PoP Preview – Lost Society Boutique Steakhouse, Opens Friday

Back in the end of March we had a pre preview of the space and the transformation is amazing. Lost Society will be opening up on Friday at the corner of 14th and U St, NW. I was fortunate to get a media preview and took tons of photos. You can see their menus here. Straightaway – I can say the space looks amazing, the oysters were delicious and I’m super psyched about their huge roof deck. As always the photos do a better job than I can do with my words.

Lots more photos after the jump – including one of the best new roof decks in town.

2nd floor

2nd floor bar

2nd floor

Third floor

Third floor bar

Third floor roof deck

Third floor roof deck bar



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  • notlawd

    Looks nice! Looks like the space can handle a good size crowd, so hopefully it won’t be to hard to get a table. I may check it out this weekend!

  • Amazing space(s).

  • Very cute. Promising. Fingers crossed that it’s more like Church Key and less like Local 16 in terms of customer vibe.

    Took some scrolling to find the cocktail menu. They have a couple decent what I call “man drinks”. Good list, pending execution. Beer menu seems OK. Not really an expert. I may have to try the entire bottom half of the beer list to form an educated opinion. To tell you the truth, I’d like to see a wider selection, just in case I’m not loving the few unique beers they have.

    Apparently, they serve food as well.

  • Nice attention to detail. Authentic look and feel. I just hope it’s not constantly flooded with douchebags. I mean really…

  • bfinpetworth

    Made my rezzy for a week from Friday. Nice selection of steaks and prices look ok!

  • a steakhouse with only seven bottles of red wine on the list.

    and one of them is a $50 bottle being sold for $240.

    it’s like an idiot tax.

    • I gotta agree with you. An alleged steakhouse that has only seven bottles of red wine? And the mark-up on the Marchesi di Barolo Barolo 2003 is f-ing criminal.

  • Great-lookin’ space. Will definitely go for drinks and brunch. I’m a little disappointed there’s no veggie-friendly entree in the “Other” category on the dinner menu.

    • It’s a steak house.

      • Yeah, I got that, thanks…
        I don’t eat steak, but if I go out to dinner with my friends and/or boyfriend, it’d be nice to have *something* more than a side salad for dinner. That’s my point.

        • But it’s a steakhouse

          • Yeah, but it’s a business, too. Ray’s gets my business in large part because they offer a grilled portabella cap, which the fiancee loves. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have eaten there 4 times in the past year.

            Stop antagonizing vegetarians. They too have money that business owners want.

          • Seriously. SF, don’t tell Ron Swanson they serve portobello mushrooms…

          • Chris: Have you ever tried a turkey burger?

            Ron: Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger? If so, yes, delicious.

        • But have you ever tried that tofu-based “fakesteak”? It’s disgusting! And this is coming from a 20-year veg.

      • it’s also 2011 in a very cosmopolitan town.

    • I agree with this. Only if local veggie places serve meat.

    • I hate it when I go to a vegan restaurant and they tell me they don’t serve steak, chicken or pork chops. What’s up with that?!

    • Do you every complain about anything other the lack of vegetarian options at meat-themed restaurants?

    • I’m a vegan and I’m actually pretty excited to take my bf here. The sides look like they’re going to make an amazing meal, and there’s even brunch option which I’m assuming is vegan.

      That said, being veg-friendly is a smart biz move. If a vegetarian is in a group and we’re looking for a place to eat, we’re going to pick a place we all can eat.

      • Exactly. I love that a business is opening up space in this previously vacant building, and I would like to give them my business. Right now, I’m only wow-ed by the decor and brunch menu.

        Honestly, having something veggie-friendly isn’t difficult–they clearly offer other items BESIDES steak.

  • And that steak looks awesome!! But still, not every carnivore associates only with other carnivores. It would be nice if they accommodated for a wider variety of customers!

    • There are plenty of restaurants that accomodate a wide variety of customers

      • No shit. Pretty sure the goal of them opening a restaurant is to get people to go there and not to one of the other plentiful restaurants in the area with a wider menu selection.

        • I’m with It’s A Steak House on this one. i wouldn’t go to Oceanaire and expect them to offer chicken. I wouldn’t go to Ray’s Hell Burger and expect a fish sandwich. Nor would go to this steakhouse and expect to be offered something other than steak.

