The 5pm Post – Coffee Bike Crawl May 8th

“Dear PoP,

Join us for DC’s first-ever-in-recorded-history (or at least the past 2 years) COFFEE BIKE CRAWL.

This is happening on MAY 8TH and you can bring your BICYCLE for a morning of local coffee superstars, sunshine (hopefully), and good company.

Here are the details:

8:30 – Meet at Qualia Coffee (3917 Georgia Ave NW, just north of Georgia Petworth Metro at Randolf St) Meet at Bike House in the alley that runs between Randolph and Shepard St.
9:00 – Head to Filter Coffeehouse (1726 20th Street NW, at S St)
9:45 – Head to Yola (1323 Connecticut Ave NW, enter from back entrance on 18th and N St.)
10:15 – Head to Big Bear (1700 1st Street NW)
11:00 – Head to Sova (1359 H Street NE)
11:45 – Head to Pound (621 Pennsylvania Ave SE, near Eastern Market Metro)

Check out the route here.

No need to register or anything, but you should rsvp to this invite to get updates via le facebook.

questions? email liz ([email protected]) or laura ([email protected])

Coffee and Bike enthusiasts unite!”

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  • I like this idea, but I’ll need a few bathroom breaks.

  • Sounds awesome! Bike tours are the best!

  • 12:30 – Head to GWU Hospital Emergency Room after caffeine-induced cardiac arrest.

    Just kidding. Sounds like fun!

  • I can’t find Randolf and Shepard Streets.

    • That’s because they spelled the streets incorrectly: Randolph and Shepherd ST

      Qualia has a big red awning and it is almost directly across from the Wendy’s (a tad bit more North on Georgia Ave).

  • Well, it’s almost 7 pm……no news of a shooting or stabbing yet, knock on wood….

  • You crazy hippies! Who is bringing the hashish! 😉

  • No Azi’s? 🙁

  • So how do we get back? I don’t know my around the SE well enough to know the good bike rds.

  • Pound is on this list? With Peregrine across the street? You all need to seriously step up your coffee game. Throwing a bunch of sugary shit (Nutella, or god know what else) into poorly pulled shots and scalded, burnt-ass milk bought from 7/11, makes not a coffee shop. And as for the last comment, pull up your damn big boy pants and look at a map.

    • I for one do not want Perigrine overwhelmed with a hoard of bikers.

      As for the previous commenter, I’d consider going south to M street and riding west to over 7th Street SW (maybe making a detour down to the waterfront for fun). Then it’s just a straight shot north. I don’t know if it’s the most bike-friendly route but it’s easy to remember.

  • Hey y’all!
    There’s too many to stop at every place. Hopefully this will be the first of many coffee crawls, each with a different route. Come out and join us 🙂

  • In reply to “seriously?”, you clearly have never actually been to Pound because none of those things you listed are even remotely true. But keep on trolling!

    • Actually, I’ve been to Pound at least a dozen times since they opened. And this has been my experience all but once.

      I’ve almost decided that I’m no fan of Kickapoo coffee, especially compared with either Counter Culture or Intelligentsia.

      Actually, the last time I visited Pound, they were using milk purchased from the local CVS!

      Additionally, you can NOT staff a proper coffee shop with people who neither sincerely enjoy nor care about coffee. When you hire the first person off of the street to pull shots, you get Pound.

      My Advice: All new staff, high quality milk (no plastic jugs from CVS), strive for consistently excellent shots, and either perfect your latte art or jettison the practice.

      Pound: A notch above Starbucks, hopelessly below both Peregrine and Big Bear.

      • I’m not always that impressed with Big Bear, either. Peregrine and Qualia are far and away the best coffee in the city.

      • I tried taking my girlfriend to Pound but she thought it smelled too weird in there. I think things have improved since they opened the patio and are letting fresh air in.

        I prefer my coffee shops to focus on coffee, tea, and maybe a few pastries, but not regular meals. But I do think Pound’s a better place to sit and get work done. Their staff is super-friendly too. Perigrene is best for sipping a superb espresso and people-watching.

  • I think the concept of a pub crawl doesn’t translate well to coffee. Srsly, how much coffee does a person really want to drink? It ain’t beer…

    As for me, I’ll be avoiding Eastern Market around noon that day, when it’ll be full of wild-eyed, jacked up caffeine freaks on bikes.

  • Question, why are we not utilizing any of the great bike lanes in DC?

    The road going to the last stop (N St) is a one way in the opposite direction? Any thoughts?

    • Agreed. I might be down, but would favor an entirely different route (preferably with minimal time spent on Florida Ave…)

  • New and improved bike route, thanks to the League of American Bicyclists!

    And don’t worry, you don’t have to drink coffee at every stop. Make a friend and share a latte or a chocolate croissant.

    To get to Petworth and home from Eastern Market you can take the metro, or use google maps to find a bike friendly way back to your place.

    Don’t forget your water bottle and helmet. See you May 8th! 🙂

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