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For a long time now we’ve had a random reader rant/revel post on Mondays and Fridays. While I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago I posted them for the whole week and I’ve since got some requests to continue a daily RRR/R. I think I’ll post one every morning at 10am and continue the regular schedule of posts after that.

I’ll start with a reader email sent to me this morning:

“I found a blackberry touchscreen phone at Van Ness metro just before 9am today. It was locked, but had a screen saver of the Capitol. I turned it in to the station manager.”

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  • Rant: Kids screaming at each other outside my window last night at 1:30 in the morning, interrupting the one shot I had this week of a decent night’s sleep.

    Rave: Nobody cares if I waltz into work at 10:00 after sleeping an extra hour due to said kids.

    Rant: Still exhausted.

    • Orange foam earplugs. They take a little getting used to, but you’ll sleep like a baby.

  • Rant; Washingtonians are proudly “green”. A large portion of residents are concerned about their carbon footprint. It’s about darn time that Washingtonians extend that concern to purchasing American made products, and demand that stores carrying them.

    Rant; Knowledge economy.
    Rave: Still thinking.

    • Your rant leads me to a question I’ve had for a while:

      How long do you have to live in Washington, DC to be considered a Washingtonian? I’ve been told you’re not considered legit unless you’ve been here for 15-20 years but I’ve also heard the 5-10 year estimate. Thoughts, opinions? Been here for 9 years. Am I a Washingtonian yet?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I feel like it is more of a state of mind rather than a distinct amount of time.

        • saf


          I am not a native. I have been here since I was 17, and within the first few months, knew I was going to stay. I would have claimed to be a Washingtonian at that point, and would have been wrong, as I didn’t know enough about the WHOLE city to really be part of it.

          But I knew I couldn’t leave, that I love this city. And I got to know it better, and only became more convinced that this is my home.

          I think I’m a Washingtonian these days, and have been for a while.

      • jburka

        I’m a native (born at Sibley). I’d probably consider anyone a native if they actually want to live in DC and aren’t just waiting until their job, schooling, or whatever allows them to escape.

        In other words, pretty much what PoP said.

        • +1. If you’ve been here long enough to get your driver’s license here and have managed to convince yourself that you love living in this festering bog, then I say you’re officially a Washingtonian.

      • I truly love this city. No plans to leave, here for more than just a job. Thanks for weighing in. 🙂

      • Good question – I’ve been here 5 years. When I help tourists out, they always ask where I am from. This is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since high school, so I am almost ready (with the appropriate state of mind of wanting to be here) to say DC!

      • the world may never know.

      • You’re not a Washingtonian until when you tell someone where you’re from and they answer “oh wow, you never actually meet someone from here”.

        Only through that experience can you know what it means to be a native.

        If you feel the need, when someone asks you where youre from to say “well I live in DC but I’m from Boston originally” than you’re not a native.

  • me

    Rant: I ordered an elliptical about 2 months ago and keep getting fed bs stories about why it’s not here yet. I wouldn’t care if it took awhile to get here- it’s just the stories from the manager that don’t add up and the dishonesty by the company that I’m fed up with. I’m giving them today and then I’m canceling the order.

    Rave: The week is almost over.

    • What the f’ is an elliptical? Is it a giant orbital projectile you hang from the ceiling?

      • someone doesn’t go the gym.

        • Oh. The elliptical is that gay exercise machine for suburban moms, who drive SUVs and drink Diet Coke. Why would someone buy one for home??

          Just put your sneakers on and go run outside.

          And, no. You’re right. I hate wasting my money at gyms when you can get a better work out by just doing pushups, situps, chinups, and jogging. Workout machines are a waste of money.

          • Did you actually just use “gay” in a derogatory and offensive manner? I didn’t think anyone but homophobic high school/frat boys said that.

          • I didn’t know exercise equipment had a sexual orientation.

          • me

            I don’t run because of a knee injury from 4 years ago. And I don’t live or work near a gym. Machines are only a waste of money if you don’t use them. And you’re an idiot.

