Four People Shot and One Stabbed at Caribbean Festival – MPD says Shooting Not Related to Festival

I’m hearing multiple reports of how many people were shot but it is not clear to me how many people. It seems at least one person has died but that is not confirmed. It appears that there may have been a stabbing as well. DCfireems tweets:

“update – shootings/stabbings – EMS evaluated & transportsed total 6 inj – Ga Av from 2 locations – Ga & Gresham Pl and Ga & Bryant st NW”

This happened around 5:20pm Sat. afternoon.

Will update when more info becomes available.


There was a stabbing at 430pm at Georgia Ave and W St, NW with one arrest.

4 people were shot at 515pm at Georgia Ave and Gresham St, NW (one has been pronounced)

One domestic assault with arrest at 530pm at Georgia Ave and Fairmont St, NW.

There was a big fight at Georgia and New Hampshire Ave, NW in front of the CVS with one young male knocking out another.

A reader writes about the fight and sends in video:

“ran out to the balcony and saw two groups running towards cvs. guy was being beaten by two people until he lost consciousness. i called the cops, who were in the area anyway, and it looks like the victim was ok.”

The Washington Post reports:

Assistant D.C. Police Chief Diane Groomes said the shooting had no connection to the festival or the university. Investigators think it stemmed from a neighborhood issue, she said.

Three of the four shooting victims were from outside the neighborhood, police officials said.

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    • What did we expect? thugs hugging each other and proclaiming world peace? Of COURSE this type of violence happened at a very heavily populated event on Georgia Ave. Anyone who denies it is a recipe for violence is an idiot. I would NEVER go to this festival because I fully expect people to get shot.

      • DP,

        I acknowledge that you’re stating that a large part of why it’s a recipe for violence is because it’s on GA ave and heavily populated. However, the majority of people that live in these communities are hard working, it is only a minority that are actually violent. That’s why violence thrives in these communities because there’s a populace to prey on. But it seems that the majority of these would be victims managed to enjoy the parade and have a good time, while you stayed couped up in your home, scared of the outside world.

    • I was debating whether to go to this festival or take my bike out for a nice long ride in Upper NW. Glad I chose the bike ride.

    • I think not one penny more should be invested
      In certain neighborhoods in DC! I say that as a black man
      I get sick of the same shit day after day year after year! Every event these retarded gorillas use a community event as some
      Gorilla vs apes grudge match to settle some old beefs! Most of
      these fools can barely read or write! Not educated
      So they try to destroy everything! While the gorillas and apes
      Were shooting and stabbing each other, down at Lafayette square
      Where I was, with people who really care about and love
      This city were having a rally for DC statehood and
      Dc voting rights in Congress! Let the monkeys kill each other
      Until they’re all gone! DC would be a better place without them.

      • 1) I don’t think you’re a black male. I think you’re just saying that to give yourself justification to write the disappointing trash you wrote. If you are a black man… you should be embarrassed about the disappointing trash you wrote.
        2) If no more money is invested into the community, nothing will change. Investing money is what brings more activities for the young people so they’ll be productive instead of sitting around on the block. I don’t believe that building a playground with rainbows and flowers alleviates the problem and makes everyone hold hands and sing, but I definitely disagree with just letting the community decline.
        3) Retarded means “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.” If you meant to use it in this way, then I will disagree with you. If you meant it how most people use it offensively these days, I still disagree with you. I don’t think the people you’re referring to fit this description, but they have been deprived of many of the opportunities for mental, physical, and social growth. That would bring us back to point #1.
        4) Let them kill each other? I’m not even sure how to address this, but let’s see… Letting the violence increase will just allow it spread to neighboring communities, the ones you seem to love and cherish so much. Good luck with this solution.

        -A black [appalled] female

        • Not every black person has the same views as you, just because you are also black. I’m not a fan of this poem either, but that doesn’t mean the writer lied about who he is…

          • Are there a lot of black people who refer to other black people as monkeys?

          • scoot,
            it doesn’t even matter. there are no decent people black or otherwise that refer to black people as monkeys.

          • When did I say every black person had to feel the same way? I said I think the person is lying and that’s opinion, (hence, “I think”) If you got an incorrect interpretation from that I apologize, but I stand by what I said.

        • Thank you for your response to that guy’s posting. And I don’t agree with the response Rosie wrote.

          She has a slight point in the sense that “just because people are same race, they dont necessarily have the same opinions”. Nevertheless, referring to our own as apes and gorillas, and advocating that they kill eachother off is not only a bit rash, but makes that person a bit of sellout.

      • Before you read the rest of the comments below… know that it is being reported that the intended target of this shooting, is the same intended target of another shooting. And once again, the shooters have terrible aim.

        I also know one of the victims. I found out about this incident because I received a call from my hometown. Seriously wounded.
        It is sad. Silly violence affects all of us, worldwide, black white yellow brown.

        Knowing this; prepare yourself for the unproductive assumptions/jumping to conclusions in the comments below. And realize that there are bad people who do bad things, and they don’t reflect the values of an entire community.

  • At the festival or in the neighborhood where the festival took place? I just got back from the festival and missed this incident. But, I’m guessing our ‘new DC residents’ will use this to try and get rid of DC Carnival. I can just imagine the convo: finally we can get rid of all ‘those people’.

    • I’m a “new DC resident” and I thought the festival was pretty cool.

    • Jesus Christ…you act like it was a conspiracy by the big bad gentrifiers to gun some folks down .

      “I know how we’ll put a stop to the Caribbean Festival. Let’s just let them host it one last time and drop in a couple assholes with guns and knives, and when they cause a ruckus we’ll replace it with a Food Truck parade for sure, by gollie!”

      Grow the fuck up.

    • @Islandgirl, I am a “new DC resident” and have been for a few years. I am African American, affluent, college educated and am in a black fraternity. I also live in the neighborhood. Bottom line is that you probably don’t live in this neighborhood. You came, had fun and left. No one left tons of litter on your street, no on pissed in the alley behind your house, no one used drugs behind your house and you could probably park when you got home. Oh, and no one was shot on your street! Don’t be an ass IslandGirl! If people want the Carnival to continue, they have to police themselves. If not, it will be taken away. It’s that simple, people died. How can you argue if people want death, trash and drugs out of their neighborhood. Hey, I have an idea. . . let’s put it where you live and see if you have the same attitude.

      • Amen. Amen. Amen.

        There are thousands of parades/events that happen in DC each year, and none of them result in 4 people getting shot. I am perfectly ok with considering cancelling events that cause community disturbances. The Caribbean Fest is obviously one of them.

        • Another way to think about discontinuing the event, is to apply the same standard you apply to clubs who close over incidents like this. A lot of people say it can’t be the festival’s fault. Well, a club that allows outlaw behavior — carrying of weapons, for instance — is culpable. In the same way, an event that doesn’t police itself adequately is also culpable.

          Someone (Ace) posted a link below to the TBD article about Graham’s agreement with the organizers to cut police, in exchange for reducing the parade length. Somebody’s got some ‘splainin to do.

        • Not true – this is the first time this has happened at the Carribean Carnival in 10+ years. This is an isolated incident by some neighborhood thugs.

          • Not true. A man was shot and killed in the 700 block of Irving in 2006 as he ate with other revelers hanging out at a huge yard party a few houses off GA.

      • +1000 Hit the nail on the head!

