• Eli

    Love the front more than the back, which looks like a condo building.

  • Anonymous

    I like both sides. However, I’d rip out those monotonous and severe shrubs and soften the place up a little with better landscaping.

  • Andy(2)

    Eli – I agree this house has some junk in the trunk. It reminds me a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright.

    As for the landscaping – those shrubs will grow into a nice hedge which would look great with some flowering plants – perhaps some azeleas for a future PoP “check out this sweet garden” post.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love it, but I would do the landscaping slightly differently.

  • Danielsen

    Andysen, I live in a place with a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright houses and that was my first thought. I dig the style, but yeah they need more integrative shrubery.

  • JL

    It looks like meridian pint.

  • am2o

    The owners of this house have been doing renovation recently. Never was sure if the “front” was the back or vice-versa. It is well posted in the back as well.

    You will notice that the front porch is missing railings, and a few weeks ago it looked like it was about ready to have electrical fixtures put in the front. (Street Side)

    The back essentially goes into another streed (*dead end*), and if the “back” picture was taken from a little left, you would have seen a driveway going from the street to a door.

    Nice house though.

    • am2o

      I think the landscaping was redone, as the shrubbery is new & it sort of looks like the hill retaining wall (on the street side) was rebuilt.

      The next house up is a nice solar house as well.


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