          • holy judgment. is anyone off limits from your hate that you use to make yourself feel better about your dissatisfaction and low self esteem? what a miserable human being…

          • I love how worked up, p.c. and self-righteous everyone here is.

            I’m actually gay, and I agree with the commenter. And, I’m not offended.

          • I agree with shaq-fu. You people are way too uptight. huzzah seems to be jokingly sarcastic, yet everyone here gets their panties in a knot.

            Clearly, PoP.com has a lot of visitors who need to get laid.

          • @radical – agreed. PoP should set up an event for everyone to participate at once.

          • These comments are so gay.

          • me

            I’m not gay and I’m not offended by someone calling the machine gay. Just explaining why I need a “f’in elliptical”. And going to rant again about how much I hate this company after getting off of the phone with them, them promising to call me back within 10 minutes, and lo and behold, I haven’t heard from them 3 hours later. Fuckers.

          • I bought an elliptical off Craigslist for $75.00 4 years ago. It’s footprint is 2×4 feet and it is parked directly under an AC vent. How was your run outside today?

    • I’m envious that you have the space for an elliptical!

    • We have one we’re looking to get rid of. If a friend ends up not wanting it, it could be yours!

  • RAVE: Councilwomen chasing down a kindel thief!

    Rant: Hot.

    • Newsflash: D.C. Council saves citizen $500.

      Newsflash: D.C. Council steals $500 million from citizenry

      • That *almost* made up for your horrible use of “gay” earlier.

        • Not offended by poster’s use of the term “gay exercise machine.” Thought it was kind of funny.

          HAPPY LGBT PRIDE WEEK EVERYONE! Come to our parade this Saturday and our festival this Sunday.


        • That’s offensive.

  • Rant: Randomly heckled by a group of teens and then punched in the chest outside of the Petworth Metro.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: young man making out with his girl friend on metro last night with hands down his pants. KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS IN PUBLIC!

    Rave: uber air conditioning at work

  • Rave: Taco flavored Doritos! Brings me back to the 70s.

    • “Taco flavored Doritos and my orange life vest
      I caught a 100 pound sturgeon on a 20 pound test.”


  • I continue with: STILL NO AIR CONDITIONING.

    • Oh, dear. You can come sleep on my couch if you want. As long as you don’t mind a very large cat walking on you and nosing you all night. He has a very wet nose.

      • Aww! You’re kind! And fatty kitties are my favorite kitties–I’m taking care of a 19-pounder right now. I would welcome a sweet wet nose.

        Unfortunately we have two demon dogs who hate the kitties (or perhaps like them too much?) and we have to stay with them. That’s actually another rant–it’s bad enough for us, but I’m really worried about them being home alone all day in this humidity. They were already panting at 6am and hadn’t even been out yet.

        • Ouch – that is awful.

          I hope you have enough airflow/fans to move some air around. My girl was panting this morning, and when we got back, laid down right in front of the fan (which she never does). I then rememberwed to put the air on, and she gave me love snuggles as she then laid on top of the air vent.

          You can bring those demon dogs to mine to chil for a bit, get them some cool air and doggie ice cream.

          • “Doggie ice cream” << magic words that would make you their friend for life! Speaking of, someone should do a doggie ice cream truck. That also sells rum.

            Your puppy is smart to lie on the air vent! We have two fans for them, but otherwise that place is a HOTBOX.

  • Sorta Rant: Bike lanes that remain empty while cyclists use the car lanes.

    Rant: Holy crap it’s hot out.

    Rave: New dog is settling in nicely and bonding with his new dog walker. And dog training starts Sunday!

    • Or bicyclists that use a bike lane, but go in the opposite direction of traffic instead of going a block over to another bike lane that flows in the direction they are going in.

      • And runners that go in the opposite direction on the bike lanes. think there called trout or salmon because they are swimming upstream the wrong way.

        • Runners are supposed to do that.

