Capital Pride Parade Sat. 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Photo by PoPville flickr user  idit.

From Capital Pride:

Capital Pride Parade
June 11, 2011 | 05:30 PM – 08:30 PM

The annual Capital Pride parade steps off on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 5:30pm. It will travel through Dupont Circle, 17th Street, and through northwest Washington DC.

Mark your calendars and come out for this event that has received City Paper’s “Best of” Award for Best Parade 4 years in a row!

Click HERE for the Parade Map!

Metro: Dupont Circle (Red Line)

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  • Hopefully Tracy Morgan isn’t the grand marshal.

    • @imai; Countless African-American comedians “go there” with their routines and some white stand-ups do as well (think about Sarah Silverman & Kathy Griffin for example). Being offended by an African-American stand-up comedian running his mouth about gays is being a little too sensitive. Think about the old show ‘In Living Color’, particularly the ‘Men of Film’ sketches with Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier. Blacks “go there” with gays, n-word and so on.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble but playing the race card won’t work this time.

      • Having a joke at the expense of gays is one thing and we’ll all laugh because we can have a sense of humor. Saying you would stab your son with a knife if he was gay is a TOTALLY different thing…dear.

      • “Men on Film” never said they would STAB their own child if he was gay.

        The “intention” of the 2 are not comparable.

    • And remember Eddie Murphy’s bit in the 80s about how he ad his friends loved to harass gay men?

  • You will not see many gay black male faces at this mostly white gay oriented Capital Pride. The gay community is very segregated.

    Gay white males aren’t a minority in the United States. They still belong to the white majority.

    • And who’s fault is that?

      • @J; maybe black gay men don’t feel welcomed at the mostly white gay male event.

        • Maybe because they have their own Pride event. It’s called “Black Gay Pride” in case you were not aware.

      • Almost all communities dominated by a white majority have elements of racism deeply embedded in their thinking and actions.
        Think about heteronormativity and just translate it into our collective history of white domination.
        White concerns are assumed to be the default concerns, and more often than not, the most legitimate concerns.
        Unless a movement is really actively anti-racist, it will have the tendency to silence minorities.

        In order to not recreate oppression, there needs to be an explicit choice by white people in the movement to slow down and listen when people of color are speaking.

    • There’s always Black Pride week if people don’t feel comfortable at DC Pride.

      • @Jeff; I guess that’s why the blacks have their own Black Pride week due to racism and segregation within the gay community. We you think of gay pride, most people think of white gay males, because the media tend to show white gay men.

        • “White concerns are assumed to be the default concerns, and more often than not, the most legitimate concerns.”

          If more black, gay men will voice their concerns, and not be ashamed and “downlow,” maybe it will be heard.

          All this “whites discriminating blacks” is so one-sided. There is reverse discrimination also. Nobody mentions that.

  • link to map not working.

  • I have plenty of African American friends both gay and straight who are going to the parade. Quit trying to label DC as segregated. It only furthers stereotypes. Make some eye contact and greet others. It’s a great way to break down the barriers that you’re only furthering by making these comments.

    • Totally agree, I think this is likely a bit of a vestige of the older community.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble, but DC is one of the most segregated cities in America.

      • DC is still the South and many gay white males in DC come from middle America or the South where segregation and racism still exist in 2011.

        • You’re an idiot.

          That’s all.

          • @Trueeblue, why can’t individuals have opinions without the name calling or personal attacks? During the mayoral elections last year, DC residents saw have divided this city is based on race and class. Apparently, many black gay and lesbians around the United States must not feel inclued by the mostly white gay prides. It they did, they wouldn’t have or need Gay Black Prides.

          • Vinnie –

            When was the last time you were at one of these things?? It’s pretty damn mixed. And as for your election comment – don’t forget that only 20% of the population actually got off their asses to vote. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly say much about the energy behind your racism theory.

          • @trueblue – you are living in a fantasy land if you think racism and discrimination doesn’t exist any more.

            Where do you live?

            I take it you don’t pass construction sites of new building with “Whities stay out” written on the signs?

    • Washington, DC segregates itself…hense Black Gay Pride.

      • Black Pride is an event that originated in DC and has spread recently to other cities. The reason for this event of for African-American men to come together, share, and celebrate their experiences that for many have been challenging and quite different from experiences of white gay men. It’s not meant to segregate but to allow them to share their similarities and struggles and grow from these. People of different races, nationalities, gender, and faith have events for their own purposes. This is not about segregation. You clearly don’t understand the gay community.