      • plus 1,000000000000000

    • If by “those people” you mean “the people that shoot and stab other people at a family-oriented festival” then yes – I cannot wait to get rid of every single one of “those people” and I hope it’s soon.

      • You mean like “those people” from PG County? (who pack more heat that our own local DC-based crews)

      • if by “family-oriented festival”, you mean, girls in bikinis getting dry humped while dancing down the street and shirtless guys with video cameras getting up-skirt shots, and people with open beverages walking up and down Georgia Ave. hours after the parade ends. Then, yeah, I hope this yearly traffic jam ends too.

  • @islandgirl Because god forbid we stop an event where NINE people were shot and/or stabbed.

  • Really? I live here and have been here for 6 years. I’m one of “those people” and I don’t need people shooting up my block period. This is a very poorly organized event that needs a new venue to ensure the safety of others. If I’m scared to walk my dog and rightfully so as there was a shooting at my street, then something needs to be done. I heard the shots, and it’s not a good feeling.

    • Right on! This event has to be controlled or shut down. Once the parade is over it IS OVER!

      DC also needs Loitering laws, and to enforce it’s public intoxication laws.

    • you’re not one of “those people”.

  • I like the IDEA of this event, but I agree with the comment above that it is and always has been very poorly organized and managed. I’ve lived here, in this neighborhood for 10 years. It’s always been like this.

    • Agreed. This was VERY poorly organized. it was MADNESS.. nothing was properly blocked off and the cops were shooing people to the sidewalks while police trucks with sirens were coming down the street trying to clear the way… no one was paying any attention… streetsweeping trucks came through as well, trying to get by in the thick of people (which is the rudest way to clear a crowd, btw). i didn’t see the parade, so i don’t know if the festival was as lively and fun as the aftermath was atrocious, but this celebration has to be pulled together a little tighter…

      • So in other words, if you were thinking of shooting someone, this kind of atmosphere would have given you cover — made it more easier for you to get away with it.

  • The Caribbean Festival has the potential to benefit the people and businesses in the immediate area by bringing people to the neighborhood and expanding business for those in the area. But I see little positive benefits associated with this festival.

    Who wants to come into the neighborhood when they could be in the cross-fire of shootings?

    This festival is expected to draw 300,000 people. Surely they cannot all be residents of Petworth/Columbia Heights/Parkview/Pleasant Plains, etc.

    As a resident of Georgia Ave, I also dislike pot smokers lighting up a joint on my neighbor’s stoop, being panhandled, and being asked to use my restroom.

  • NW looks like a third world country today.

  • Think there was just a shooting inside Shaw/Howard metro station. 50+ kids just came running out of the station’s 8th & R exit. Heard over an MPD officer’s radio the dispatcher ordering no MPD officers into the station – that “it’s on Transit Police”.

  • What do people expect to happen at this event? Last year there were choppers sent because something went down, and again I saw the choppers from my Columbia Heights deck today. If you go to this festival you are surly risking your life.

  • Jim Graham: “It is unbelievable that this could happen”. Really? REALLY?

  • I do live in DC and have lived here since 1992 Thank you very damn much.

  • @John “Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes said the shooting had no connection to the festival or the unversity. Investigators believed it stemmed from a neighborhood matter, she said.” Calling me an ass is so crass. Do better!!

    • so it was just a coincidence that 4 people were shot, one stabbed on a saturday afternoon? (coinciding with the EXACT time of the festival) the shooting and parade are completely unrelated?

      well what an interesting coincidence.

  • I am in my house on Kenyon St. right off Georgia Ave. Is that good enough?? Pleasev let me know. I await ur approval.

  • @islandgirl. Let me think. . .people were here because of the festival. Shootings do not happen here everyday. The festival brought thousands of extra people here. It’s called logic. 1+1=2. If the people who were not from the neighborhood were not here, the shooting would have happened. And I stand by calling you an ass. You intentionally tried to race bait in your initial comment. It is a slap in the face to everyone who lives in this neighborhood, no matter what their color! You should do better! Maybe you should try to look at a situation without using the cop out of race. Any questions? You know where to find me.

  • Also please does not have a “v” in it.

  • @John….BTW, I am also college educated, affluent and of African descent (no I didn’t feel the need to pledge)and I stand by my earlier statement. Call it what u will. That ‘v’ was a typo. Thanks for the correction. You are so on top of it all. Kudos to you!! Hope I spelt everything ok lol. Wow!!

  • @Islandgirl, I really am on top of it. AT least you can recognize that. I really don’t see the need to continue this conversation with someone who is not putting their college education to good use. Spelt (Triticum spelta) is a hexaploid species of wheat. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relict crop in Central Europe and northern Spain and has found a new market as a health food. I think the word you were looking for is “spelled”. Try Google Chrome or Firefox, they spell correct for you automatically. Cheers!

    • John, think you missed the sarcasm in the spelt-ing. No need to go all Wikipedia on spelt.

    • Hey! that’s some super-duper googlin’! My grandma is impressed.

      You really should stick to your bullet points and not hinge your position on the ridicule your opponent’s typos.

  • @ Everyone. If you are enjoying this sparring, please vote for the winner!

  • I vote +1 for John

  • gotryit

    I was there, and the festival included families and people just looking to have a good time. I saw the shooters, and they didn’t look like they traveled far for a cultural experience. My guess is that they’re from the neighborhood and are trouble any day of the week.

    Now who wants to bet that the shooters were under 18, and see no consequences? Any comments Mayor Gray?

    • You saw the shooters? Did you let the police know that? You should know then if they appeared under 18..

      • gotryit

        Of course I spoke to the police first. And being that close to a shooting, I wasn’t thinking of estimating their exact age.

      • I witnessed the shooting from across the street, and they were definitely not 18 or younger.

  • I think this shooting and the fact that the organizers are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt ( – lead me to think this should be the last year for it. Potential to be cool. Too bad they can’t fund or organize a safe event.

  • @John “consider the word “spelt,” an older participial form of the word “spell.” You almost never encounter “spelt” in the United States, but it is actually fairly common in England.” I was educated in an English school system. My bad lol. Clearly you aren’t familiar with that. And, as far as ‘race baiting’ my dear, had you bothered to go to the carnival, you would have seen that my reference to ‘those people’ had nothing to do with race. We, Caribbean people, are black, white, asian, east indian etc, etc, etc. The ‘new residents’ I referred to, I also recognize, are of every hue. And you are right, I would rather not continue this conversation either. Have a good night. Irie!!!

  • One blessing amid the tragedy and horror. One of DC’s finest responding with full siren to this horrific event was booking it full speed down Illinois Ave heading south. Couple old ladies leaving St Gabes Church came oh so oh so freakin’ close to getting T Boned. That officer must have had some amazing driver training, he was able to tap the breaks, skid, and maneuver that car around their’s such that they were singing praises to the Lord for being spared eternal peace as they drove away unharmed. More money for police driver training please Ms. Groomes and Mr. Gray, it can truly save lives.

    • Why does the Lord’s power of sparing people from death really depend on the speed or maneuvers of the bad driver?

      • Right, the bad driver being the old lady pulling out in front a well driven speeding cop car responding to yet another youth involved spray of bullets. This city sucks, it has nothing to do with the Lord or the festival. JJ’s right, those kids and their handlers, and the city’s tolerance of their bullshit is the problem.