        • Being a runner, a biker and a car driver..I share the road with everyone. Runners who need to run on the road need to run against car traffic-as that is their biggest threat. I will share the road with all bikers and car drivers. I expect the same.

          • I’ve seen many runners running on the roads around DC and never really understood why. Please educate me here. Why would a runner need to run on the road?

          • Asphalt is osfter on the joints than concrete. That’s one reason.

          • That’s a good point. I run, and always run on the sidewalk, but I’m not a “serious” runner in that I run maybe 2-3 times a week for about 2-5 miles at a time. If I ran 40+ miles a week, I’d probably notice the difference.

    • Rant: Drivers who don’t realize cyclists have a right to use any lane they want as long as they observe all traffic regulations.

      You do know that sometimes cyclists have to turn right or left and may have to be on the other side of the street to do so? I drive to work every day, and I applaud the cyclists out there, dealing with possibly getting rundown by self-entitled a-holes in their gas guzzlers. If I get slowed down at all, maybe I come to work a full 45 seconds later than usual. Oh no!

      Give the cyclists space, leave 1 minute earlier for work, take a deep breath, and realize that life is not worth getting worked up over a cyclist/car/pedestrian scofflaw.

      • Actually the cyclists were fine, it was more the idea that the city spent money on bike lanes that aren’t really being used. That could have been another fully loaded SUV for a Councilman.

        But when you say all traffic regulations, you’re including stopping at red lights and stop signs?

        I’ll give cyclists a lot of credit – there’s no way that I would ride my bike in the city. They get a wide berth from me (I’m super paranoid I’ll hit one of them in my car) but I see the way other folks drive and I couldn’t handle that.

        • Which bike lanes are you referring to? I see plenty of bike lanes being used especially with the bike share, commuters who don’t want to drive in dc.

          • Yaay, we did it. I thought we might have to go a whole two days without a car/bike/walker argument. Phew!

        • It was only a matter of time before the cyclist/runners/drivers squared off in this one. boooorrrriiinnnggg

      • Just to clarify, you have no right to feel superior or entitled due to the fact that you dont drive a “gas guzzler”.

  • Rave: Basement reno finished enough that I was able to set up my office….. It makes working in 100 degree heat with no air conditioning perfectly fine.

    Rant: Really want to open up a shop in Petworth but the lack of foot traffic in the places with semi-affordable rent is holding me back.

    • The lack of foottraffic outside of the metro area makes me really wonder if petworth development will sufficently take off (georgia ave going downtown).

      • Always seemed that way to me. Good housing stock spread out over a bigger area than most.. but maybe most people drive rather than walk? Also maybe more condos/apartments to add density will help.

      • I guess I should refine “lack of foot traffic” to more “lack of my target market foot traffic”. There is probably enough foot traffic for some types of stores to thrive just not what I want to do….

        But,yes, I agree with you….. Maybe after the road work/new building/safeway is done on Georgia AVE it will bring more traffic- who knows.

        I do know that 1800-2000/mo rent is a risk for what I want do with considering the amount of foot traffic.

  • Fair enough; I think my knee-jerk reaction comes from people here (on one side or the other) who get use so many vituperative threats that they’ll knock down a cyclist, blah bah. Your SUV comment is hilarious, sadly so.

    As for the stopping at lights/signs, I’d say that 70% of cyclists I see do indeed stop, and another ~15-20% do a rolling stop. Rolling stops don’t really bother me, as long as it’s a slow roll.

    My unofficial audit puts the number of scofflaw a-hole cyclists at 10-15%. But, this is about the same percentage for complete a-hole drivers. So, I really think all you can say is that 10-15% of people are complete arsefaces, regardless of their form of transport.

    • reply to angrychicken.

    • “So, I really think all you can say is that 10-15% of people are complete arsefaces, regardless of their form of transport.”

      LOL. This is the most accurate, intelligent statement I’ve ever seen in any bike vs car vs pedestrian blog comment thread.

