MPD Looking For Cabdriver Involved in Sexual Assaults

From MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating two sexual assaults that are believed to be related. In each case a female victim was picked-up by a subject working as a cabdriver, who drove the victim from the originating location and then sexually assaulted them while en route to their destination. On May 11, 2011 a victim was picked up from the DuPont Circle area and subsequently assaulted in the area of the 300 block of 18th Street NE. On May 22, 2011 a victim was picked up from the Georgetown area and subsequently assaulted in the area of the 3700 block of Quebec Street NW. Both assaults occurred during the early morning hours and each involved a lone suspect. MPD is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the assailant.

The victims in these assaults have described the suspect as being a Middle Eastern male with either olive or light brown skin tone, approximately 30-40 years of age, thin build, thick or curly hair, and wearing dark clothing. The suspect vehicle is described as a dark colored taxicab with dark interior.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746). Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to DC CRIME SOLVERS at 1-866-411-TIPS and to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. If the information provided by the caller to the Crime Solvers Unit leads to an arrest and indictment, that caller will be eligible for a reward.

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  • MPD should have been on the hunt at the 9:30 club last night…

  • There really is no way to win, is there? Either you walk home alone and are an easy target, or you take a cab and put yourself alone in the company of a total stranger. I’m digging out my pepper spray…

    I hope the women are recovering well and that they get this bastard.

    • Sadly, no. There is no way to guarantee 100% safe passage back to your home. But that has always been the case, and always will be. The best you can do is be aware of your surroundings, try not to put yourself in “dangerous situations”, try to be safe without being paranoid.

  • I’m a single female who takes cabs on a level that supports the income of many cabbies in this city and this is really scary. The only thing I can think to do is try to avoid cabbies that look like this rendering which, from my estimation, will not be easy.

    Secondly, I’ll probably resort to texting the name & permit info of the driver to myself every time I get in a cab until they catch this guy. Thanks so much for posting this information and like the comment above, my thoughts are with the women who suffered the attacks.

  • +1 that I hope the two women are doing better.

    Since all cabbies have a picture on file I hope this results in the quick arrest and prosecution of this jerk.
    DC should mandate the glass partition in all cabs and the installation of cameras that take pictures of each passenger. This would likely help locate and ID the perp in this cases.

    One more reason to loathe DC cabs.

    • “DC should mandate the glass partition in all cabs and the installation of cameras that take pictures of each passenger.”

      Andy, while it is clear that attacks are a terrible thing, it is important not to get caught up in this kind of thinking. We cannot give up all of our rights to privacy just because some people do bad things. We have to address the REASONS people do bad things, not try and fight the symptoms.

  • My thoughts go out to those two women. What an awful thing to do to someone. Hope they catch that son of a bitch.

    Also, why are we all hearing about this at the end of May? The first assault occurred on May 11. Earlier notification from MPD could have prevented the second assault.

  • If you’re a single person, man or woman, always take a picture of the cab number and company before you get in and email it to yourself… Especially when you’re traveling alone.

    My friend was killed in Chicago when the cab he was about to take suddenly sped off and ran over his legs –dragging him for 100 feet.

    DC has a long history of the drivers not being the people on the picture license.

    • Good suggestion in terms of taking a photo. It may not match the driver, but it will help track the person.

      Sorry to hear about your friend – I remember that story. Horrific.

  • @MS and @Said- Well the other option is to ride a bike. No wait time. No depending on others to go places. It’s free. Very hard to be approached on a bike. It’s very empowering. You should try it out.

  • Seriously. This photo matches probably 50% of the cab drivers I’ve ever had as well as half of the people I’ve seen on U Street and/or in the Ethiopian restaurants.

    I would echo the suggestion of others to start carrying mace/pepper spray. Remember you can also turn your keys into a weapon by stabbing and slashing at the face and eyes of an assailant. Bite, gouge, rip hair, scream “FIRE”, do anything to try to get free for a second. I’m not saying these women didn’t try these things of course.

    I also yell at cab drivers who deviate from the route I specify and will get out when they do so; I stick to the busier streets, despite traffic.

    Also, not saying this is the case with these women of course, but if you drink so much that you’re falling asleep, go home with a friend and crash on their couch. This applies to men and women. As a man, I’ve rarely been so drunk I was falling asleep in a cab, but in such cases, I always went to a friend’s couch instead of finding myself getting mugged and dumped in the middle of nowhere by one of DC’s sketchy cabbies.

  • And yet we’re still not allowed to carry weapons in the city. Sigh.

    • Yup, in Virginia, the young females would have taken their concealed weapons to the bar and been all ready to blast the dude the moment he made a move.

    • Pepper spray is legal as are 3″ blade knives. Better than nothing.

  • That artist rendition looks like 90% of the Ethiopian brothers that drive cabs in this city. I fear profiling and false arrests loom.

  • @duderonimo- Then why do you take cabs? You make it sound pretty hellish and a huge risk. Ad you really yell at them for taking short cuts? They don’t all do that with the idea of raping you. Sometimes they just want to get you there faster. My point is it sounds like cab rides aren’t for you.

  • A goatee? Seriously? A real man would know better.

  • There are some good tips in these comments. PoP, perhaps this is a good opportunity to remind people about Holla Back DC and their sponsoring organization Right Rides, which is working to bring free and safe rides home to women and LGBTQ individuals in D.C.

    (I only suggest you do the reminding because your soapbox is much taller than mine!)

  • I know at least 3 men who look exactly like this.

  • I was kidnapped by a cab driver in April 2011 who also said ” I will fuck you up”, I jumped out of the car….got injured but I am safe…
    I gave the car number to the police and they know who he is but they said that “nothing major” happened so they did not do anything about it…

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