    • sounds like the cops driver training kicked in well, seeing as they were able to avoid the driver who pulled out in fron of them, ignoring their sirens while responding to an emergency.

  • Just glad to see these unemployed clowns are spending my income tax dollars well.

  • i used to live and party in downtown kingston, jamaica, which is the most dangerous part of the most dangerous city in the caribbean and even then there was very rarely this much violence concentrated in one event. dc “carnival” is just an excuse for a bunch of bammas from pg county to come into town and get rowdy. there is very little about it that is distinctively caribbean or south american.

  • @islandgirl, I thought this was not I will give you the benefit of the doubt when you say you were spelling in British English. That still does not excuse the use of the term “new DC resident”. I still believe you were trying to play a race card and are trying to back track. If you were not and you have integrity and the strength of conviction to do so, why don’t you let everyone know what you mean? As you can see by the posts, you offended a lot of people. You can make this whole thing right by explaining yourself, or you can choose to be misunderstood. We have enough problems in DC and this neighborhood without people stirring up controversy. Remember, when you post, you are presenting yourself to the world and the only thing we know about you is what you write. You may not care, but you look really bad to everyone who has read this blog.

    • SHUT UP ALREADY, both of you!!! Good god you morons, nobody cares about your pointless argument. Get over yourselves.

      • Who cares about “spelt”? I don’t. That is a Britishism! DUH

        (I really won’t give a crap if you make fun of any of my spelling or mechanics language on this post. It’s a blog comment not my thesis.)

        What is more offensive is to see an online pile-on — like what happened to Islandgirl — even if I basically agree with John.

    • You offend me with your pontificating John. Give it a rest, no one cares.

    • I thought you said you were done at 8:21PM.

    • Thanks for the lecture, dad.

  • So your “I really don’t see the need to continue this conversation with someone who is not putting their college education to good use” comment was just for….what??? lolol. And you now feel like I have to prove some point to those who post here. Or what?? But, just so we are clear and to broaden your thinking, I haved lived in this city for close to 20 years. I once owned a bar in Adams Morgan that reflected this city in an amazing and REAL way. While DC is often referred to as ‘Chocolate City’, it’s truth is that this city is an amazing home to a multitude of cultures. “New DC residents”, of whatever background, should appreciate this fact. My customers were Black, white, Asian, gay straight…you name it. So, just because your lens only features the idea of black vs white, be very clear that you are looking through your rather limited lens. When I played mas today (which means to dance at carnival with a band), on my left was my Caucasian girl Natalie Kitzrow from Milwaukee and on my right my good East Indian friend Ravi from Trinidad. And, I also see that in your world anything outside the US doesn’t count as legit. I think would be pretty awesome. Goodnight (for real this time lol)!!! Pretty sure you will be editing this for grammatical and spelling errors lolol.

  • @Anonymous….you know what? You are so right lolol. I yield the entire floor to John. You win love!!!

  • I live in the neighborhood and have for a few years. I have also been to the festival and notice that security needs to be heightened however; I do not feel that the festival should end. Although I have to agree with the aforementioned input that the festival really doesn’t bring a lot of revenue to the neighborhood, it only brings more trash and rats with less clean up. I think that if the carnival was more organized and had more security then it would be more of a success.
    If you are a Howard student you don’t live in the neighborhood you just visit. I’m sure you don’t throw trash in your neighborhood, so dont do it in ours. I constantly pick up trash and beer bottles out of mine and my neighbors tree boxes. Not all of the students throw trash but if I have to pick up one more McDonalds bag off Fairmont St. Why can’t people just throw the bag in the garbage can? There is one at the end of every st. As for the shootings, that happens all the time on all the streets, Fairmont, Euclid, Georgia ave, etc that is nothing new unfortunately.
    As for the race cards that have been thrown out, give it a rest. Its old nobody cares about it anymore. Stop being a winy terd and do something for the neighborhood. Oh and stop throwing your god damn chicken bones on the street its gross.

  • I was driving up Georgia towards New Hampshire around 6pm and the streets were still packed. What amazed me was the lack of diversity down at this event. I saw very little that had anything to do with the Caribbean or any of the wonderful cultures and communities down there. I saw thousands of people loitering, women wearing outfits that I have only seen on prostitutes up to that point and strippers on a stage outside of a club getting dollar bills put in their thongs. I am interested in hearing what “culture” this was representing and celebrating. This event should be moved to a venue like Fedex field where it can be safely managed. In my opinion, it in no way adds value to that community.

    • I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you, Adam. You saw what you saw and have an opinion on that, which you are completely entitled to. But if you are not from ‘that community’, then it’s not really your place to say what adds value to that community and what doesn’t (especially if you were just driving through).

      • So only people who are members of a community are allowed to voice opinions on it? Is that how hypersensitive we’ve become as a nation?

        • Clarissa, I’m not sure how my comment on this blog reflects the hypersensitivity of the nation, but whatever.

          I just found it pretty condescending for someone to judge what is or is not of value to a community that they are not a part of (I’m assuming). You’re welcome to feel otherwise. I’m also assuming that if Caribbean Carnival has been going on all these years, at least a few people in the community find it to be enough of a “value-add” to continue it year after year.

      • “But if you are not from ‘that community’, then it’s not really your place to say what adds value to that community”

        Please, let’s use a little common sense here. Adam has a right to judge the value of strippers taking tips in broad daylight. In a private club, not so much. In the public space? Of course.

        The fact that the festival takes place in public is an invitation to judge it’s value to the participants as well as the larger community.

  • all yalls need to stop i love my dc festival ive been going since i was a baby and im only 12 please stop talk trash i have great time

    • Has education devolved to such an extent that a junior high student can’t string together a coherent sentence?

      • so now we’re insulting children? way to keep it classy

        • You’re right. Let’s just hide our heads in the sand.

          • do us all a favor and start spending your days criticizing grammar on twitter. why are the “recent arrivals” to this city so uptight about everything?

          • Yeah, it’s just disgusting how we newcomers value education. Is a damn shame we don’t take the “laidback” approach you do.

  • This is sad but I am with islandgirl.

    And let’s be honest, this type of violence in these neighborhoods happens all the time, whether there is a festival or not. The darn police said it was unrelated to the fest! What more do you want?

    • FIne, if that’s true that it really had nothing–not one little, tiny ass, god damn thing–to do with the festival, the organizers will have a solid case for having it again next year and anyone arguing otherwise will have little or nothing to argue.

      That said, don’t be with islandgirl. She flamed a race baiting, bullshit, pointless discussion that ended in an argument over the past-tense of “spell.”

      Islandgirl, while maybe not part of the problem, will never be part of the solution.

      • I’ve seen much more racism on the anti-island girl side, honestly. Between folks talking the women dressing like hoes (go google T&T Carnival or Brazil!) and folks talking about keeping “those people” out, I’m disgusted.

        I’m equally disgusted at the violence which took place which was unrelated to this event, per our police chief.

        • Wow, H Street Landlord, what a liberal and open-minded white person you are!!