      • completely true. it also extends to almost any other part of life. 10–15% of people (be they white, black, suburban, preppy, democrats, brazilian, comp lit majors, absolutely whatever) are irredeemable assholes who will screw the public good for themselves with gusto. the flip is that 10% are super good and will do what’s right even when others are sucking it up. the rest of us will just fall in line to varying degrees with the dominant trend. that’s why leadership in small things (stopping at red lights, picking up litter, giving up your seat to a senior citizen on a bus) are so important.

  • Rant: Neighbor who complains and bangs on the wall that he can hear me walking around at 6:30am, waking him up. Yet, he comes home and blasts music or TV until 1am.

  • Rave: Dennys being built on 17th and Bladensburg Rd Ne few blocks from H st and Capital City Diner, ALDIs and Ross are also being built and should be open soon in the same area in my neighborhood. Got an A on my Econ test : P

    Rant: I feel like the Harry Thomas JR allegations are kind of bogus. I think the the Grey administrator and KB are throwing him under the bus to take away attention from their scandals. I hope I’m right it would be really sad if HTJR stole from the kids.

    • @Dantonio,

      You obviously haven’t read the complaint doc against him.

      There are some 40 odd facts of finding for the case. Dates, checks, amounts, emails, forged reciepts etc, and the evidence provided by his conspirators.

      Why do you feel that the charges are bogus?

      Harry Thomas Jr is just like his dad, but this Thomas is going to jail.

  • Rant: went to my first ANC meeting (district 1A) last night. My parents, who are both Howard grads and lived in the area with me and my older sis till the bad late 70s and 80s told me it was a useless tilt at the windmill of pseudo Panther activism. My parents were REAL activists (now dentists!!!). Said it was petty pop bureaucracy. I a new condo res, said no. Well when I saw a group of neighbors all with high stress jobs and who regularly clean streets and alleys when the old time residents’ kids just piss on them, try to request a support statement from ANC to replace the ratty sign at the corner of Irving and Georgia (one that says CH, Pleasant Plains, Parkview) they go shot down. I believe they already have a funds source, and all they need is ANC support to get the city to allow them to construct a cool sign, made of iron. Meantime the old one sits tagged and covered with trash from the same folk the ANCs claim need a voice?

    As Cosby said: come on people. My parents are right. They are no fan of yuppies except when yuppies make the effort the longtime residents don’t. The joke: most of the people trying lean up the sign are black residents who look like they care!!! What use is the ANC? If you have dysfunctional mayor who’s a throwback to the DC my parents abandoned rightfully, I guess it’s reasonable to expect you’d have lickspittles on these ANCs?

    Rave: There were some LOVELY women (older and younger) at the meeting, and then at MOVIE NIGHT at Tubman Field at 11th and Irving. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  • Horseshit on Calvert bridge.

    So the NPS loves to take their horses out for a stroll on the Calvert bridge from Woodley to Adams Morgan. Well, there’s a ton of horse shit on the bridge. You wouldn’t leave your dog shit there, so pick up your horse shit too. It’s all over the bridge and keeps happening. Also, the horses have totally scratched up the sidewalks.

    • Horseshit = cupcakes to dogs. Just get more people to walk their dogs across the bridge.

      • Why nobody has ever taken the initiative to breed the the instinct to eat any type of shit out of dogs, boggles the mind.

        • Why? It cleans up the shit and doesn’t hurt the dog – a good system. Amundsen’s sled dogs (South Pole) ate all the explorer’s poop in their winter quarters.

  • i don’t normally participate in rants but this bugged me earlier this week and the picture has prompted me to post: a jogger was running up the 15th st cycletrack during evening rush hour, right smack dab on the yellow line, running in the exact center of the lane, making it difficult and dangerous for bikers going in either direction to pass her. i alerted her i was approaching with my bell and she didn’t move over in either direction, so i passed her much closely than i like to pass runners. one of the things she yelled was that the lane is not for bikes only – actually, it is. i don’t really mind sharing it with joggers though, as long as they stay over to the right! it’s dangerous for everyone if you jog exactly down the center and make bikers pass you with just inches to spare.