          There’s something to be said for specialization. Many of the restaurants who offer a wide variety of stuff don’t do any of them particularly well.

          • this place has oysters. is that okay by you?

          • amen. couldn’t have said it better.

            next time i’m at chopt, i’ll demand a t-bone and whine b/c they don’t have them. (oh wait, i don’t go there because they only serve salads…)

          • they also have lobsters, hen, mussels , crab and shrimp. oh, and pork. maybe they have too many items to do anything well.

            the logic of “it’s a steakhouse” fails when looking at the menu.

          • I tend to agree with the 10:28 am Anonymous on this one. If the menu consisted ONLY of steaks, I could understand the lack of a veggie option. (Interestingly, the area restaurant that most closely resembles this model, Medium Rare in Cleveland Park, offers only one steak dish, no other meat or fish offerings, but still has a veggie option.) But since the menu offers lots of main dishes other than the steaks, it would seem prudent to offer a vegetarian entree as well.

            I enjoy an occasional steak, but my husband won’t eat meat, poultry, or shellfish dishes out for religious reasons. We prefer to go to places that can accommodate both of us — which have included local carnivore establishments such as the Palm, the Prime Rib, and J&G Steakhouse.

          • I think if you just called it a “meathouse” all the vegetarians would know – for sure – that they shouldn’t eat there.

          • saf

            Ray’s offers fish, chicken, pork, and veg in addition to meat.

          • Um, Oceanaire DOES offer chicken


            nice try rooty tooty.

          • @Eric in Ledroit: My point was that I wouldn’t *expect* them to offer it. Nor would I ever order if.

        • It is silly to complain that a steakhouse doesn’t have non-meat options.

          It is like complaining that you can’t get a burrito at your favorite chinese place. Or that a kosher restaurant can’t bring you a cheeseburger. Order the side salad at a steakhouse and don’t complain that they only serve meat.

          • that’s not what anyone complained about. and your comparisons are far fetched.
            it’s not cross cultural cuisine to have both meat and vegetables.

  • Beer options are kinda lame though… could you pick any more generic bottle options?

    • Couldn’t agree more. The beer selection is beyond pathetic. Frankly I can’t take this place seriously with a beer list as weak as that. Seriously what were the owners/developers thinking?

  • Refresh my memory. How long was that building vacant? I recall it being boarded up back in the mid 1980s. The catalog of flipping and squatting would make for an interesting read.

    Love the Gibson Girls.

  • Love the area by the corner windows with the tufted sofas and also impressed by the roof deck. To the comments about “I hope it doesn’t become flooded with douchebags.” Well, odds are even it such an unfortunate thing happens on the weekends that the weeknights will have a different vibe. Try it a few times on different nights.

  • Worst beer menu I’ve seen in a long time at a newly opened restaurant in DC. Who in the world orders six fizzy yellow lagers? They need a serious beer buyer. Such a great space–especially the deck–deserves better beer.

  • msmaryedith

    It looks like Smith Commons’ sister restaurant. I like the Gibson Girl wallpaper!

    I agree that the beer selections are surprisingly lame considering that the rest of the menu sounds good. Wines are overpriced–hopefully they at least give decent pours. I also think it’s regrettable that they don’t have a vegetarian-friendly entree. I’m a meat-eater and would definitely want a steak, but it’s annoying to have to write places off as possibilities when you want to dine out with vegetarian friends. They have other options besides steak–why not make one of them meatless?

  • Prices are really affordable and the place looks amazing.

  • when did porcini get an “h”?

  • Looks like a Local 16 redux. Let’s hope the food skews more like Perry’s than Marvin. That beer list is uninspired and looks like the distributor made the picks.

  • Looks fantastic. Don’t get all of the kvetching about a lack of vegetarian options. It’s a steakhouse. The website states that the restaurant focuses on steaks. The executive chef comes from another famous steakhouse. I know lots of vegetarians and dine with them often. I’d never suggest that we eat at any restaurant that bills itself as a steakhouse or that states its focus is on meat. Any vegetarian options at such a place would clearly be an afterthought and not likely to be that good. If you have a partner that doesn’t eat meat, there are plenty of places that have a wide variety of meat and vegetarian options. Or he or she can suck it up for one night and make do with the limited veggie options in order for you to indulge your craving for a steak.