          • Sir or madame,

            Pick a handle at least. And then avoid sarcasm or at a minimum, articulate your viewpoint. I look forward to speaking. Best,

        • Sir I said prostitutes, not “Hoes,” but by using that word you added the race angle to it. I have spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and lived with Brasilians for years. What I witnessed cant be googled unless I want to end up on a XXX site. Carnival is artistic, paint, feathers, costumes, etc. What I saw on Georgia Ave had very little art to it. Plus there were kids around and when is it ever appropriate for kids to be watching strippers dance for dollars on a busy street? The quicker this is moved to a more controllable venue the better it will be for the neighborhood, businesses, the local government, and those wanting to share and celebrate Caribbean culture.

          • Well strippers plying their trade on the street, that’s unacceptable. That’s certainly no part of Carnival, and I’ve never seen that at DC Carnival. Police should intervene in that situation. Are you sure that was not an isolated incident?

          • Plus, let’s remember the “those people” comment was made by island girl. Others have simply not used “those people” in the context you’re talking about.

    • 6 people are shot/stabbed at this intersection “all the time”? That isn’t true, and it is highly insulting to the residents of my area to suggest it is.

      Any public festival that sees this type of violence both attracts and deserves criticism. Whether its ravers trampled in Berlin, soccer fans injured in Vancouver, or concertgoers killed in a burning nightclub in new jersey it is entirely legitimate to question pretty much everything about large public gatherings that end up with people hurt.

      I have lived in Ledroit Park for 10 years and genuinely enjoy the spirit and energy of the Caribbean Festival every year. However, I think it’s troubling that it apparently attracted violent troublemakers this year, and I hope that we can all avoid making divisive assumptions about our neighbors who have legitimate concerns about that fact. I hope that we can honor those who were the victims of this incident by looking to find ways to sustain the spirit of the Caribbean festival while ensuring we are thoughtful about maintaining order (or at least doing what we can to be sure people aren’t hurt) during it. This hope would apply to any challenge we face as a community.

      Islandgirl, I hope you don’t think that the community is unable to differentiate between our neighbors who are out to have a good time and violent criminals. It is very sad to imagine that you really think there is a substantial element of “new DC residents” (which I hope is not racial coding for white people) looking to “get rid of” anything except troublemakers that impact all of our lives. I think you would find that most “new DC residents” (which I would define in the context of my neighborhood as anyone, black or white, who hasn’t been here for 30 years or more) love living in a diverse community and aren’t trying to get rid of anyone who isn’t inclined to get involved in this sort of violent activity, which is obviously 99.99% of us, black or white.

      • With all due respect, I just ran a crime map from the MPD site – and within the last year, from within 1500 sq ft of 2800 Georgia Av there have been 5 homicides. FIVE. Are all of those the fault of the fest?

        I’m not trying to make light of that, and that is terrible. But violence plagues the whole district, unfortunately. Some of the most expensive neighborhoods have the highest crime rates. Human life is precious – but so is the ability to enjoy oneself. If we end all of the diverse festivals what will we have?

        And I think it is terrible that violence occurred today. Unfortunately, that happens many days in DC. If the chief of police says it is unrelated to the fest, lets not attribute it to the fest, until we hear evidence to the contrary.

        • That’s in one year… now there’s a potential 6 more in one day. I would say that’s a bit irregular.

    • I really don’t buy that. This event is so big that I don’t see how they could say it was unrelated. I think they were just trying to avoid bad PR for the festival. At least one of the victims was from Alexandria. I’m assuming they wouldn’t have even been there if not for the festival.

  • Also, let’s hold our council member responsible for this. Jim Graham stuck a deal with the Carnival President Rolland Barnes to DECREASE POLICE PRESENCE!

    Sorry to quote the last paragraphs of the TBD article, but this is truly outrageous and wreckless on the Jim Graham’s part. Good to know the group couldn’t afford the cops, but I guess who needs them anyway? If not so tragic, the irony would be hilarious …

    Quoted from the TBD article:

    Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham says “the city and the DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc., reached a compromise.” He says the shortening of the parade will decrease the cost of police officers for this year.

    “We collaborated with city officials for a shorter route with the understanding that next year the government would restore the event,” says Rolland Barnes, president of DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc.

    Sargeant said the future of the D.C. Carnival rest in the hands of city officials. “We embrace the opportunity to keep the program going here in D.C. However, if the financial challenges persist, we may have to relocate to another city,” he said.

    • Good thing you quoted it – because it doesn’t actually say that Graham struck a deal to decrease police presence. It says that they agreed to decrease the cost of the police presence by shortening the route. I don’t know about you (if you even attended the parade), but I saw a massive police presence the whole day.

      • If you think that you can save money by decreasing the parade route, thereby not needing as many police present (probably because of some silly DC code stating that you need x number of cops per city block closed), then you are making a big mistake – as evident today. In fact, by decreasing the parade route, you force more people in closer contact with each other – and actually needing more police. Heck, you may even have rival crews, who on a normal longer parade route, could enjoy the parade in their respective hoods, but when shortened, they then have to move into each others areas – thus causing more problems. While this is probably not what happened today, this kind of critical thinking and planning is currently absent from our District leadership.

      • Police presence, yes, but by no means massive. I was at Quincy Street, and saw a one cop on foot, and random motorcycle cops. No cop was around when I called 911 about the fight occuring between two teenagers at the bottom of the metro escalator. One girl was really bashing the hell out of another.

        • I gotta agree with you there. There was a police *presence*, but barely enough to be reactive and certainly not enough to actually control any situation. In previous years, they’d taped off GA Ave to prevent people from crossing during the parade. While I think it was actually a smart move from an enjoyment standpoint to *not* do it this year, it definitely led to more of a sense of chaos.

          In order to have a police presence that could actually control the situation, the number would have to be significantly enhanced, including mounted cops and riot gear. Go to one of the big parades in NYC and you’ll get a sense of what crowd control is. This was not it.

  • this is very sad. for the victims, for the witnesses, and because there is the inevitable fall out.
    even the discussion this far is sad.

    sad sad sad all around.

    • Sad my ass. It’s fucking pathetic that we have this going on week after week and it’s getting worse. What is going on with the youth (and adults) that they feel they need to be such crazy ass gunslingers all the time? Is it really that cool to be part of a crew, carry a gun, kill fellow citizens, break the jaw of a white woman, that it beats out being a productive member of civil society? I guess incivility and love of death is winning the day in our new multicultural nation. Fuck this.

  • I love the parade. But, I just came from Georgia Ave. & New Hampshire earlier this evening. There are kids running around down there with open containers on the sidewalk. Not a good sign. Police are in the area, but I’m sure they’re just trying to prevent the bigger stuff from happening. Trash everywhere. Hope it gets picked up. Hope nobody else gets hurt.

  • That area is known for drugs, violence, etc. anyway. Aren’t they trying to clean it up? Spare me the bullshit, like the police said IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EVENT. And please whoever mentioned Jamaica, leave it out. Everything that happen them say ah yardie do it.

    • Well maybe they shouldn’t hold the event in an area known for violence (as you put it) where people unknowingly put their lives at risk.

      • You’re right. They should definitely put the parade route down M St in Georgetown next year 😉

  • It took what, 50+ responses before someone–anyone– expressed any concerned for the actual victims (If you didn’t get shot or stabbed: you weren’t a victim)

    This is what’s get’s so wearisome about these recurring self-centered diatribes. You all move here with this utopian vision of some future state where crime doesn’t exist, black teenagers are subservient and polite and all your neighbors share your sense of accomplishment, entitlement and community. Get real and deal with the community you live in now.

