Props to Good People of Shaw

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“Dear PoP,

I was walking my dog around 6:30 this morning at S and 10 when I heard a woman start screaming, “Help me, help me”.  Within seconds, 5 or 6 people converged on the woman: a contractor working around the corner, a man out for a morning stroll, a few neighbors popping out of their houses (including one who was in his boxers).  Apparently a dog had gotten loose and attacked her and her dog.  The neighbors got the dog subdued and the woman was safe.  I don’t want to downplay the attack (it didn’t look too serious), but I wanted to give props to the neighborhood.  Shaw doesn’t have the most stellar reputation but it’s filled to the brim with good people.  Combined with the incident on S and 8 a couple weeks ago when a neighbor scared off that man’s attackers, it’s nice to see we don’t suffer from the bystander efffect.

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  • There was an unleashed dog attack at 7th and I this weekend too. People need to control their wild beasts. What kind of dog was it in Shaw? On 7th and I it was a pit bull.

    • i think it was some kind of mutt. about 70 or 80 pounds. might have had some husky in it (based on its coloration/fur length). the dog it attacked was about 30 pounds.

  • Great story! Appreciated a little good neighbor news after this past weekend. Sorry to hear the dog was attacked, but glad it wasn’t that serious.

  • One of the homes on 8th and S has a pitbull that’s been off the leash before and attacked my dog. There’s a special place in hell reserved for people will violent dogs who don’t leash them and all them to attack other dogs.

    • -1000

      Not all pit bulls are violent.

      But I agree, there is a special place in hell for negligent owners.

      • Logic skills lacking; I suspect Anonymous the First referred to the dog as violent not because it was a pit bull but *because it attacked his dog.*

  • In the words of the animal control officer I spoke with last night … they’re animals … it’s what they do. Absolutely right to blame the owner and not the dog; as they are only acting upon their instincts.

  • Yeah for Shaw. Good story.

  • First off, pit bulls are not violent. Yes, some pit bulls have been trained to fight. Many have been abused. Many have suffered horrendous treatment and have had to fight for their lives. But pit bulls as a breed are not violent.

    Please educate yourself:

    Second, there are many owners in our city — whether of pit bulls, golden retrievers, or chihuahuas — who think the lease rules don’t apply to them. We’ve run into owners many times whose dogs run right up to ours, invited or not, and when we remind the owners they should keep their dog on leash, we’ve gotten MAJOR attitude in response.

    It’s a safety issue, not just for people, but for dogs.

  • Acknowledging that they are a very small number of people in DC, I still have no patience for people who let their dogs off leash. The dog runs right up to mine, and when I tell the clueless owner, “my dog is NOT friendly,” only then do they learn (and seem genuinely shocked to discover) that their dog will NOT come as called when it’s off leash.

  • Was a comment deleted? I see a few people defending Pit Bulls and assuming others aren’t educated regarding them, but I see no comments saying all Pit Bulls are violent/bad dogs. Am I missing something?

  • I would like to point out that if a dog is violent, even having it leashed will not prevent something from happening.

    I have been attacked by a leashed dog while running. I also witnessed a dog (pit bull, sorry) break it’s collar while charging at my friend’s dog. It took a lot of work to separate the dogs and my friend’s dog barely, barely, made it through that ordeal alive.

    Unleashed dogs are a huge hazard but I am uneasy around leashed dogs as well as large dogs wearing flimsy snapping collars.

    • You’re right Maire … not insinuating that you do this, but I’ve always been puzzled by runners who run right up behind me while I’m walking my dog and are shocked when my dog goes bananas. Dogs are instinctive and will protect themselves and their owners if they feel threatened no matter how well trained they are. We all need to be more careful as it is the owner’s responsibility to control their pet and it is the runner’s responsibility to respect the space of the walker/dog as well.

  • I’ll go ahead and say it. All pit bulls are way more unpredictable and prone to violence than nearly every other breed. They have a very hot temper and they are strong. I’m sick of the hipsters in this town taking to the internet armed with their internet advocacy sites telling people pit bulls arent dangerous. If there is a serious dog attack either on another dog or a person, odds are its a pit bull.

    A study by Animal People compiled dog bite data from 1982 through 2010 and found that Pit bulls and close pit mixes accounted for 57% of all dog bites resulting in bodily harm and 47% of all dog bites resulting in death. That is 1 breed. No other single breed even comes close.

    You can deny the facts all you want, but the truth is, pit bulls are far more likely to be violent. I dont care what you THINK about nature vs nurture, the facts speak for themselves and if there were NO pit bulls, there would be far fewer serious dog bite injuries.

    • No, the people who want violent, scary dogs would just pick another breed and ruin them in the same way that so many bully breed dogs have been ruined. When I was younger, everyone was scared of Dobermans and I’m sure before that it was another breed.

      • being “scared of” a breed and a breed being overwhelmingly statistically responsible for the majority of dog violence are 2 different things.

  • Another thing that scares me, regardless of breed (though pit bulls are pretty good at this) is how easy it is for dog to jump over the low yard fences in DC. As a runner this just makes me shudder.

  • Oh, here we go again….Can we get off the pit-bulls-are-not-dangerous fantasy? This post was about half a dozen people rushing to aid a woman who called for help on their street early in the morning. Way to go, good people of Shaw!!

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