Time for ice cream!!

Ice CreaM

Okay, its getting a bit hot and bothery-like out there.

Of course, my mind turns to ICE CREAM!

I know the comings and goings of various frozen yogurt, ice cream, and ice establishments is a regular topic here, but I’m curious which is your favorite for a good old fashioned cone?

My personal preference is for Summer Delights in Takoma Park (kinda quirky and fun–and they make delicious ice cream). I’m also fond of Moorenko’s in Silver Spring (when the staff isn’t blaring techno music–such an odd choice for an ice cream joint). And, of course, I will never turn down a trip to Larry’s in Dupont.

What are some other favorites?

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  • Dairy Godmother in Del Ray (Alexandria) is pretty good, if you can put up with the kids everywhere.

  • Max’s Best in Glover Park is great. I went there all the time back when I used to live in that neighborhood.

  • Summer Delights has non-dairy options. Anyone know of other places that do?

    • Pitango has sorbet as well as gelato, and Dairy Godmother has sorbet instead of custard. I like both of those (though I prefer their dairy stuff!). I also like Sticky Fingers’ vegan soft serv.

      • Gelato isn’t generally dairy free though. If Pitango has it, I’m buying you a drink.

        Sorbet and sherbet just aren’t the same. It’s like the crap-out icy version of ice cream. Fine on a hot day, just not the same. Same for the SF soft serv, good and glad it’s there, just not the same. There are so many good non-dairy ice creams out there–hope more places start carrying/making them.

        Great. Now I want ice cream. That would make a fine dinner.

  • Agree with LoP – Moorenko’s in Silver Spring is amazing. Tropical Ice Cream Cafe in Silver Spring is also supposed to be really, really good, but that’s not walking distance for me like Moorenko’s so I haven’t been yet.

  • I dream of the day a Gelato place will open in Petworth

  • It’s a hike, but ice cream from the Dairy at UMCP is really good. Personally, ever since I had Dolcezza’s gelato I refuse to buy ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato anywhere else!

    • greenroofgoddess


      Dolcezza Black Mint, Black Sesame, Pistachio, Dark chocolate…YUM! Ok, we are going to have to go tonight.

      However, I must say that the orig. Georgetown location is much better than DuPont. I really don’t need attitude with my gelato, thank you.

      • No kidding! I was floored by the ‘tude when I went in there. It was mainly one brat, but she ruined it for me and I’m just not interested in heading back to spend that kind of money for that kind of “service.” Though maybe I’ll venture by to see if she’s moved on.

  • The gelato/ice cream place in Bloomingdale is amazing! They have about 30 different kinds of great stuff, including chocolate chip and Moose Tracks.

    Oh. Sorry. I’m just fantastizing…

  • Thomas Sweet

  • yo, can I call b.s. on fro-zen-yo? ate their “froyo” for the first time this past weekend. no way that stuff is fat free yogurt. it tasted extremely rich and heavy, like custard. I’m not complaining, I’m just not sure if it’s legit advertising or not. please correct me if I’m wrong!

    • The flavors are labeled individually. The richer ones, like peanut butter, are labeled “98% fat-free.”

      (Don’t know if they are in fact 98% fat-free; just wanted to point out that not all of them are labeled as being fat-free.”

  • Gifford’s in Penn Quarter

  • kiki

    +1 for Larry’s. That man knows what he’s doing, plus his conversation is always good for a laugh. His strawberry cheesecake ice cream is what dreams are made of!

    @ Fro Zen Yo question: It’s not all fat free and remember, fat free doesn’t mean sugar free either. http://frozenyo.com/frozenyo-health

  • For ice cream, Thomas Sweet in Georgetown. Though I love Rita’s water ice better than ice cream.

  • Mr. Yogato frozen yogurt!

  • Dolcezza in Georgetown and Dupont!

  • Island Style in Mt. Rainier (MD). Unusual Jamaican flavors, and it’s all organic!

  • Larry’s!!!!!!! best ice cream in the dc metro area

  • Gifford’s before it was substituted with Turkey Hill and run out of business…sigh…

  • +1 for Island Style in Mt. Rainier. Try the stout (what could be better than Guinness in ice-cream form?) or the soursop

  • latin street food vendors line up at Euclid and Columbia Rd in Adams Morgan on Thursdays and Fridays and dish it out (but only through lunch time and not on weekends, sadly).

  • summer delights is nasty. i feel like ive stepped in new jeresy. moorankos is good but unprofessional and inconsistant

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