  • rant: cyclists v. motorists v. pedestrians v. cab drivers v. buses. your road rage is beyond boring. some of you sound persnickety to the point where mating is out of the question for you.

    rave: people who recognize that city living is full of trade offs and living here is actually pretty nice.

  • Rant:

    So, it appears that DC City services have quickly regressed under Gray.

    Put in a request for new trashcan. I paid the fee and 2 weeks goes by. Nothing. Then I get an email from DPW saying the can was delivered 6 days ago and the request has been closed.

    Umm, no it hasn’t.

    Fight with them for two weeks to no avail. I finally just grit my teeth and send them another check for another can. Again, about 8 days goes by and I get another auto-email saying it had been delivered.

    I call them up, get passed around to 3 people who can barely speak english, put on hold for a total of ten minutes to be told “tough”.

    I work from home assholes. I am there all day and was there all day the two days you said you left cans. I would know if you left me a trashcan.

    Yea! The complete lack of functionality of the DC government that had made unbelievable progress under Mayors Williams and Fenty have slid right back into the gutter.

    • I too have noticed that even the simplest things, ones that you would have thought would remain unaffected by the Fenty -> Gray transition have gone to utter shite.

      I know the mayor has no real direct effect on garbage cans, but there is a mentality that pervades in DC gov’t now that the city has been “taken back” from the gentrifiers and returned to the old guard.

      Enjoy it while you can “Old Guard” because DC will look very different in the next election.

      • lol. This made me chuckle.

      • RANT: People who think DC Gov employees don’t work as hard under Gray. My work has not changed because we elected a new Mayor.

      • What the hell are you talking about? I guess I have noticed that the garbage men have pitched my can an extra 6 inches, but when we’re talking 10 feet, 6 inches isnt much.

        End the bullshit. I voted for Fenty, I dont like Gray, but this endless bullshit about Gray is getting old. NOTHING BAD HAS HAPPENED. And please dont bring up SUVgate. Please, Fenty did plenty of equally stupid things.

    • saf

      I had a similar experience during the Williams years.

      And my experience with bulk trash under Fenty was just truly horrid.

      It’s not the mayor. It’s the agency.

    • what is the fee for the trash can? you paid it twice?

    • Call your councilmember. That worked for me a while back. Jim Graham is pretty good on things like that despite some of his annoying habits.

  • Rave: Transom Trash Talk

    Rant: FaceBook Facial recognition

  • Rave: Naked bike ride this weekend at 3pm. No I am not doing it, but it will make for some really interesting people watching!

  • @joker

    No i didn’t read the report but i just question the timing of it. If all the allegations are true i think he should go to jail. Again the timing in my opinion is kind of suspicious. It honestly seems as if VG is attempting to get people to look the other way. The more attention we focus on HTJR the less we focus on Sulaimon Brown and Nepotism in the Grey administration. Seems like a good political tactic, its working at least for now. Escandalo!

  • RAVE: LGBT Pride week with the parade this weekend! And the weather is supposed to get better.

  • Rant: Threw out a teny tiny broken wooden outdoor table with the trash this week. The trashmen didn’t take it. I now have bulk collection coming to pick it up next week. Seriously?

    Rave: 3 day weekend.

    Rant: Bus drivers who pull away form the bus stop while the light is red and wont let you on because they are not at the bus stop!

    Rave: Scissor Sisters at the 9:30 club last night

  • Rant: Dan is way late. When will we see a PoPTrekker again?? Hopefully soon.

  • Rant: Why do so many people in DC feel the need to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. I’ve never seen anything like it in any other city and it’s supper annoying

    Revel: Friend visiting from out of town, hosting a killer party tomorrow night and going to Phish on Sat and Sun…going to be an epic weekend

    • Rant: I apparently suck at proofreading…jesus (? and super)

    • i ride on the sidewalk a lot. why? fear of getting hit by a car.

