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This rental is located at 5th and R St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“One bedroom basement unit for immediate rent in NW DC area of Shaw/Logan East/Bloomingdale, 3 blocks to the Shaw metro stop on the green and yellow lines.

Rent is $1100 per month and includes all utilities including cable TV with HBO/Showtime and high speed wireless internet. The basement unit is the entire lower level of a row house, above ground and gets lots of sunlight all day. It comes with own full bathroom and living room, only the kitchen upstairs is shared but there is a fridge in the basement unit, so if you like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cook every night, this is probably not the place for you…This is a great cheap alternative to an apartment for whose who would like more privacy in a shared house. The kitchen and laundry are the only shared areas in the entire house. The house has two other residents, a couple in their early 30s who also own the property.

The entire house was renovated recently so everything is brand new. The unit comes furnished, but can be removed if tenant has own furniture.

See photos here.

The house is a 20 min walk or 10 min bike ride to downtown and only 10 min walk to the restaurants, shops and nightlife of the U St corridor and Logan Circle. Street parking is easily available right in front of the house.”

$1100 sound realistic for this 1 bedroom given the shared kitchen?

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  • Well, I know that corner very well. Price is great. The shared kitchen is a bit annoying, but that could be worked out. Good deal.

  • $1100 is a very reasonable price for someone who doesn’t do much in the way of cooking. that’s not me, but i’m sure it’s a fair number of other people.

  • this is an excellent deal for everything included, including use of the owner’s furniture. i wonder if the unit is legal, but why get worked up about such things.

  • Excellent deal – honestly described – how refreshing!

  • The basement looks pretty nice and has a surprising amount of light… but given that there’s no kitchen, not even a kitchenette, I wouldn’t think this qualifies as an “apartment.” More like a house-share with a nice private suite.

    • I agree – this is a shared housing situation. It really irritates me when people put this sort of thing in the “Apts for rent” category rather than the “Shared” category. If you’re sharing common areas like a kitchen, it’s not a separate apartment.

  • Well, this is really a shared house since the laundry and kitchen are shared. What’s up with the owner saying that that kitchen is shared, but you can’t spend a lot of time in it? I just feel like this could be annoying if the owners of the house act like you are a guest using their kitchen…

    • +1 my thoughts exactly. even if you don’t use the kitchen a ton, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable the times you do use it.

    • I agree, sounds like you’d have to pay for facilities you aren’t welcome to use. No thanks.

    • I don’t read it as them saying you can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

      I think they’re saying it’s ideal for someone who doesn’t need to use the kitchen that much because the tenant would have to climb a flight of stairs whenever they wanted to use it.

  • This looks like the classic “get a roommate to help with the mortgage but don’t call it a roommate” situation.

  • Maybe you can’t use the kitchen, but at least you can have friends over! and aren’t expected to “be out of town on the weekends.”

  • I posted a comment on this blog a few months ago, wondering if I could rent out my similar basement bed/bath with shared kitchen in Capitol Hill for $900. I immediately was accused of being shady and overpricing it. What makes this reasonable and mine not?

  • The phrase “Shaw/Logan East/Bloomingdale” hurts my soul a little.

  • $1100 for a 1-BR in this area would be a great deal – but without a kitchen, it isn’t a 1-BR! Plain and simple. At best you could call it a master bedroom kind of situation. Also, I really don’t like when landlords say “you have access to (insert necessity here), but don’t plan on using it too often.” If I have to ask permission to cook in my own house, that’s a problem.

    Still, the basement is actually a beautiful space. The owners should think about putting a kitchen in – I’m sure it would pay itself off in increased rent.

    • If I owned this place and couldn’t put a kitchen in the basement for whatever reason I would just rent it out as a kitchenless efficiency. You might not get quite as much money for it, but it’s silly to think you can control how often your tenant uses a shared space.

  • Beau Thai is across the street. Win.

  • I’d say ask them to drop the rent to $950 on the condition you -never- use the kitchen. You’d have a lot of space. Buy a microwave and put the savings over a regular apartment near there (at least $1200 w/o utils or cable, or around $1450 inclusive) towards eating out. If you’re saving $500/month or more, you can afford to eat every meal out at places like Taylor’s or take home from the food bars at Whole Foods.

    • or see if they can install a laundry down there so you never have to enter their space… the privacy gained might be worth it to them.

