Dear PoP – Another Instance of Shots Fired at 7th and P St, NW

“Dear PoP,

Around 11pm last night [Saturday] heard gun shots on Marion St and woke up to find the glass shattered at the bus stop (7th and P St, NW) and a bullet hole. Police think it may be related to the gang shootings in the last few weeks.”

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  • Anything on the shooting inside the Petworth Metro station Friday night?
    Post from the MPD 4D list serv:
    On May 7, 2011, at 6:19 AM, “Chisley-Missouri, Kimberly (MPD)” wrote:

    Re: [MPD-4D] Any updates on Petworth Metro shooting last night?

    A complainant received a non-life threatening apparent gunshot wound while inside the Metro Station. The suspect is a black male around 16 yoa. This matter is being investigated by Metro Transit Police and MPD has been in communication with Metro regarding this case. I will keep you apprised of any significant updates.

  • The summer hasn’t started yet and we are seeing so much robberies and gun violence in the District. Why is At-Large DC Councilmember Phil Mendelson silent? He chair the Judiciary Committee overseeing MPD. Mendelson never posted on any of the MPD listservs.

    • Gang-related violence doesn’t follow seasonal trends the way opportunistic crime does.

      • You obviously haven’t lived in DC long enough to know that all violence increases in the summer, including gang violence.

    • We need some wide police sweeps through the crime riddled neighborhoods.

  • That question comes up every time there is a rash of shootings in the spring.
    Mendelson doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t have to. The folks that vote him in don’t want these kids to have real consequences to their actions, either because they are being kept down by the Man or are somehow salvageable. He often sites civil liberties for other reasons to not take action.
    The best way to keep an elected position is not to loose votes, so he’s doing what the people want. Nothing.
    There really should be a statute of limitation for the Council.

    • As an elected official in Washington D.C. you are allowed to do pretty much anything (including Crack-Cocaine) EXCEPT tell people how they should behave. After the Zoo stabbings, Gray had a heap of criticism for the zoo police, blaming them for not preparing adequately…In the mean time, he wouldn’t DARE to say something to the community for their destructive and irresponsible behavior.

    • Mendelson is like a real-live version of a caricature of a liberal politician that you’d see in a Batman movie, or Dirty Harry. He’s the guy who’d put the Joker in charge of the municipal water supply, and pass strong anti-vigilante legislation targeting Batman.

      He’s what Tommy Wells would be if Well’s brain was so much more open-minded that his brains fell out.

  • Was walking in Chinatown yesterday afternoon around 2 or so and 7th street was blocked off right near the metro entrance near the arch a by two cop cars. They also had police tape up, which is unusual unless there’s been a crime. Anyone know what happened?

  • I was never a fan of Law & Order: Los Angeles either.

  • As the old Gs say “we don’t spray paint, we spray bullets” Gotta teach them little Gs to protect their turf, right.

  • Screw civil rights… The police should frisk every single person who bums around that stop… People who hang out there are up to no good.

    …Dumb ass teens who don’t know better, the grownups who just don’t give a damn… people like this don’t deserve the protection or benefits of a constitution when the only law they follow is “Don’t get caught”.

    It’s up to us to be the eyes and the ears folks…

  • Cuba had it coming…

  • Any idea what happened Saturday night around NE? Gunshots and a lot of police activity was heard around the 600 block of I Street NE.

  • Add in the home invasion in Burleith and it was violent (although luckily not fatally violent) weekend. Summer should be a real adventure.

  • Also heard about armed robbery in 600 block of D St SE, right near Stanton Park, scary.

  • I’ve got 2 cans of pepper spray and an aluminum baseball bat by my nightstand. I feel like that will keep me safe until I can move to a different part of the city.

  • I heard them too! Woke me up.

  • I heard them Saturday night too (sounded like 4-6 shots) and called the police. I haven’t been able to find any more information — was anyone hurt? I hope not!

    Both on Sunday and today I’ve run into a policeman walking around the area (8th and P) so maybe they’re adding ground presence as well as the patrol cars parked near the metro.

  • Hey, just remember, you can’t have a handgun to protect yourself in your house either thanks to Mendo and the rest of the gang.

  • It would be nice if everyone who is fed up with all this gang violence would get together and form their own gang, and take out all these chumps.

    • I think they tried that in Rio de Janiero, and it didn’t turn out that well.

      • Well nothing in Rio de Janeiro ever turns out that well.

      • Terrible, terrible idea to have the World Cup and the Olympics there in a couple years. That place is essentially a third world country trying to fake its image as a developed nation.

        • Keep spreading the bad word about Brazil, so I can take a cheap vacation, maybe even during the World Cup!

  • Here’s a thought: since we’ve got the strongest anti-gun crimes in the country, and since we’re going to keep making it illegal to possess a gun outside of your home–how about actually imposing penalties for gun possession? On the microscopically rare event that we actually bust someone with a gun, how about trying them as an adult, and putting them away for a decade or so?

    Crazy, I know.

  • pennyworth

    This is why we should’ve gone after Gary McCarthy!

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