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  • Wow, that does look nice. Good real estate.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!

    Setting the bar high for others on H. I like it. Imagine if this ever happens to GA Ave…

  • Emmaleigh504

    I really hate that color, but they did it so well, I can’t hate it too much. The whole building is looking good!

  • love it. and think this is the est ethiopian in the city.

  • I’ve been there a few times and the service and the food is always great. The prices are about right considering the portions are rather big. The new exterior is looking great.

  • It looks great, but Comic Sans isn’t gonna fly with the 2011 H St NE crowd

  • Awesome. Love the food and gracious service. The previous exterior may have been my only knock against the place, and now it looks fantastic.

    • That and it’s limited size and need for reservations … and if I could only get my kid to eat anything ethiopian, it would be a total winner.

  • Wow, I live in the neighborhood and walk by the restaurant every day, but I didn’t realize how dramatic the renovation was until I saw these pics. Ethiopic has great food and service, and it’s owned by one of the nicest couples you’ll ever meet.

  • it’s pretty shocking how nice h street has become.

  • I like the mint-green paint and the white trim… but isn’t that the (justly reviled) typeface Comic Sans in the lettering of the restaurant’s name??

    • That is the first thing I noticed. It looks fantastic but the Comic Sans kills it for me. Thankfully their food is good enough that overlooking the sign is easy. (Same goes for Atlas Room, which also has an atrocious sign.)

  • What a dramatic change! Looks great.

  • I forgot to mention that I like what they’ve done with the street-level windows.

  • Went for the first time last weekend and who shows up to eat with his fam, Ben Bernanke, food was excellent, service was great, but they forgot one of the things we ordered

  • Love it.

  • Great job!! I was wondering what would come of the reno

  • Well, here comes the nit picker. First, IT LOOKS FABULOUS. But, they only got it 90% right. Note how the 4th street roof above the window bump out ends differently than that of the window bump out on H street side. They could have gone for a more historically accurate looking window bay style. 90% is awfully good, don’t get me wrong. Everyone (including me) will be happy with the change as it was BAD before. But technically, they did miss an opportunity to get it 100% right, which would look even better and provide the building’s owner an even bigger return on their investment in the future. I know, I know…shoot the messenger! 😉

  • I love the green. Awesome renovation, awesome place. Go H Street!

  • Comic Sans? Seriously? Horse’s Ass Award!

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