  • I would live there in a heartbeat, IF they were cool about me using the kitchen whenever I wanted. It’s hard to tell from the ad whether they don’t want you up there or whether they just think it might be an annoyance for you to go up and down the stairs all the time.

  • considering we rent out our one bedroom apartment down the street around this price (it has it’s own laundry and kitchen) it might be a bit steep. Sure am happy to see more people with positive things to say about the neighborhood though!! 😀

  • this unit has been misposted on craigslist for $1100 for over a month. they should post it in the right section and lower the price (or take it off the market, add a full kitchen, and repost it). i live in in the same neighborhood in a similar situation (have to share the laundry, but have my own entrance, regular sized kitchen, full bath, and parking), and i only pay $900. this is definitely a rip-off!

  • NOT a 1BR!!! Room in a group house and overpriced for sketchy ‘hood. Also seems a bit illegal.

    • Sketchy? Really? This is a great neighborhood. Who are you kidding?

      • I have to agree with Louise. my first description of the hood wouldn’t be “sketchy”, but as a woman, I don’t really want to live there. not enough people out all the time for the crime rate to not make me nervous there.

        • I live across the alley, and I love the neighborhood. I feel more secure here than I did in Columbia Heights or Park View, for what it’s worth. I’ve lived here for a year and have yet to hear gunshots or witness an arrest or serious crime (I think I saw a kid shoplift a soda at the gas station once?). I definitely can’t say the same about Ward 1.

    • Why is it illegal? If that’s the case then every group house should be condemned.

  • consensus seems to be that the owners should stop being lazy/weird and just put a small kitchen in the basement already.

    • Sometime it’s not possible to put a small kitchen in the basement.

    • You can’t just stick a kitchen wherever you feel like it– there are things like drains to consider. I get the feeling some of you know little to nothing about home improvement basics.

      • Thing is, it’s not just that there’s no appliances, there’s no pantry / refrigerator, either. So not only would you not be able to cook, but you couldn’t even make yourself a snack like a bowl of cereal.

        On the other hand, the landlord posted a few pictures of the kitchen, so I think it would be safe to assume they understand the tenant would be using the kitchen on a regular basis.

        The ad should still be moved to the correct section on CL, though, and the price lowered a couple hundred bucks.

        • There is a fridge according to the ad. And to be honest, I’ve never lived in a place with a real pantry aside from the big suburban house of my childhood. Old city houses just don’t have the space for it.

          • Oops, missed the part about the fridge. Some shelves / cabinets for food would probably be good also, though, so the tenant doesn’t have to go upstairs everytime they want to have snack.

            I have a pantry in my house in Col Heights, though.

  • It looks like they are selling too. It sounds like they need to sell the house more then they need someone living in the basement.

  • To address the topic at hand, I think it’s a bit expensive for a house share without a kitchen, though having utilities, Internet and cable included is a big plus. I think it will be snapped up by someone who hates to cook for around $1000 per month.

    • And hey, with Beau Thai and Red Toque both within a block, you could survive on quality takeout for quite some time.

  • This place is screaming for a lovely shade tree to be planted in the front yard. can you hear the screaming??? Casey Trees offers a homeowners workshop. If you attend a 3-hour session, you get a free tree delivered to your house!!!!!

    • We actually do not offer the Treescape Design workshop for homeowners any longer. However, we do have a Tree Rebate Program, a RiverSmart Homes Program or you and your neighbors can apply for our Community Tree Planting program. Check out our website for more details on these programs.

  • houseintherear

    I put up an ad for a room in my house that was similar to this one. Basically- listen, I don’t want to hang out on the couch and drink wine with you, or make dinner together, or socialize in any way. I spend most of my time at the house in the living/kitchen areas, so you shouldn’t plan to spend much time there. The room and bathroom and parking in back are what is for rent, nothing more.

    I had tons of responses, and subsequently a great renter who eats every meal outside of the house (they do exist), only because the price was right and I was honest in the ad.

    They should ask $900.

  • I just think it’s funny that they say in the ad, “you have more privacy than a house-share” when it IS a house share. I agree with others that $900 would be a realistic price for what this is.

  • I’m a frequenter of Craigslist, and I’ve seen this place posted almost daily for the past month or so. Does that strike anyone else as odd, with how quickly housing gets snatched up in this town?

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