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  • i love this section of capitol hill. these will sell like gourmet burgers

  • Sadly, the developer of my building is behind this…which means it will retain its horse’s ass award. They’re frauds who make every imaginable shortcut.

  • you should really follow up and post about the this old nominee thats really did a 180!

  • Agreed, Jen! I got to take a tour of that place a few weeks ago — they’ve done an AMAZING job with it. Really gorgeous, unique new single family home in what was once an eyesore.

    PoP, hold off a few weeks, because they’re not yet finished with the exterior. It’s gonna look fantastic when done — they’re making custom wood doors for all the openings (current doors/openings are just placeholders), landscaping, painting, etc. It’s gonna look awesome.

  • Who is the developer? Which other building did they build that you live in?

  • The true tragedy behind this building is that it was allowed to fall into such disrepair by the current owners, making it an uninhabitable slum. The residents were mostly Ethiopian Immigrants just trying to make a better life for themselves, only to be treated worse, here in the “Land of the Free” by greedy, self-serving slum lords. I can only hope that these criminals were stripped of their ownership of this building and in no way profited from this transaction. They should be in jail.

  • I got to tour this building in January to recommend low cost “green” improvements. They are taking it down to the studs and opening the units to more natural light. After this building was vacant, homeless people broke in and lived on the lower floors, having open fires since there was no heat. Of course, this didn’t end well, and the place caught fire, and most of the lower floors are just wrecked.

    My understanding was that the developer needed to keep improvement costs down because these were going to be income qualifying units or transitional housing, not market rate. They have some complicated deal with the city on the property, so they can’t just turn them into fancy condos.

    We asked them to provide bike parking out front since there is no space for a car parking lot.

  • Who is the developer?

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