  • What a silly, whiney thread. Let’s play “who’s the biggest victim”.

    Here’s a clue: “black pride [or insert group name here]” groups represent black self-segregation, and perpetuate racial obsession and racial grievance. Cart, horse; something has to change. A good place to start would be official self-segregation.

    • People have a right to their opinions. As an white heteroexual man, I don’t know what it’s like to be gay or to be a gay black man. I do know, my being white, I don’t have to deal with the daily hardships as black men, whether they are gay or straight. I watched the 1986 movie ‘Soul Man’ today on cable with the actor C. Thomas Howell. It made me think about my own prejudices.

      • “As an white heteroexual man, I don’t know what it’s like to be gay or to be a gay black man. ”

        …but that surely won’t stop me from commenting (at least 5 times) about gay or black issues.

      • LOL @ Soul Man.

        Try renting the mini-series, “Roots.” 🙂

    • Suggesting that blacks stop bonding together to support each other and give positive affirmation in contrast to the ugly, stupid, lazy, feral stereotypes is preposterous. When white males stop self-segregating then there will be no need for minorities to.

  • All I know is that I am gay, and the traffic made me homophobic.

  • I went last night with my girlfriend and we had a blast. It was very cool to see everyone having fun and being who they are! I will certainly be there next year!

  • Racism in the gay community… unfortunately, it exists. I had something similar happen to me while on vacation last August. There’s a line between racial preference and downright prejudice and it’s always disheartening whenever a group commonly targeted by the intolerant has some form of bigotry all their own. It’s really hypocrisy in my eyes, and it’s tragic. On gay sites like Adam, you will see many ads by white gay males stating, they’re not into black men or they don’t find gay black men attractive. Only WASP blond blue eyed males must apply.

    • On straight dating sites you will also find folks expressing a preference for the opposite sex of a particular race/ethnicity — sometimes of the same race/ethnicity, sometimes of a different race/ethnicity, sometimes both.

      So, what’s your point?

      You cannot help who you/what you find attractive in a sexual partner. Some people like sexual partners who have a particular physical feature — fat, thin, big butts, big chests, well developed biceps, triceps, legs, a particular facial shape, facial hair, lack of facial hair, shape of facial hair, whatever.

      Skin color fits into that and not only just across races — some people like white skin but don’t like freckles, for instance. Others love freckled skin. Some people like blonde hair, but only straight, not curly — some people the reverse. Some people love red hair, some people don’t like it.

      So long as this preference doesn’t affect what you do outside selection of your sexual partner(s), there’s nothing racist about it.

    • Max, sexual preference is not racism. Maybe you’ve been turned down too many times by guys not of your racial background?

      I’m Asian, and have dated whites, Asians, blacks, Latins, but I prefer guys who are tall, intelligent guys with facial hair. I don’t consider myself “racist” because of esthetic preferences.

    • Again, @ Max – “they don’t find gay black men attractive.”

      So you have seen profiles that says this verbatim, or are you letting your damaged ego read and “hear” this?

  • My wife and I had a blast at the Parade last night, had some Mexican food on 17th streey, and then walked over to Towne for some good times and music!

  • oooops… Streey = Street!

  • For what it’s worth, I attended the parade on Saturday evening after reading some of the initial comments on this thread (which would have you believe that the Parade would only be a sea of young, white, gay men). I’m happy to report back that that wasn’t the case at all, and racial diversity was well represented in both the supporters lining 17th street, as well as participants dancing their asses off on the floats.

  • I think Pride is mostly a white thing, but also mostly a guy thing. Asking around at Phase One Saturday night I discovered that none of us lesbians had gone to the parade.

    • You and your friends should have attended. There were lots of lesbians out and abour having a great time.

      • Not friends necessarily, just random girls I saw out that night. It seems like most of us have gone once and didn’t really think it was worth going to again.

        • Again, sorry to hear. You should give it another try. Come out and let us see you and meet you. We love our lesbian sisters!!

  • whatever, black or white, Pride Parades are the best and always a great time, especially on a beautiful day. Cheers!

  • After reading these earlier comments and having attended the parade, I’d say that more than half of those in the parade and very large presence of those watching the parade were people of color. I think the original comments regarding DC being segregated are just coming from another jaded person who isn’t achieving some level of happiness in their own personal life and taking it out in a form of bashing the city in which they reside. Yes, I realize that there are elements of racism, homophobia, and other forms of hate that still exist but making generalized comments about a very progressive city in which we live are destructive and more of a statement about the person making the comments. Happy Pride everyone! Glad to see such a wonderful event in a great city!!

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