Anyone Check out the Truckeroo Food Truck Fest?

Photo by Capitol Riverfront BID

A few readers have inquired about last Friday’s Truckeroo located across from Navy Yard Metro Station, and billed as “a monthly festival held June thru October at the corner of Half St. and M St., SE showcasing food trucks from the Washington, D.C. area.” – unfortunately I was out of town – did anyone have a chance to check it out? Food Truck Fiesta wrote:

The event ran from 11am – 9pm and featured bands, picnic tables, cornhole (bean bag toss) games along with a selection of adult beverages. The lunch time crowd was strong, but it was the late evening crowd that eclipsed those earlier attendance numbers. The event is expected to be held monthly during the summer and fall seasons.

I’ll be sure to announce the time/date of the next one.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Takka-San

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  • I got there at around 7. The lines were ridiculous (an hour +) and a number of trucks ran out of food. At one point the Fojol Brothers were just selling pumkin curry. A few trucks ran out of food with tons of people still in line. Most of the lines were orderly though. The only exception was a pizza truck. That was just a mess.

    The beer was priced well though. It was $6 for a 16 oz and they had pretty decent options. The only thing they might need more of (other than food) is bike parking.

  • I did. It was interesting enough I might go back…but I won’t be ordering the Tempeh Sandwich from El Floridian again.

    And the 3 bean posole was pretty bad as well…beans were underdone and crunchy.

    Lobster Truck and Eat Wonky were great.

    Beer was overpriced.

    So 2 for 5…but at Nats Park/Biergarten, that’s a pretty good afternoon.

  • Got there at 630. It was nice to be outside and drinking beer while eating from food trucks.

    Food trucks ran out: CapMac (a huge draw for me) was out before we got there. DangerouslyDeliciousPies was out of everything except Tofu and the dessert pies.

    It was nice that I got to try multiple trucks but waited in line for about 30 minutes for each one. Plus side of this was that we had time to digest our food between trucks.

    Overall, a great idea and I’d go back again. Just please stock more mac n cheese.

    Random comment though, did anyone else get lightheaded because of the lack of oxygen/exhaust/people?

  • Can’t really blame the trucks for running out of food. The crowds were large and the trucks have limited space. I got there around 5:30 and just went for the shortest line I could find – Sauca. The Mumbai Butter Chicken was really really good. I’d get it again and skip the hour long wait for tacos, mac and cheese, etc.

  • Good beer and margaritas but lines were loong by the time I arrived at 6:45 PM. I would advise cutting out of work a little early if you are going for the food.

  • Huh? No offense, but this seems like a fiasco. Long lines, no food, under cooked food, risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. I know beer can make it “all good”, but there’s some real faint praise here.

    • Agreed, I love that more events are coming to SW but this one sounds terrible. I’ll admit I still don’t understand the food truck craze.

  • went at lunch time around noon. next time will probably go earlier around 11, or after the rush. the lines were long but not unmanageable. got the empanadas…3 for $9 and you can try all 3 and they were good stuff. and i didnt even need beer to bear it.

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