Props to the Cops Vol. 14

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From MPD:

Just before 1125 pm [Sunday]. units received a call for a shooting victim in the 5300 block of Chillum Place NE. An adult male was located suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and has been transported to an area hospital for treatment where he has what appears to be non life threatening injuries. The victim is reporting being shot in the area along South Dakota Avenue Northeast, but that has not been confirmed.

UPDATE – The complainant in this shooting was robbed of his property by the suspects who shot him. Shortly thereafter, another armed robbery took place in the 5400 block of North Capitol St. by subjects fitting the description of the first incident. The victim was able to get the tag number of the vehicle. A third robbery then took place in the Fifth District; the description matched the prior two robberies.

In short order, the Fifth District spotted the suspect’s vehicle and pursued it to the Fourth District near 8th & Upshur, NE. The suspects were apprehended and a weapon recovered. Great job & teamwork between officers of both Districts!

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  • Awesome – great to hear good news from outside of the more densely populated areas of DC

  • Where did the suspects come from? Are they from NE? MD? Other?

  • We often gloss over non life threatening injuries. I had a cousin to get shot years ago. It was characterized as non life threatening. Try telling him that. He has to live the rest of his life with a bag. In a wheelchair. Short life expectancy. Re-routed organs. Think about that next time you exhale that the shooting only resulted in non life threatening injuries.

  • Now lock them up and throw away the key. They’ll probably be out in a week.

  • Were they kids or adults?

  • andy

    I wonder what would have happened if the alleged perpetrators had been smart enough to commit only one crime in DC and the other a couple blocks further away in Chillum, MD, rather than on Chillum PL NE. Do you think cross-jurisdictional communication would have been good enough to allow apprehension?

  • Um, props that they only committed three armed robberies in a row before they were caught? Sounds like they were trying to get busted. Dad must be a real hard ass to make juvie seem like a good place to spend summer vacation.

  • Um, liking the new USAO, charging as an adult, right on. What about all his buddies too involved in this atrocious assault? Did the MPD ID them all as they should?

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