Funky Flea Market Launches on Sherman Ave between Barry Place and Euclid St, NW

Looks like the location of the Funky Flea Market is a bit further south than I thought. It’s on the huge parking lot next to the Howard University Fine Arts Studio:

There was one food truck – but there is great potential for more!

Ed. Note: For those who asked last time – the market does remind me a lot of the one a bit further south at 9th and U St, NW.

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  • a hot dog truck!?! what WILL they think of next?

  • Does that mean everything at that flea market is stolen too?

  • Ugh, just what that area needs, more crap.

  • I think its great use for that otherwise stagnant area.

  • I can’t get over how people seemto think any use, however bad is better than no use.

    Empty parking lots are not thrilling, but weekly junk sales are eye sores!

    • The shuttle to planet dirty diaper is leaving from the unused dumpster in your mind in 5 minutes. please be sure you are on board.

  • Exactly what this area was lacking.. more fencing opportunities.

    • Hey, would you rather you didn’t get your stuff back at all?
      I like flea markets. The one over in Georgetown rocks.

      • Yeah, I like the G-Town Flea Market too, but this is more like a junk market. Sorry, just because you don’t like junk sales doesn’t mean you don’t want the City to have “soul”

        • Okay, I guess I am a little against the City having a soul…

        • The people who shop at the funky flea market cannot afford to buy anything at the G-town flea market or Eastern Market. Make room for everyone. Don’t judge. Just enjoy or let others enjoy if you choose not to.

  • I live near where this market used to be and I say good riddance! Sorry…

  • Clearly many people in the community, including me, find this flea market entertaining. Your comments prove that this truly is turning into a city with no soul. You live in a city. Enjoy yourself and don’t bother with what other people do in their free time. This flea market is not a fence. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Many items are throwbacks from reputable stores that sell their damaged goods in bulk. Then people, who unlike you cannot afford to pay top dollar, buy them for cheap at the flea market. Many other items there come from the auctions of storage spaces that have defaulted. Just like the cable show. People make legitimate livings at this market. Consumers without extra money are able to save considerably at this market. Don’t take it away just because you personally don’t like it and can afford not to. The flea market has character. This city does not have to be all chain stores and high end bars. Make room for everyone. Keep it funky.

  • Seriously. I always am able to find neat stuff at the this flea market. Its not the overpriced, commodified or hyper-stylized crap you find at eastern market. Its real people, many of whom are pretty poor, selling whatever they can to make some money. Yeah, some of it is garbage, but there are some cool decorative things if you look.

  • Do they take AmEx?

  • no organic products? no gourmet burgers? too much like the 9th and U flea market? this neighborhood needs some quality business, not those cheap nicknacks! – can someone pass me the grey poupon?

  • Are you people so cranky in person or just when you comment on this blog?

  • I just get cranky when I have to hear that gosh darn funk and go go music playing while people buy things that I consider junk. And in the city that I moved into. I want to change what those people are doing and get them away from me. Meanwhile, I’m staying in Georgetown, having a daiquiri on the waterfront, and buying expensive stuff at a real flea market. Maybe you can have what I buy after I throw it away.

  • As a member of The Funky and Fabulous Fleamarket (formerly known as The Funky Fleamarket) I would like to note that I am thankful for the blog entries about our move from NE to the current Sherman Avenue location. It is exciting to know that we are in a community that is self-aware and reflective. I read the blog welcoming us to the community but I had no idea that another blog was being done because I would have loved to let you (Prince) know a bit about who we are and what we do. We are a collective of hard-working “Rich” Americans who make our living improving the lives of people of all races from all walks of life from the poor man on Welfare to the high powered Capitol Hill lawyer. We have had two weekends at the new location but 6 successful years at our previous location and we look forward to being a positive destination in the Pleasant Plains community. While it is fine that we were compared to several other markets in DC, we are different from all other markets for various reasons.

