Danny Atcitty lll Missing Since Saturday

“Dear PoP,

Last saturday around 9:30 pm a friend of mine left the club that we were (club cobalt at 1639 R Street Northwest) and has not been seen since. He is filed as a missing person and the police say that he has an open case. there has been no activity on his phone since saturday night aswell as no activity on his bank cards. Police have run his social and he hasnt turned up in any hospitals, jails or the Morgue. They have also searched for him as a john doe and have come up empty. His name is Danny Atcitty lll, he is 6ft roughly between 160-180lbs, native indian with black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. he was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt with AX in large red letters on the front, blue jeans and black and white converse. Ive attached a photo of what he was last seen wearing. Please if you could help me and his family would be so grateful.”

A facebook page has been created here.

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  • Oh, how I hate these stories. My heart aches for his family and friends. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there might still be a happy ending.

  • Hope Danny is home, safe and sound, very soon.

  • I hope he is found safe and soon.

  • updates on the facebook page. sounds like he just lost his phone and was off from work for the week. pretty hilarious a city-wide campaign was mounted to find the guy if that’s true.

    • I’m amazed that no one has an address for him.

    • thank G-D

    • Hope it is indeed true that he has been found or that it is just a case of lost phone/staycation.

      I don’t know Danny at all, but I really dislike these sorts of stories where people disappear. Here’s to hoping for a good outcome for his family and friends.

  • Hope it is nothing serious.
    Not to go off topic, but I have been trying to get in touch with somebody (not stalking) by phone, text, and email. Technology today allows us to be continually “connected” but also makes it very easy to ignore people, or put off contact. I honestly don’t know if this person is alive or dead at this point.

  • andy

    Is there any reasonable way not to assume something very bad here? I don’t want to, but I have trouble believing it possible that this guy just decided he hated everyone he knew and was abandoning his life up to that point, or something similar. What a downer.

    • andy

      wait. just reread the comments. dude is fine, just a very poor communicator? actually, pretty believeable alternative to something bad.

  • Given the epidemic of anti-gay hate crime in DC (much of it in Dupont/U st area), I don’t blame Danny’s friends for freaking out. But it’s still probably pretty embarassing!


  • Danny is Alive and well and back in DC and posting on FB

  • He was found at a BAR or all things and alive!! I posted this as well, but after hearing deleted it as soon as I heard. I blame his two little girl friends he was with at the time of his missing departure, they should have stayed with him at all times as a friend would. This was a great ploy and waste of time for us all. a couple of big bars along 17th st. also posted things. Once again, I blame his friends and HIM for not getting ahold of people to tell them he was off the whole week and partying it up in DC.

  • this kind of thing and that guy a few weeks ago that “went missing” really makes people care less the next time someone goes missing.

    have some decency people, let your friends know what you’re doing.

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