    • We are all victims. The stress caused by living amidst an on-going toleration of thug violence is taking years off our lives. Many fear going outside to take a walk at night, or getting randomly shot by a DYRS ward like what happened to Neil. We all know how bad these kids behave and there is apparently nothing anyone can do about it. It is an embarrasment for the city and the nation that this persists as it does. 50 kids at a metro station involved with a shooting and it wasn’t the main story on nightly news? WTF?

      You know what is interesting, once I asked a Prince George’s County official about whether we have a crisis with our violent youth, and he actually said somthing like, “I am not concerned about whether a couple dozen kids get killed.” I guess that makes some sense, let em die, we need to build our megacity with or without them (??), wtf?!

    • I’m supposed to sit back and be fine with all the violence? WTH are you saying? I’m sorry I don’t support people who don’t have respect for human life. I’m so sick of hearing about the poor people who can’t help themselves. I’ve got people on my block who bought their house for 7K. No joke. They keep a nice yard, know all their neighbors are living a nice life, and welcome the new people. They don’t have fabulous educations nor are the wealthy. They are what you call respectful. Poor should not equal violence. I know all my neighbors. We check in with each other and care for one another. I live a block within where this shooting occurred. This does not represent our block and I’m offended that don’t expect more from your neighbors.

    • thanks for your self centered diatribe.

      Your statement about black teenagers and politeness is pretty offensive.

      People are trying to deal with the community they live in now, that’s why they’re upset about the violence.

    • I think we are dealing with it. Maybe you should deal with how it’s being dealt with. I guess being polite means not being an asshole and being subservient means not shooting someone. Sorry I set the bar so high…

  • please PoPville, don’t pretend to give a sh*t

    • these are the last days..things like this happen all the time.

    • PoPville cares, but it centers around eliminating crime to increase property values and encourage new businesses to come into the area. There may be a fleeting sense of sadness for the victims, but this is first and foremost a business and personal wealth issue. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but let’s call a spade a spade.

      • Well, also add in the fact that we live in these neighborhoods. I don’t think it’s cynical at all for people to want their neighborhoods to be safe. I think that’s the *first and foremost* issue here.

        • This is the same PoP comments section where gentrifying residents adamantly defend the safety of their neighborhoods, yes? Always pointing out that statistically, their neighorboods are as safe as anywhere else within a few percentage points? The same people who knew that problems existed in the neighborhoods that they speculatively bought into?

          I think most of the commenters of those threads are more concerned with keeping an image of safety, rather than actually eliminating crime… as long as it doesn’t impact them (or their property values).

          • That’s crazy talk. People don’t care deeply about the safety of their neighborhoods? You must not have kids.

            Those statistics are misleading — I think they’re cited by people who want to be mislead. It’s not about money, it’s about pride. Everyone, regardless of where they live or who they are, wants to take pride in their chosen neighborhood. They talk down the cons and talk up the pros. Human nature.

          • Perhaps the people stating these statistics don’t have kids. Obviously you do care about your neighborhood and want to see material changes to the crime its effects. That’s great, and you’re not part of the group I’m talking about. 🙂

      • His caring is motivated by his own self-interest?? Such a thing is unheard of!

        Also I fail to see anything wrong with that.

    • you may not. but i do.

  • surprise, surprise…a bunch of people get shot at a large public event on GA ave. I’m sorry I don’t feel sad for the victims. All I feel is anger at the city for not controlling the crime and violence problem. It is out of control. Way to bring us back to being the murder capital of the USA. And yes, this festival should absolutely be cancelled in the future.

    • you don’t feel sad for the victims? wtf?

      • the victims are probably part of a rival crew, if so then no sympathy for them.

        • Oh, PoP – I love your blog. I really do. But I swore off reading or responding to the comments over a year ago because peeps are such jerks.
          One of the victims was a friend of my neighbor’s across the street. She was just visiting and walking to the corner to watch the goings on.
          But that she was just caught in it to me is beside the point – nobody deserves to be shot.

          • thats horrible. i’m sorry. people make all kinds of ridiculous assumptions about victims here.
            and you’re right, no one deserves to be shot.

        • the victims turned out to be innocent bystanders.

          • all of them? I thought I saw on the news this morning that “some” of them were. Still no word on whether this was definitely a neighborhood crew thing or not either.

  • its the inevitable

  • Did anyone honestly think nothing was going to happen..what would you expect when you get a variety of people in a area.(all those different personalities,age groups,race etc.) it was like 300,000 people. But what i have noticed is when you get a bunch of rowdy people in a setting thats a recipe for disaster.

    • dc has a lot of gatherings of this size with just as much diversity in attendance. I don’t think anybody got shot at the colbert/stewart rally and there were way more people.

      lots of people doesn’t have to mean violent crime. in face, for most events in DC, it doesn’t.

      • Is it a fair to compare the demographics of the Colbert/Stewart rally with this? I am not sure they were at all similar.

        • That might be why he picked that event.

          • would the tea party rally be better? they’re certainly rowdy and you know those crazies love their guns.

            Seriously though, the point is just to say that violence isn’t inevitable just because you have a large gathering. Proper planning (including the location) and adequate policing can certainly help.

        • i can pick another event. the zoo disaster earlier this year.

  • I was at the festival today, and frankly hosted it in my back yard. I was worried about it, to be honest, given the massive amount of folks and the likelihood of problems. This city (been here 11 years) has a shiat trac record, and yo earn your rep as far as I am concerened, I am personally dismayed over this incident. I am lying if I said I was surprised it happened. However, I have a low opinion of the human race in general these days, so take my comment as you will. I shall say that the event was well policed, and in general well organized. I’d note that the violence took place away from the main festivities. Related to the Carnival? Yes, by proxy. The fault of? Likely not. Blame Ass-hats for being thuggish asshats. Cant even enjoy a farkin Carnival these days. By the way, the jerk chicken and patties at the stands were bloody amazing!

  • If there were any way to drop all the negative assumptions that come with race, this would be a fantastic forum for discussing some of the the ways this city is changing for the better.

    I shouldn’t have to qualify my low regard for this event by stating my tenure in the neighborhood or my race. I only want to join with those looking to do something about it–be that by improving it, moving it, or doing away with it altogether. “Those people” are the ones who come with no regard for the neighborhood and the organizers who permit the unruly behavior year after year in the name of culture. I don’t want take anything from people who enjoy the parade itself, but there’s simply no valid defense for the raucousness that spills onto side streets and dominates the Georgia-New Hampshire intersection hours after the parade and festival have ended.

    I can understand if some people haven’t hung around long enough in the day to witness the pandemonium, but you can’t see it and then say with honesty that violence near the event has nothing to do with the event. The stage for lawlessness is set and every year it gets a little bit worse. So someone was killed this year. What else has to happen before supporters and organizers take the problems seriously?

  • Just like how correlation in variables does not prove causality neither does adjacency in geography.

    • You’re talking to a brick walll, most people don’t acknowledge that your first statement is true so your second will be a long reach for them…

    • This wasn’t a controlled science experiment. Two events occurred in the same area – a festival, and a shooting. There are dozens of variables you’d have to indentify and analyze to see if there was any connection between the two events. You have no data to indicate whether or not the events were or were not related.

      Another way to look at it – had the festival not happened yesterday, would the shooting(s) still have occurred? If no, the events are related in some way.