    • Vegan here. Some of the best meals I’ve had have been at steakhouses or places that aren’t overtly veg-friendly. A good chef knows better than to treat any dish on his menu an afterthought.

  • Someone should proofread their Bar Menu. Spicy “Thia” Peanut Colada? “Scotish” Southside? I think they mean Thai and Scottish, based on the descriptions.

    • Yeah, all the menus are full of typos. Hopefully the kitchen has a little more attention to detail.

  • Love the pub stools and tables in the lounge area – terrific look and feel.

    Hate the “Wagyu Dogs” that they misspelled (“Waygu”), a hot dog’s beauty is turning cheap meats into a tasty treat. And the beer selection is uninspired, though Heavy Seas’ Peg Leg Stout is good stuff.

  • Dear owners of Lost Society, if you are reading this, please ignore the bulk of above comments. These folks would complain if you shit them a gold brick. The first question would be was why it wasn’t bigger… followed by asking if you have a vegan steak coming out next.

    Looks awesome, I wish you well.

    • I like your comment. Why didn’t you make it longer, to enhance and prolong my reading pleasure? What a disappointment your comment turned out to be.

      Oh yeah, I have shitloads of money to spend, and I only take my business to places that really, really, really understand my needs.

  • dear vegetarians,
    looking at the menu i see a bunch of vegetarian options. risotto, Baby zuchini
    Turnips,Carrots , chard, baked potatoes, grits, fennel, tomato soup, salad, apples,
    all these side dishes:
    French fries
    Mashed potatoes
    Roasted potatoes
    Potato gratin
    Pan roasted wild mushrooms
    Grilled asparagus
    Mac n Cheese
    Zucchini Ribbon

    1. you can eat here.
    2. the “it’s a steakhouse” people are idiots.
    and probably not eating a balanced diet.
    3. they should offer something from the above list as a main dish.

    • The “it’s a steakhouse” people recognize that no restaurant or bar can be everything to everyone. I don’t expect an Indian restaurant to serve American style hamburgers or mac and cheese in order to accomodate parents whose children won’t eat anything but those dishes. Nor do I expect a place that bills itself as a wine bar to have an awesome and varied beer selection. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that a place that bills itself as a steakhouse either does not have any vegetarian entrees or, like a number of steakhouses, has one vegetarian entree that may or may not be a particular vegetarian’s cup of tea.
      I have eaten at a number of vegetarian restaurants with friends who are vegetarians and it never once occurred to me to complain that the owners were so short-sighted as to not have anything on their menu that catered to meateaters – what with there being so many meateaters in the world.

      • I see what you’re saying. However, I think the reason that those vegetarian restaurants you’ve been to didn’t cater to those who eat meat may be that if you are the owner of a vegetarian restaurant, you likely have some sort of moral objection to cooking/serving/eating meat, because you are against killing animals for food. On the other hand, I think it is unlikely that the owner of a steakhouse has a moral objection to cooking/serving/eating vegetables.

      • you should read what you are replying to.

      • I don’t believe you have eaten at “a number of vegetarian restaurants.” Mostly because there are an extremely small number of vegetarian restaurants, and they tend to be weird hippie type places like Sunflower in Falls Church.

        I’m mostly a vegetarian and could give a damn what this restaurant puts on their menu. I do think it makes good business sense to provide a compelling vegetarian option to avoid a large group’s inclination to dine at your restaurant getting vetoed by a sole vegetarian, but hey, it’s a free country.

  • I think I love you. You had me at #2.

  • As my mother would say, complaining that a steakhouse doesn’t have good vegetarian options is the STUPIDEST thing I ever heard.

    Next you’ll be picketing Standard — aka a beer garden — for not serving wine.

  • It looks cool, but it’s threatening to be yet another over-priced, mediocre place (see the wine and beer list, for starters) that will be overrun by the sort of people who think that having Eric Hilton’s name attached to something makes it automatically worth going to.

    Now if only someone would re-open State of the Union and make it just like it was all those years ago (but without the violence that helped close it down).

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