H Street NE News – Tacos, Liquor with your Pie and Hookah

Lots of exciting tweets last night from @HStreetDC:

“@dangerouspiesDC asking for CR liquor lic, use of second flr, patio!!, live entertainment.”

Dangerously Delicious Pies is located at 1339 H St, NE.

“New owner of Souk is asking ANC6a Alcohol Committee for support of plans to open wine and hookah bar at 1200 H St. (CT license)”

“Entrepreneurs Jason Martin, Joey Belcher want to open Taco Shop in old auto detailing shop behind Stan’s Pants at 822 H St Asking CR lic.”

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  • Great, now I can sip a $10 drink with my $7 slice of pie!

  • Just last night my boyfriend asked me if Souk had hookah (haven’t been yet, didn’t know). Glad to have the answer. Loving H St. in the 3 weeks I’ve lived there.

  • Wait, Souk is closed? It was open two days ago.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      From the tweet it sounds like the new hookah space will be at 1200 H St, NE separate from Souk.

      • Oh, right. Thanks for clearing that up. 1200 is the sweet blue corner building next to Horace & Dickie’s. It would make a sweet wine bar, although I was really pulling for H&D’s to expand into that space.

    • Yeah, I guess it kind of souked.

  • I liked having a place on H that didn’t serve alcohol (other than Popeyes). Now it’s just another place to be wary of on Saturday nights when I’m looking for a place to go.

    • Oh, the irony of this post.

      • I can’t be the only one who lives near H st that likes being able to run in somewhere for a quick bite/take out and avoid the random drunks that are at my usual places.

        • I guess it depends on when you moved there.

          Pre-gentrification, there were no places to go to grab a quick bite other than places like Popeye’s. Joe Englert’s business interest in the area was the catalyst for all the development along the H St corridor and the reason for many people to move into the area. Joe made his millions off of people looking to get drunk in DC. So, most of the places along the corridor will cater to this crowd.

          It will probably be a few years until the area rounds itself out.

          • And maybe a dozen years from now, you’ll see H Street turn the corner to the point where all the grungy, eclectic bars and eateries are priced out.

          • Then we can have a Chipotle, Panera and Starbucks on every corner, with a Whole Foods and a couple restaurants like The Heights or Logan Tavern. Woo!

  • Hookah is about as over as tapas. Talk to me when you want to open a no frills place that serves comfort food with a minimalist menu.

  • to many hookahs and mezze ARE minimalist comfort foods.
    and have been for generations.

  • Are new businesses opening anywhere in the city besides H St and U St (kidding of course, no need to list all of the others). But seriously, every day there is a post of something opening on one of these streets. U Street is surely more developed at this point, but I would say that the eastern portion of U St heading south onto Florida Ave is very similar to H St – both in terms of current feel and speed of development. Very exciting times for both neighborhoods.

    • Maybe I’m biased because I live there, but I would include Barracks Row in that list.

      • Barracks row has seen a solid stream of them, but I don’t think it compares to U or H – largely because it’s a much smaller strip than either of them. U and H are each more than a mile long and have far more empty storefronts than Barracks Row. Barracks Row is already awesome though and just getting better.

        • In terms of density it must have them beat though. Since I moved there in March we’ve gotten Senarts, Hello Cupcake, and the Sweet Lobby. In the works are 31 Below, Moby Dick, that Asian/sushi place, Lavagna, the NCC/movie theater, that bread bakery, whetever’s going into the Blockbuster space, a biergarten… I’m probably forgetting a few.

  • Is Granville Moore’s still planning to expand?

  • when will GA avenue become the next H Street? we are just as crappy as H used to be (and partially still is)? Seriously. Plus we have petworth metro! why can’t englert take some business interest in us???

    • Seriously! We’re even crappier!

    • It’s happening. Once this new place next to the Blue Banana opens up, I think you will see enough of a mass of bars there for people to start investing more in that strip. that place (DC Reynolds I believe it will be called) sounds like it will be really legit and will bring a lot of people to the area who wouldn’t otherwise go there – and that’s what you’re after really I think. Blue Banana and Looking Glass are great, but their pull on people who don’t live right around there is not huge. It’ll happen for that stretch of lower Georgia – and once the ball starts rolling I’d predict it happens a hell of a lot quicker than it has on H St, since the development on H St is probably one of the least convenient destinations to get to in the city, since there is no metro anywhere near by.

      • Keep dreaming. I mean, I hope Petworth takes off too, but it’s not going to happen faster than it’s happened on H. People who think H is hard to get to don’t really understand how close it is to downtown and are way too used to their NW bubble.

        Streetscape work on H finishes in 8 days. Business and neighborhood development has been moving at breakneck speed during that hellish construction, but it’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen over the next two years. If you haven’t been over to H in a while, I suggest you take a look. It’s truly astounding.

      • Honestly, I don’t want “those people” coming around all that much. I’d prefer a true neighborhood vibe over a “destination.” And I’d like this trend to travel north along Georgia. Near my house. Thank you. 🙂

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