  • Those sound trucks were too much. I live half a block from georgia and it was too loud to talk in my house, much less to go to the parade.

  • Who cares about “spelt”? I don’t. That is a Britishism! DUH

    (I really won’t give a crap if you make fun of any of my spelling or mechanics language on this post. It’s a blog comment not my thesis.)

    What is more offensive is to see an ONLINE PILE-ON people — like what happened to Islandgirl — even if I agree with BOTH of John and Islandgirl on certain ideas.

  • Thank God I moved to Jersey before all of the silly whites started moving in.

  • Pretty telling what the MPD is going to expect when they have a police chopper hovering over the parade all day long. They aren’t stupid, they knew that “something” like this was going to happen. From the looks of it, half the MPD must have been policing the neighborhood

    This street festival suffers similar issues every year. People who ignore or deny the issues with this specific demographic in DC are just being naive.

  • Ive been living in the area my whole life. People get shot around here only because its hoods around here. It has nothing to do with the festival if that’s the case should we cancel Howards Homecoming since somebody got shot during that too? Why take away from the community because its ignorant people who have “beef”?

  • Hahaha – MPD says it wasn’t related to the festival at all? Please. Even if it was a local crew, it definitely had some connection to the fact that there were hundreds of people on the streets around there, getting boozed up.

  • Ok i have read all of the comments thus far. First of all everyone fails to realize or REMEMBER what CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL IS and that is the problem. Without the proper support and sponsorship the event will be disorganization period. Any type of parade can be disorganized to a point so do not just say because it is a Caribbean Festival comprised of mostly colored people that this is what brought about all of the craziness. Caribbean Carnival is actually a positive event and sets to educate people especially the ignorant from labeling black folks as appearing to seem like “third world”. Caribbean people come from all parts of the world and one thing i know is we unite as one its never a black or white issue as in this blog with the labeling of YOU PEOPLE AND SILLY WHITE FOLKS and that is what WE AS IN CARIBBEAN/ AMERICAN ETC need to stray away from!…Island girl you know better because us carribean people come from a variety of backgrounds and no matter the negative comments to not stoop to others level….. As for the residents … Instead of criticizing go to the meetings DC Carnival Inc .. a non profit organization has a website and I am sure they would appreciate your comments and ways to improve for YEARS TO COME as well as help to make it a better function. After all as you stated its your neighborhood. And believe me I would not want the nonsense going on in my neighborhood either so I understand where you are coming from but NOTE THIS: The shooting that took place was a NEIGHBORHOOD WAR .. It had nothing to do with THE FESTIVAL just that Bystanders were still in the vicinity and unfortunately these innocent people got hurt 1 dead 3 hurt ( 1 of the 3 critical( what I read from FOX). At any rate.. quit complaining and do something about it.. Nobody will get anywhere.. Carribean Carnival takes place in many states now to express the culture , arts etc I remember going to Carnival in 2005/ 2006 and it was fine.. Seem like less cops around as well.. interesting… I know ignorance is everywhere alot of YOUNG PEOPLE have NO RESPECT.. and again its not a BLACK OR WHITE ISSUE.. I just believe that if you complain and gripe it does nothing but MORE PEOPLE need to STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    • You raise some good points. But if you really want to see this tradition survive, and if you want those unfamiliar with Caribbean culture to open their minds and hearts to it, then you must be honest about the peripheral activity that happens, without fail, every year.

      Because whether you want to admit it or not, it’s there, it undermines everything positive about the event, and denying it’s impact–or being ignorant of it–is tantamount to saying that it is in fact part of the culture and part of the event.

      Please don’t do that.

      • I never denied that the events could have contribute I stated what Fox News read which honestly I was surprised that they did not relate the two events@ Michelle and your statement is true it does undermine the culture and what the festival stands for…. I happened to just be walking by when everything was being investigated and could hear all the chatter some residents were still sitting outside their homes selling water like hey its no big deal… so had yet to speculate what really went on .. alot of fighting went on that day so ..yes alot of stuff contributing with or without the shooting there was still things going on that affected the neighborhood.Like I stated I hope something is done about it all.. and ends on a Positive Note. i usally do not attend anything but the parade of Saturday and go on Sunday afternoon to the Festivities what was in the Park ( more low key when I attend) and I liked that.. This year I stayed and kept saying to myself I like Sunday’s better…. the atmosphere and people that come out make it enjoyable…I think the overall move from the park may I add looks nice changes my views on attending as well.. I like the Park set up much better.. but hey that is my opinion 🙂

    • You seem to be missing the point. The parade alone is fine. I live half a block away from GA ave and enjoy going. Seemed to be an excessive amount of cops that are paid by the festival. But then the lingering, sidewalk parties that spill into the side streets, etc. are the issues. While the shooting might not be related to the parade, the massive amounts of people, booze and heat are surely connected. Plus let’s not ignore that there were fights and stabbings aside from the 20+ gunshots that could have hit more people. I don’t think that you can separate the parade from the afterwards unfortunately. The festival cannot financially support policing the streets for the 10 hours after the parade so what’s the solution. This festival is about ready to self implode. The people who need to stand up and the organizers. Where are they? Where is their outrage? Change starts from within.

      • Good Point @ Jules….Their strategy to get people off the streets does not work… driving cars through .. I think if they barracade it all the way from metro down then people have no choice but to walk on either side of the sidewalk.. I do not know if that would neccessarily work but they do not baracade much of anything

    • “Caribbean people come from all parts of the world”

      Really? I thought Caribbean people came from the Caribbean.

      • there are “caribbean” people with roots in africa, east asia, south asia, and europe. the whole concept of national identity is something different.

  • the embarrassing thing is that this news pretty much surprises no one…the sad thing is that this news pretty much surprises no one…the worst part is, these neighborhood beefs…the guys taking part in them dont even know wat theyre “beefing” over at this point

  • @John,thanks for letting us know all of your accomplishments – and that you’re black. Incidentally, I don’t think Islandgirl stated ethnicity in her comment. I’d just like to remind you, that the festival – with all it’s tons of litter and parking problems, and even the piss in your alley, were there long before you signed your lease or closing paperwork. Festivals have pros and cons, they come with trash, but they’re also evidence of people and culture that exist in a community. And many black and Caribbean citizens still reside in DC. Moreover, the festival brings revenue to the DC Metro Area.

    • +1

      And to add to this, the police in New Orleans face similar problems with Mardi Gras. But they are pro-active, place undercover officers to try to locate persons who are holding guns, do more pat-downs etc. I would love to see that happen here.

      • Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Instead of people calling for the end of the parade or complaining about noise/people/litter that has happened one day a year for the past 19 years, people should become EMBRACE their neighborhoods and come up with suggestions of making such events more tolerable.

        • We need solutions rather than suggestions. If the organizers can’t afford the cops needed to put on a safe event where fights don’t break out all over the place and people get stabbed/shot, then they can’t afford to put on an event period. It’s pretty simple. Did you watch those videos posted above?

          The whole idea that “this is normal for the hood” needs to go the way of the dodo bird. It’s not acceptable behavior under normal circumstances, and it’s certainly not acceptable under circumstances where people are gined up, have the run of the streets because no cops are around.

