind thoughts coming your way and take it one day at a time. Hang in there friend.

    • So sad for you. Just remember you did the right thing for her, giving her a home and making the most difficult decision.

    • Sorry to hear that. I went through the same thing with my dog last summer. That was one of the worst days of my life. You did the right thing and gave your kitty a great life when you had her.

    • I just had to put my 20 year old to sleep as well. Had a great life and brough joy to my whole family for a generation (including to the grandkids!!!). Sorry to hear about your loss as well

  • Rant: been at this job 3 years, writing the same monthly report in the same template for 3 year; and now my boss says I put in new charts, it is too long, and she doesn’t understand some stuff!! Really? You just decided this after 3 yrs?

    Rave: I went and cheered for my team, sister, and coworker at the DCTri. i had the most fabulous time. Saw one guy with no arms (how did he swim and ride the bike???) and one guy with a prosthetic leg. Amazing! Truly inspirational.

    Rave: I love that this city supports such activities. I heard one guy on his bike saying to another guy, “the scenery is so beautiful! It’s beautiful here.” I’m a very proud DCite.

  • Rant: The CapMac food truck never comes to Franklin Square anymore.

    Rave: I’m saving a lot of calories by not eating mac & cheese for lunch anymore.

  • RAVE: My teenage son started his first job today as a camp counselor at the sailing marina.

    RAVE: We bought him a new bicycle yesterday to get there.

    RAVE: His ear-to-ear grin and feeling of pride.

    RANT: He had a flat tire on the way to work.

    RANT: I had to pick him up and take him to camp and then drive back in Virginia rush hour traffic.

    RAVE: I don’t live in Virginia.

  • Rave: No rants! Leaving for vacation soon. Made some grilled pizzas for a get-together last night that turned out fantastic, plus it was a great way to use some of the basil, parsley, sage, thyme, and oregano from my garden.

    • ++++1,000,000 on the fruits, vegetables, and spices from our little city gardens!

      • 🙂

        This is my first year doing a patio garden and it’s been so much fun. My tomato plant has already started producing, and I see the beginnings of two jalapenos. I just hope my girlfriend remembers to water them (or it continues to rain) while I’m gone.

        • Good excuse to call your girlfriend everyday to tell her how much you miss her (and to remind her about the watering.; ))

  • Rant or Rave? Depends. . . Women in flippy little mini skirts – every guy behind you on the escalator is staring up at your entirely exposed bottom – the whole basket of dinner rolls. And those cute sheer gauzy sundresses – thong undies don’t quite do it. Sorry guys to spoil your fun, just thought the gals might like a heads (or bottoms?) up.

    • I think girls who wear these clothes are more-or-less aware that they are being stared at. Isn’t that the point?

      • Nope.

        When I’m shopping for a skirt I don’t ask someone to crouch on the floor of the dressing room to test if an escalator rider can see up it. Nor do I ask to take it outside to determine if it’s see-through in the sun.

        These things are not always as obvious as you’d think, so don’t tell yourself these girls appreciate you oogling them.

    • Defeinitely a rave! I love summer in the city.

    • Agree — more skin is not necessarily always better. Look good dressed. Packaging ladies! Be sleek. We are DC not Daytona. I’ve seen enough of the cottage-cheese thighs to last me the rest of the summer. UGH!

  • RAVE!: Mr. Back on the Hill got home Saturday from a 9-week out of town gig!

    RAVE: Spent Father’s Day with my dad who lives closeby in Virginia.

    RAVE: We live on the Hill in DC, and not in Virginia!!

    • Not living in Virginia is definitely raveworthy; I still can’t get over the quality of life improvement since I moved to the Hill from there.

  • rant- its monday
    rave- leave for florida

  • Rant: Drama at my job.

    Rant: I didn’t really cause it but because I got my boss involved I took the blame to make the whole thing end.

    Rave: It looks like we’ll be reauthorized for next year

    Rant: Reauthorizing involves Congress so I’ll be shining up my resume just in case.

    Rave: The four bottles of Magner’s sitting in my fridge waiting fo rme to get home

  • Rant: in line at the foggy bottom trader joes and the line literally wraps around the store all the way to the doors!
    rave: the kitties like their canned food!( So I’m forever trapped into coming here)

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