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CEO, Josh Hahn, of EatWell DC Responds to Recent Judging of The Heights in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth June 20, 2011 at 11:30 am 76 Comments

To the Prince of Petworth Community,

Recently there was a lengthy review discussion of The Heights. We would like to thank all who
shared their comments. It’s important to hear about the components of our restaurant that are well
received and enjoyed as well as those areas in which we need to improve. We would now like to
address some of those areas.

The message on the blackening charge has been heard loud and clear. Effective immediately, this
charge is removed, though the text still appears on our menu for a few more days.

Sysco is the largest wholesale distributor in America and services virtually every restaurant. We
purchase our basic commodities such as flour, sugar, spices and Heinz Ketchup as well as paper
supplies and cleaning products. They are an efficient partner to most food service companies. While
the Sysco truck does pull up to our door each week, we also have fresh bread, produce, seafood,
poultry, eggs, dairy and meat being delivered daily by small, local companies such as Lyon Bakery,
Profish, Capital Meat and Coastal Sunbelt Produce. We only purchase natural proteins and dairy
items that come from local farms where all the animals are treated humanely.

We now own and operate a 13 acre farm in La Plata, Maryland. EatWell Natural Farm has recently
begun harvesting and has delivered over 50 crates of fresh produce to our chefs and restaurants.
The bulk of the growing season still ahead, we expect to fulfill most of our tomato, summer squash,
zucchini, cucumber, pepper and green bean needs as well as some 20 other varieties.

Improving our food quality and service has been our top priority this year. We recently installed
professional chefs in all our restaurants to both improve quality and allow our managers to better
focus on service. We have some great team members, many of whom have worked for us for years,
but finding and retaining the best service people can be difficult in our casual segment. Internships
drag away many as does the allure of downtown. These departures occur frequently and the turnover
is detrimental to efficiency. We are constantly evolving our hiring and training methods and seeking
new ways and benefits to attract and retain the best.

We believe our pricing fare. We have made many changes over the past few years that are costly;
organic, ethical raised, local products. We have hardly passed these price increases on to our guests
but a grass fed, 9 oz patty, ground daily on a custom baked bun with hand cut fries is costly.

We hope, given the opportunity, you will find that we are doing all we can to provide the best food,
service and value. We take our role as a neighborhood restaurant seriously and work hard to offer a
wide variety of food and drink across many different meal segments.

Should you have any comments or concerns, I invite you to reach out to me directly.

Kind Regards,

Josh Hahn
CEO, EatWell DC
The Heights, Logan Tavern, Commissary, Grillfish, EatWell Natural Farm
[email protected]


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