    For one, we do many positive things for our shoppers and the community at large including helping families who have lost everything in fires, giving spring water to seniors in the heat of summer, donating thousands of bars of soaps to Haitians and helping our community members in various ways. We don’t use grants or trust funds to do what we do – we use our own resources to share with those in need. Many of the comments to this blog post were quite negative and speak of an “Elite” group that seems to be disconnected from the core of what this city was built on. As our mayor stated in his campaign – “One City.” I want to personally thank those who wrote positive/rebuttal comments, people who clearly understand the challenging dynamic of our new city. We do recognize that we need to make some improvements and are working hard to do it because we love what we do and we care about how we are perceived but as the adage so clearly states, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

    We have grown from a one-day fundraiser to a major income provider for Americans committed to realizing their personal and professional dreams. Our vendors range in age from 18 to 75. Our market has done just as much as the other markets have done in terms of helping America survive in a financially challenged economy. We are just as green (selling recycled items) as the others and we are proud that we sell items that are helping all Americans to thrive during these challenging times. Go-Go music, oldies but goodies and soul music are the core genres in this city and will always remain on our play list along with other genres. We are you and you are us, so be sure to have a conversation with us next time instead of being an outsider inside of the gates. We look forward to serving those who are in need of quality used and new items for affordable prices. And yes, you will see vast improvements in our appearance over the next few months. I will be at the market if you ever want to chat about who we are and what we do. I couldn’t end this without letting the naysayers know that there are so many amazing items at our market and you are actually the one missing out. Believe me when I write, “We Have the Things You Want and the Things You Need.”

    • the funky flea market was truly a unique and needed offering in this city. but i had no idea you also had a charitable arm. beautiful! i wish you well in your new location.

    • My having attended a recent meeting for prospective vendors to be set up at the new location, the managers of the Market greatly impressed me. They are attempting vigorously to improve the quality and appearance of the market, now that they are moving. My experience at the meeting imbued me with optimism that the Fabulous and Funky Market will be an even improvement over an already positive experience. Markets like this are a valuable asset to the community and to the environment. They allow folks to purchase useful and valuable goods which otherwise might have to be discarded, which helps the environment by not having to have them made again, and it helps the American economy by fewer things being imported from countries which may not have the worker and environment protections America has.
      Also it brings food to the People instead of forcing them to buy from centralized corporate distributors. It engenders a sense of community, and it allows sellers to make an honest dollar, keeping money in the local economy.

  • I shop at various local flea markets (including this one) and am a big fan. Most of the vendors are hard working folks who get up way before dawn to get set up and don’t get home until way after dark. These guys are not getting rich doing this believe me. Two rainy weekends in a row and they’re got major money problems.
    There are occasional bad apples who fence stolen goods and others who leave a mess at the end of the day but the folks that run this particular market are pretty vigilant about keeping these types out. Please support them at their new location.

  • The Funky Flea Market is great, I have found many a fantastic item at th previous location and am happy they are able to continue at th new location.

    Sedondhand items have a whole lifecycle unto themselves. Some of the vendors are junk haulers during the week (who you call when your grandmother passes away, you already had the estate sale, and it’s time to clear the house to sell) and flea market vendors on the weekend. A lot of the emerchandise also comes from storage units that went up to auction (the contents have to go somewhere). Most of my cookbooks and nice kitchen implements have come from this flea market (someone paid to put them in storage).

    You either like flea markets or you don’t. Some of the vintage shops in DC scour the flea markets so their curated shop can have items that are affordable to you but at enough profit so they can stay in business. If you don’t like the flea market, at least let it be so the rest of the city can shop there and help support the local economy and reduce what goes to landfill.

  • I am a vendor of the Funky and Fabulous Fleamarket(formerly known as Funky Fleamarket) and I must say after being there for going on 4 years. I had a wonderful time there and will continue no matter what. For all of those negative feedbacks about the fleamarket the only thing I have to say is thank you because of you guys and your comments it will make stronger and better fleamarket in the upcoming months. One day I’ll hope to see you guys out probably as a vendor or customer.

  • Erybody have haters. Funky flea I guess u do 2. Keep up the fabulous work boo boos.lls

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    • the last comment was posted by the man in mirrorpkne

      • long live the funky and fabulous fleamarket- bringing positive energy ecologics green economy jobs and opportunity keep on keeping on

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