New Mexican Restaurant Coming to old Philadelphia Water Ice Factory at 2620 Georgia Ave NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 8, 2011 at 10:50 pm 24 Comments

On top the new taqueria coming to 11th and Lamont St, NW in Columbia Heights as well as the recently opened El Centro in Logan Circle comes news of another new Mexican spot for Georgia Ave, NW.

Back in June ’10 we learned that Philadelphia Water Ice Factory had closed at 2620 Georgia Ave, NW. I’m psyched to see a replacement is finally in the works. According to a recent liquor license application a new restaurant called Mama Chuy DC will be:

“Full-service Mexican Restaurant with carry-out and delivery service. No Live Entertainment. Summer Garden with 16. Seating capacity is 16. Total occupancy is 32.”

It sounds like it’ll be a bit small but if the food is good – potentially great news for this long vacant space.

  • ProfChris

    Might be blasphemous and certainly not liberal, but why another mom and pop establishment that’s one step up from a corner store? And with a liquor license? This is just a block or so away from the brothel on Ga. & Irving (whatever happened to the proprietors and the girls kept as slaves there–deported?). Nope, I want a nice cool place to get a bite, some coffee or a drink, read, tap on my handheld device in anti-Courtland Milloy style and channel Archie Bunker in Tweets, as more Latino carryouts open next to Ethiopian corner stores (carrying on the long tradition of hood exploitation and purveying of stale crap & rolling papers started in DC by Greeks & Jews, then Koreans). Ahhhh, the melting pot…

    …so can’t someone just open a damn suburban Panera Bread on Ga. Ave and call it a day?

    • Anonymous

      i don’t understand your post at all.

    • smc_dc

      While I have no idea if that was a sadly serious comment or a lame attempt at fanning some flames, I think you should get to know a bit more about the business model before going negative.

      The brother & sister team that is opening Mama Chuy is excited to move into the neighborhood, have already gotten involved with several area community projects, and are aiming to have a safe, clean, quality establishment to serve the community.

      Small, yes. “Corner Store”, no.

    • an

      no I’m with you. this place is gonna have to be a serious diamond in the rough to add anything at all to this area.

      • Anonymous

        i’d settle for a rock in the rough over here in my neighborhood.

        • an

          oh yeah, definitely. I don’t live in this area anymore, used to, but if this exact place opened in bloomingdale where I’m at now with completely mediocre food I’d be peeing my pants in excitement.

          • Anonymous


    • No idea what it means, but enjoyed reading it nonetheless. And that is more important than eating.

  • Anon

    Oh man, I was excited there for a second. This former Santa Fean thought it was a New Mexican restaurant coming. Instead it’s just a new Mexican restaurant. Boo hiss. I need some green chile rellenos bad.

    • Josh


      • Anonymous

        this what?

    • sheepprofessor

      Yep, got me too. I thought this was gonna save me from my periodic treks across the river to Santa Fe Cafe. No such luck.

  • Anonymous

    If this place has decent food, even if it divey, it is going to be a welcome addition to this stretch of lower Georgia that hasn’t taken off as much as one would think it would. The more open businesses, whether they are trendy and catering to the neighborhood yups, or whether they are mom and pop dives that provide a service in a once vacant space, the better. With the pace of development going along Florida Ave to the south and the rapidly progressing Sherman Ave streetscape project to the East, I think we will see more businesses filling in the vacant spots over here.

    • anon

      I agree that there needs to be more development along the lower stretch of Georgia to pull the U street crowd nortward. Not sure why that hasn’t happened yet.

      • Anonymous

        Howard owns a lot of the property and is not all that interested in developing it.

        • Anonymous

          it gives them more land to expand on someday.

      • Anonymous

        It’s definitely going to. Even that area of warehouses behind the 9:30 club is seeing development with the trendy new pizza joint coming in and the demolition permit on the building at 8th and V (which I am guessing means more development). Just down the road from this place, Progression Place is going in. Already, people from all over DC frequent the 900 block of U St, wheras 2 years ago it got less than half the foot traffic is seems to now. I’m not sure how far down Florida Avenue they will be able to do heavy non-residential development, so this stretch of lower Georgia will be a prime area for that development to extend to. With or without the Howard Town Center.

        • anon

          Regarding heavy food traffic down Florida, I’m not sure either, but there is potential. The redevelopment of the Howard Theater will pull folks farther down, and the opening of the Shaw Tavern will pull them even farther. After that, there’s a gap… and then things pick back up if they go up Rhode Island into Bloomingdale with the Boundary Stone Tavern, Rustik Cafe, Windows, Yoga Place, etc.

    • Max

      Soul Vegetarian Cafe is still keeping it awesome right there. If this place is any good maybe they can start to turn the rest of the block around. There’s also GII on the other side, but I’ve never been in there (and I seem to be part of the consensus on that one.)

      • Prince Of Petworth
        • Max

          Are you sure about GII? I walked by just yesterday and saw folks inside. It did look a bit darker than usual (signs turned off etc.), though, and lord knows they weren’t drawing much of a crowd. Never quite understood whether they were going for a restaurant, bar, or club feel.

  • Bdale Res

    That is quite the factory…

  • Hispanic and Proud

    Finally a New Mexican place! Will they serve Hatch green chile?

  • Din

    Hello All-

    I’m Din, 1/2 of the duo opening Mama Chuy DC. My brother Joe and I are working hard to bring a little taste of the Mexican food we know and love to Georgia Ave. We are sharing our progress on our blog http://mamachuydc.tumblr.com – stop by and have a read. Also, like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MamaChuy and follow us on twitter @MamaChuyDC !

    Thanks for your interest, we look forward to meeting you all. We are attending the GA Ave Task Force meeting tonight at 733 Euclid NW. Stop by and say hello!


    PS. @smc_dc thanks for your comment!


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