          Hell, this doesn’t happen during Chinese New Year festivities. Doesn’t happen during Pride. It may be that it’s possible to put on a great CF without incident, but the reality is the money’s not there to support a non-violent CF on the scale done in the past

          • Well,

            I saw a huge brawl at RFK stadium last week between Salvadorian Fans and a few Panamanian Fans after the Gold Cup Game. I don’t see anybody calling for the end of having soccer at RFK.

            In addition, ADAMS MORGAN, is full of violence every weekend from every group of people that walk that street. Yet and still, I don’t see anybody calling for the closing of the club strip even though many Adamns Morgan residents hate it.

            It’s sad but when you move to certain area/or go to certain events, you know there is a propensity for things not go smoothly. However, it’s your decision to either deal with it and try to make it better or just don’t move to certain areas or go to certain events.

            I will agree that there is a need for additional resources for this festival given the amount of people drawn to it. However, donate and give suggestions because this event is not going anywhere in the near future.

          • All day long, when I had thought of this event, I had actually thought of the way Adams Morgan used to be. That famous line from the movie Chinatown:

            “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

            The last line. Implication is that the conventional rules don’t apply in this lawless section of town.

            People do call for an end to Adams Morgan — by proxy. (Any other type of outcry would be politically DOA.) They lobby against Adams Morgan II, which is seemingly about to crop up in any neighborhood that opens a new bar. Of course, nowadays AM is much better. Their BID — or whatever association pools shopkeeper money — hires more cops than in previous years.

            This is about more than just a single event. This event has come to represent the best and worst of DC.

    • @ Mary,
      You are right. Islandgirl did not state ethnicity. Sarah Palin also never stated ethnicity when she said to her audiences in the 2008 election that Obama was not “one of us” or “did not have our values”. We all know that there is a way to say something without saying it. Just like you tried to slip in an insult with your first sentence. You are right, the festival was here before I came. Are you saying that I should not want progress? Are you saying that I should not want my neighborhood respected? Are you saying that just because the trash, piss, and loitering have been happening for years, I should just learn to live with it? Slavery happened for years. Jim Crow laws happened for years. Women were not allowed to vote for years. Gays and lesbian have had their rights trampled on for years. D.C. still does not have the right to vote. Do you still think it is OK to just keep the status quo? My argument is nowhere near as prolific and Frederick Douglas’ or Dr. King’s, but just letting wrong things happen because they always have is wrong in and of itself. I have been to the Parade because it is a half a block from my house. I enjoyed it, but if it and it’s aftermath cannot be controlled, it must be ended. If it were gay pride or St. Patrick’s Day and this happened I would say the same thing. Bottom line…no festival is worth anyone’s life. People died. Let’s not forget that. You can try to hide it all you want, but the festival and it’s aftermath are responsible.

  • ooooo…so this had nothing too do with the festival???

    a target=”_blank” href=”″>click here

    or this??

    a target=”_blank” href=””>click here

    a target=”_blank” href=”″>click here

    its sad :*(

    • Thanks for sharing those links. The shooting victim clips were particularly sad to watch. That one guy looks dead.

  • Found this video on Twitter of a fight that broke out during the festival. I’m glad that all the men standing around were not concerned about the violence, but whether or not they were going to see some boobs.


    sorry to repost, these are just easier to access than my poorly coded ones.

    I’m sad about it, but i think it should be shared to give more perspective.

  • Fighting aside, my cat particularly didn’t appreciate the parade. Instead of spending a normal day lounging in the sun by the sliding door, I found him very upset and cowering under the bed. He has just starting to calm down 🙁 Parades are nice and all, but island folk make such a racket. I mean, is it really necessary to have an 18 wheeler-sized sound system !!!?!?! I’m just glad that my poor kitty didn’t with the outrageous booty clapping and mean mugging on the streetz. I don’t think he would recover from the over-stimulation.

    In deciding whether to grant a parade permit for the event next year I, for one, hope that the city considers the trauma that this event can cause to indoor pets. A strict decible limit should be enforced. There is just no reason for a parade to be so loud. Our indoor animals simply should not be subject to such stress

    One love !!!

    • Sorry, but I doubt if they put a strict decibel limit on the parade. Your cat and all of the other indoor pets are just going to have to endure like all of the other indoor pets have done for the past 19 years!

    • There are ordinances in place throughout the city limiting noise levels. The festival organizers would have been forced to obtain a variance/permit to exceed the legal decibel SPL.

      I’d try to find out what the noise regulations are in your area. There is likely a law limiting continuous noise to a certain sound level.

      Next time there is ultra-loud music like this outside, call the police non-emergency number. If the music is so loud that it interferes with your use and enjoyment of your home – inside your home no less – it’s almost certainly illegal.

      If you want to get serious about the issue of noise pollution, buy a decibel meter and start documenting the sound levels during these events.

    • My dogs weren’t thrilled by the noise but boy did they love helping with the clean up during their walk this morning. We call the morning after “Chicken Bone Day”, it is their favorite holiday.

    • if you are joking, it’s in poor taste… if you are serious, you’re quite the insensitive prick. this post is right under those talking about the guy who died… But please, do tell me more about your cat.

  • sure as hell glad i didn’t go.

  • Sorry, but let’s be real. Petworth, Columbia Heights, Brightwood, Parkview, etc are all prone to violence, regardless if this event is taking place or not.

    If there was no carnival and 4 people gotten shot alongside Georgia Avenue, would any of you be shocked? I know I wouldn’t be!!!

    BTW, this is from a NW resident who has lived adjacent to Georgia Avenue my entire life.

  • Overall, I love this event. One day a year it brings a different type of atmosphere to Georgia Avenue. It’s one of the richest cultural events that DC has to offer. I think the biggest problem this year was the fact that the parade route was cut shorter and the amount of police presence diminished. That essentially packed tons of people in a smaller area which would have been more dispersed. This caused the event to seem more unorganized than normal.

    At the end of the day, this event has been going on for years. I doubt if anybody or issue will end the it’s existence. Personally, if I don’t feel like being bothered, I just stay in the house or go out that day. I advise those with such issues to do the same.

    • “rich cultural event.” lol. dc carnival is nothing but an excuse for md and dc crew to fight, which has nothing to do with caribbean culture.

      • Really,

        I’ve never seen a fight during the years that I’ve been going. I sit alongside Georgia Avenue and watch the parade participants representing many nations. The costumes, the music, the food are all elements of the cultures of these countries.

        If all you have seen has been “an excuse for Md and DC crew to fight”, than I’m sure you’ve never been to this carnival and you are passing judgment based off of second hand information.

        • This year was the first time I went, and I had a fantastic time – this despite seeing a fight break out.

      • You are entitled to your opinion, but clearly this festival means a lot to many, many participants and residents of this area. To deny that is disingenuous.

        That said, the violence is tragic and needs aggressive, intelligent policing all days of the year, including this fest.

  • Please. I was stuck in traffic on Georgia Ave at 2:00 (ish) yesterday and with all the thug actions and thug wear I saw there isn’t a single person that is going to tell me it wasn’t all connected. It all goes hand in hand.
    It’s ghetto life people.

    Pull your pants up for Gods sake.

    • it’s all connected, everything, and it starts with your white daughter hanging out with black guys, right?

      i grew up in a tough neighborhood, listen to mostly rap, and have always been around hip hop culture. i also go to johns hopkins sais. wearing vineyard vines and boat shoes around doesn’t necessarily equate safe, and it sure doesn’t equate intelligence.