      • Perhaps, then, a bike is not the mode of transportation for you. We don’t call them “siderides”, do we? No. They are sidewalks.

        • me

          Best. Comment. Ever.

        • don’t ask a question if you’re just gonna be an asshole when you get an answer.

        • Meh. People can ride on the sidewalks — it’s the law. It’s the law for a reason.

          Personally, I don’t care as long as the bikers exhibit courtesy. If there’s a bike lane or a “half lane” next to parked cars, use that instead of the sidewalk. If there’s a giant sidewalk with plenty of space, use that. Just give peds the right of way and be very mindful of them. Plan your routes using bike lanes rather than navigate the city exactly as a car would.

          • If even half of the bikers on the road exhibited courtesy to pedestrians or cars, there would never be any conflict.

            Cyclists have a chip on their shoulder because a very small handful of drivers have serious road rage problems or treat the rules of the road as suggestions. In an answer to this disregard for the law, bikers feel justified to ALSO disregard the law… because you know, that makes things better.

          • Double meh. I don’t know what lives y’all lead, but as a driver/biker/walker/metroer, I have very few run ins with any other commuters.

            The outrage isn’t commensurate with the troubles caused by any group.

      • I dont get it. Bikes are supposed to be this oppressed minority, except they get lanes cars and people cant use, yet they also ride on the sidewalks and in the streets and get all kinds of indignant when cars and people dont bow and scrape to them. I could spend the next 3 hours giving you anecdotal examples of these entitled assholes on bikes in this city.

        When I see a biker stopped at a stop light, use a hand signal, or look to the rear before making a sudden lane change/turn, I want to stop and give them a handshake and a bottle of water. It happens so infrequently that I wouldnt be spending a lot of time doing this.

        My anti-cyclist anger isnt directed at the bikers who play by the rules. I dont even mind if you’re slowing me down some as long as you dont take certain steps that make me pretty certain that you’re a self centered prick.

        • tee hee hee, you should see how arrogant those wheelchair bastids are… wanting special curbs so they can roll from a sidewalk to another by using the street.

          asshats are asshats, and self-centered pricks are in every mode of travel.

          anecdotal evidence does not exist. you either have evidence, or anecdotes.

          and please people: anedotes are supposed to be FUNNY.

          • You are wrong about anecdotal evidence, it is a perfectly acceptable phrase. Also, anecdotes dont need to be funny.

            Example, “Some self-righteous asshat tried to go grammar nazi today on PoP. They had their facts wrong.” See its not funny, but it is an anecdote.

            Also, bicyclists arent handicapped and your point about curb ramps makes no sense. Equating the two is idiocy and your curbs/idiot bikers thing is a non sequitur (gee, I hope I used that correctly).

          • Your example is not an anecdote.

            Seriously, anecdotes are meant to be interesting or funny retellings of actual events. Yours is neither, so it is not an anecdote.

            anecdotal evidence may be perfectly acceptable phrase, my point was that it is NOT evidence, as it is usually untrue, or if true, because of it’s lack of scientific capacity, is usually disregarded as being selectively chosen based on the bias of the teller. So… yeah, it’s a great phrase, that means nothing.

            My example was meant to be funny. Explaining humor is not funny, so my fail.

            But hate away on bikers. Hold them to levels you hold no other entity. I hope you are not that anonymous, as inadvertant staking makes me ill.

  • Rave: Checked my veggie garden last night and I have baby cucumbers, squash and zucchini growing!!

    Rant: Weather
    Rave: Purchased a window A/C unit for my bedroom. Central A/C wasn’t cutting it in that room

    • I always preferred window units to central A/C. I hate that I use A/C for 100% of my place all of the time while I use 10% of it at night while sleeping and maybe another 20% in the morning and evening.

      When I used to have window units, I would turn them on and off as needed, and my electricity bills were a fraction of what they are now.

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