Garden of the Day (reader request)

Thanks to a reader for suggesting this great one from the 1400 block of Q St, NW. The reader notes the rose bush climbing up the front. Also leads to a pretty sweet coffee and/or mojito spot:

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  • oh man, I think this is the house I almost rented a room in about 7 years ago. unfortunately, you had to go through the master suite to use the bathroom so it was a no-go. lovely house, though. I wonder if it’s still a group house.

  • I walked past this house the other day the owner was gardening in his yard. I stopped by to compliment him on his garden. Its hard to believe that he planted those climbing roses just two years ago – the house is a treat to the eyes when you walk past it.

  • Holy Crap! I just took a picture of this very same house/garden yesterday to send in to PoP for the same reason. Awesome.

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