  • Yeah. We left town for the day and came home around 10 pm to garbage everywhere and MPD floodlights at the corner.

    I get it that you love the parade. I don’t get the disregard for your nrighbors or the sense of entitlement. It’s right on par with those who say you should embrace gentrifcation or leave

  • I almost went this year. Based on the information here, with the videos on youtube, I doubt I will ever go. Plenty else to do in town on a summer weekend that doesn’t draw gang members.

  • what a shame….first the zoo on African family day and now the carribean festival…why does it seem when many african americans are together violence seems to appear…very sad and wish it wasnt this way

    • Yes, we all wish that DC wasn’t taxed without congressional representation or that religious fanatics didn’t dictate the laws of our lands. It seems as though when many white Americans are together, things always happens that never builds anything but sure provide mass destruction in the name of power. Either the destruction of people, countries, resources, white Americans never take true responsibility for anything.

      Your comment can be use as a general comment for all groups on many different subjects.

      • you leaped to the wrong side of the argument.

      • religious fanatics don’t write the laws of our land anymore than left wing socialists do. chill out and stop talking nonsense.

        • No, the religious fanatics just keep our politicians from passing laws that will benefit different groups. Gay marriage, abortions, single parents adopting, etc has nothing to do with this group of people but yet and still, they lobby their congressmen to put a stop on human rights.

          So instead of you talking nonsense, chill out and try to get the point of the statement.

  • bfinpetworth

    We went to the parade around the Upshur St area. We had a ball and felt very welcome as some of the few white people in sight. But we could tell as you looked down Ga Ave that things were jammed up and were going to get dicey. Crowds do that.

    Back in the day, the norfolk Harborfest would attract hundreds of thousands of people to a fairly small area in downtown. I recall seeing gangs of white rednecks roaming around, looking for fights, and sometimes just jumping someone for the hell of it. Crowds like that mixed with lots of beer results in that kind of behavior. Itain’t all about black and white.


    If this is true it’s time to light a fire under the police and government officials ass. Get that “gang” member OUT of this neighborhood now. STOP the violence. Lock that block down, do whatever it takes. Just end this shit.


  • Look. I’m from Boston originally. I grew up on their St. Patrick’s day parade. I have seen these kinds of things run the right way and the wrong way. You can’t complain about the people in the neighborhood or the police. All I know is this was my first experience with the Caribbean festival and lets get straight to the point. It is horribly run. There was no regulation on any level whether it was the virtually non-existent crowd control and security, the lack of fluidity of the actual parade, or the misaimed focus of the actual culture displayed in the event. The organizers of this event are corrupt pieces of shit and clueless on how to organize. Its things like these that push people out of the neighborhood.

  • I’ve been going to DC Carnival for the past 15 years. I agree that it was poorly organized this year due to financial constraints, among other things. In years past the concentration of people in such a small area was not as much of an issue because the parade was about 3 miles long, whereas this year it was roughly a mile and a half. Putting that many people in such a small area is just asking for problems. In addition, the parade (with the trucks and people in costumes) was over in about 3 hours (11am-2pm), whereas in past years it has gone on until ~4-430pm. There was too much empty time in the afternoon for people to idle. There was no more parade to watch/participate in, which just gave time for people to act ridiculous. I think the organizers and the DC government fumbled this year overall. I just feel bad that people who may have never been before will use this poor showing to judge the carnival as a whole. Both sides of the argument have valid points, but I just wish we didn’t have to take every single argument and make it about race. Sometimes it is about race, but in this case it’s about raising our kids to act better

  • I want to first of all say that I am a 28 year old Black & Chinese woman. My husband is from Trinidad & Tobago and I am just going to speak the truth. I love attending Caribbean events they are fun and full of culture. DC carnival has been fun in the past but is rapidly declining in quality. I understand how the residents might not want to see it continue in their neighborhood and that is for any event that will bring this kind of drama. If they asked to have it on my street I’d vote HELL NO. If they asked to have a HIP HOP Festival on my street I’d vote HELL NO. IF they asked to have a Rock n Roll concert on my street I’d vote HELL NO. Events like this are seen as an opportunity to break free/ let your hair down/ throw your inhibitions to the wind but people don’t want this happening near their homes and families point blank, everyone should understand that. There are rowdy black people, white people, Latin people, Indian people and so on and that is why Events of this size should be held in a venue such as a stadium that way they are more controlled and predictable. If they have it at a stadium they can search people for weapons, drugs, alcohol and you have already eliminated 75% of the problem now you can filter out the people that are already intoxicated or high and not admit them and there is another 20% of the problem. You cannot predict or prevent all of the problems but you can eliminate a huge part of the risk. The residents should not be forced to endure this event everyone that participates should do so voluntarily. The guys who were shooting have been causing problems in the area since February this year and were connected to another shooting then. He was sent to NY and being monitored and returned to DC this weekend. If the area is prone to crime that would seem more of a reason to have it somewhere else why add fuel to the fire and risk the innocent people who come to enjoy the carnival but are not aware of the threat of the area (if that is the case)

  • We need to look at the real facts here. The parade was cut in half and police were rushing us down the road. This resulted in the parade ending 2 hours earlier than in the past. Indeed there was a significant amount of police presence during the parade and it seems that they were trying to provoke participants. Additionally, the horses with no diapers and the officers riding through the center of the parade was in poor taste and shows a lack of respect for caribbean culture. West Indians are used to having nearly the whole island gather for carnival without incident. At best some may have a little too much to drink,however, those few usually don’t disturb anyone. After the parade ended at 2:45 all officers were let go. This left thousands of teens who have no respect for themselves,others, or Caribbean culture with nothing to do. I happened to see that group involved in the brawl before they even started. I noticed that they looked as if something was brewing. I began looking for police at around 5. Not one in sight. I did find Howard’s officer and began to tell her when suddenly the brawl broke out. I proceeded to the next block to find the EMTs trying to revive Mr.Foster. This brawl as well as the shooting began around 5 this is 2 hours and 15 minutes after the event ended. Most of the participants were gone. As I was walking back to my car I noticed thousands of teens with no understanding of carnival just hanging out. I saw 2 strippers in front of the Penthouse stripping in broad daylight as well as other disgusting acts of lewdness. None of this has anything to do with carnival as the Caribbean is actually very conservative and has laws in place for indecent exposure. Had the parade not have been shortened particpants would have still been on the road with excessive police presence and I feel that none of this would have happened.Now for those that blame Carnival for the violence I ask you to look at the number of car break ins,violence,and homicides on Georgia Ave. I’m very familiar with this area and fear for my own 18 year old son as moves about in an area known for turf wars and gangs. Our youth are out of control and desensitized.

  • Sad to see people are actually blaming a carnival for violence… I lived in DC all my life… and Violence has been here in DC waaaaaay before Carnival came about jus to refresh your memory… And violence is gone happen again after the carnival… There is Violence everywhere in DC and you wanna bitch about a carnival… cuz if u from DC like I am… You already know shit happens EVERY DAMN DAY… because your naive if you think you safe ANYWHERE in this country… and your dumb as fuck if you think you safe in a big (major) city… (I.E. New York, LA, Atlanta, Miami…etc) shit can pop off anywhere… jus remember

  • (I.E…. D.C., New York, LA, Atlanta, Miami…etc)

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