Multiple Shots Fired on 1500 Block of Spring Place, NW last night – Gun Recovered

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“Dear PoP,

Last night around 10:30 there was apparently a drive-by shooting on Spring Rd (this is according to a neighbor who spoke with one of the police that was searching the area).”

It is unclear to me whether or not it was an actual drive by. Nevertheless, I’m told that five cars were hit with bullets but fortunately no people. MPD does have some leads on who was involved and identified all the players last night and recovered a gun in the alley. There will be enhanced patrol in this area to ensure no further incidents/retaliation.

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  • I live on this street. About 6 months ago a car was blown up on that same stretch. About a month ago there were something like 5-6 cars with their windows smashed in.

    What I’m saying is, the absurd overreaction to the screwdriver incident in Mt Pleasant sort of enrages me when we have carbombers and gangviolence in my neighborhood, just a few blocks away.

    • carbombers? WHEN? WHAT? WHERE?

    • Yes, there was a rash of car FIRES (gas on a car and lit), NOT car bombs over the fall/winter last year. And that stretched down 16th, around Spring and Oak and even Newton and Meridian to the South. That kind of just ended though with no conclusion.

      As for this incident, there was certainly something up and a weapon found. I live on 16th between Ogden and Hertford (just south of Spring Road and Place) and our Alley was where they dumped the weapon. There were dozens of officers shinning flash lights into everyone’s porches and parking lots looking for something until one of them screamed out “found it”. There was a police presence till well after midnight investigating the scene. I was later told by one of the officers that someone was indeed hurt, but I hope Mr. PoP is correct and that no one was injured.

  • My boyfriend lives in the building at 1441 Spring and we heard nothing – neither did his roommates. Can someone verify? We were also walking home about 10:15.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It is verified. The information above comes directly from MPD. (I also received a number of emails from residents)

      • I can confirm that they found a gun, because it was in the trashcan right outside my door! I live in the basement apartment and heard people out there around 10:30-10:45 or so. Needless to say I had a hard time falling asleep last night.

  • Awesome. We live uncomfortably close by. I’m surprised I didn’t hear either the shots or the response.

  • There was a parked SUV that looked like someone placed a bomb/lit a fire in the backseat, big explosion with glass everywhere across the sidewalks/street. Whole street smelled like burning rubber. You could hear the explosion from a block away.

    This happened in December/January. I saw it only reported in one place (I think the Post?). It was parked immediately adjacent to that alleyway where they found the gun.

  • I am always surprised the stop gentrifying CoHi crowd is always silent in posts like these. you can hate on gentrification but 1 thing you can’t disagree with is that violent crime goes down because the gangs and there rivalries are priced out of the neighborhood.

    • But the greater issue is it never resolves the violence, just relocates it, that’s the issue with Gentrification (at least in terms we’re most familiar). It does a poor job of upgrading the area AND residents.

      • Fair enough. But you neglect the continuum of options for the law-abider living in the midst of this, which at a minimum, looks something like this:

        Stop the violence –> Stop the violence from impacting my day-to-day life and directly threatening my an my family’s safety –> Stop nothing, live with bullets being sprayed on my block, just like everybody else.

        “We’re all in this together” is a perfectly nice sentiment, but c’mon … when this sh*t is happening outside your front door, you’re perfectly happy (and well within your right to be) when it moves away from you, for whatever reason. Given the historic inability of the District government to grab the brass ring and put an outright end to the violence, well, settling for second best doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

        • Hey, as long as the crime is away from us, who cares? It took generations for their lives to degrade, there’s no way to fix the problem in a couple years. The don’t need rehabilitation, they need habilitation.
          Gentrification makes a neighborhood better, not because of the money, but because the people that come respect themselves and each other.

          If you see something shady, call the cops. Even if they don’t show up, at least there’ll be a record of what is going on.

      • many of these peoples’ culture is broken. the solution to many of the problems of poor residents is within their community, not much the government can do. i am too old to wait for a multi-generational cultural change that will diswade them from violence.

    • Like night follows day, so does a post on gentrification as the solution to crime (12:12 PM) follow a PoP post about crime (11:38 AM).

      At least this forum is predictable.

  • andy

    I always see so many cops around here, especially on 14th proper. Suprised that this can still go down so close.

  • My catchcode phrase was FUKY (no joke). I am now thinking I want to get the FUKY out of columbia heights with this nonsense going on.

  • I live around here, and we could use more police patrolling. There are constantly people on streets gambling, smoking pot and walking around drunk. I don’t mean to sound like a grump, but it’s unsafe. Makes me dread summer a bit.

  • Last Sunday there was a black individual hitting a woman next to CK hotel, someone tried to stop him from hitting the woman and he pulled a gun, he later walked slowly by the alley and went to Randolph St. Police came over after looking for him, but he was not arrested.

    • Thanks for specifying the man’s race. That was germane to your story… how?

      • nothing like a shot of random racism!

        • How is it racist? Seems like it’s a fact of the story. I can’t stand when I hear a police report saying the suspects are two males…ok well are they black, white, Hispanic I mean I’m going to need a bit more information.

  • so by your greater issue what is the end game? nirvana? a world of peace and harmony? there will always be violence and law breaking. if gentrification alleviates some of this, then i think it is a good thing.

  • FYI, The incident occurred on Spring Place not Road. I know because it happened in front of my house.

    • So I’m assuming the police car that’s been stationed in the triangle where Spring Place and Perry Place meet wasn’t there last night. Does anyone know the exact reason that thing has been setting up camp in the same spot on a fairly normal basis? Did the police intuit that something like this was about to happen?

      • I spoke to one of those said cops. Let’s just say that there’s a few select problems with one certain residence. He wouldn’t say which, but I knew which one he was talking about.

        • What? I live on holmead between perry and spring. Where are the cops? Where is the problem residence?

  • I would bet it’s one of the degenerates hanging out near Ogden Market on the corner of Ogden and Center. Just look around this neighborhood, you can tell who is up to no good.

  • We need better lighting in this area, too. These streets aren’t heavily traveled and if it wasn’t so dark, it wouldn’t be so shady. (Like what I did there?)

  • I think I heard the shots as I sat out on my porch drinking beer in upper Petworth. I did notice outstanding police presence at 8th and Upshur to cut down on the prostitution and horseplay there! What Spring St needs is a local cop who lives in the neighborhood dedicated to cleaning up the area. (and to get the cops on the inside looking out for the dealers taken down).

    Freaking amazing what this city tolerates. Open air drug market in the heart of the city. Almost as good as the Jefferson/Kennedy market, just closer to the hipsters.

  • We heard the shots and within 3-5 minutes, there were several cops with 2 guys handcuffed on Quincy. They were initially checking the C&K yard/perimeter, but didn’t seem to have much luck.

    There’s been some discussion about this border area between 1&4 being underpatrolled, but it seems like the quick response time paid off. Still, really shitty that this happened.

  • Sheesh. This is two blocks from my house. I really hate people.

  • so that’s what that was

  • I will say in the span of sitting in my car talking for about 15 minutes I did see two drug deals right in front of me, right off Spring Rd. on Spring Place. I have been told this is pretty common, regardless of the cops on 14th.

    • You should have put your call on hold and called 911. Not doing anything is the same as condoning their actions.

  • It was not Spring Road, it was Spring Place – a note went out to the Spring-Perry listerve with details.

  • If folks are not already doing this, post on your Police District’s Yahoo group with specific info about problem corners, alleys etc. From what I’ve seen MPD is fairly responsive.

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