913 U St, NW Getting Completely Gutted

Back in mid-April we learned that 913 U St, NW (next to Velvet Lounge) would be becoming a restaurant. Last weekend I saw how serious the renovations are:

I’m def. eager to find out how the space turns out and more importantly who will be moving in. Stay tuned.

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  • Yes! Keep the development moving Eastward!

  • andy

    wow. hard to call that a renovation – it looks like if they didn’t put in the joists it would be an empty lot.

  • The owner also owns 911 U and is completely renovating the building to house a nightclub. The owner has not indicated what genre of nightclub it will be.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I must be tired, I read that sign as “Meth Lab”.

  • Please no more Ehiopian restaurants, dry cleaners, gay or hipster bars, or Subways. Please.

    • ledroittiger

      This isn’t the new Thai restaurant that Taw from Thai X-ing is doing, is it?

    • Wait, there is one gay bar on U St. One. Is that too many?

      • No but it just so happens that the (arguably) biggest one in the city is directly across the street.

        • Boogers, here is a little bit of DC history for you from someone who has lived in this area for almost 25 years. The gay men were the urban pioneers who in the bad days moved into Columbia Heights, Logan Circle, past 14th Street, Shaw, and all points east. We fixed up the houses and made those neighborhoods safe so that you and your straight friends from the suburbs can push your baby strollers down the street to nice restaurants and shops. We have earned the right to have our bars in these neighborhoods. Fuck you, asshole.

  • This block is really filling in nicely. It will be quite a different place once the Brixton opens up a few door down – and they are definitely making some serious progress on that place.

  • What is happening with the large space on the NW corner of 9 and U streets?

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