The 5pm Post – St. Elizabeths West Campus Walking Tour Apr. 16

“Dear PoP,

I saw this today, unfortunately I’ll be out of town that weekend! I haven’t seen it reported on the blogs anywhere, but thought maybe folks would want to know.”

I actually did this tour back in April ’09 and it was awesome.

You can register for the tour here.

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  • It’s not letting me register. All full already? Damn. I have participated in the past in volunteer gardening work at St E’s. It’s another interesting way to see the grounds.

  • After passing this around in Coast Guard Headquarters for those who might want to take the tour of our new home, the darn thing is full already. Hopefully they’ll have another tour sometime soon.

  • Yeah, I hope this is going to happen on a regular basis. Kind of short notice.

  • Wonder if it’ll happen when the guvment shuts down.

  • I know they’ve offered tours on a monthly basis (with the exception of the winter months) for at least the past couple of years. Keep an eye on the DC Preservation website for the next tour.

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